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#who#what#why#where#when#How? Religion and Psychiatry exist as one someplace?

^for the document to end the global pill-pushing modernday Witch-doctor reign at:

1.Representative messenger or smartest individual
2. -->.pdf document at
3. recently but past, anointed 2006, curious since birth in 1977, actuated 3 Sept. 2012 at Barrie, Canada.
4. Cisco System's Problem-solver 2018 defined "Iot", The Internet Of Things across relative realties on Earth
5. because it works
6. Understand eternity:
REea:] [IF UNITY THEN Unknown and PEFECT+Perfect+perfect-concept SUCH THAT PE>Pe+pe-(concept [])=3#mental#spheres[American Psychological Association Diagnostic And Statistics Manual defined as "three spheres" of one's singular MIND], which in English means 3-in-one-as-one and is written in a perfectly circular, linearly presented, clearly contextual, supra-gramatically (supra='the normal grammar rules extended into previously Unknown reaches of the same one mind none [none="not one"] hardly recognized WE shared), English literation permitted the sub-ordinate use of the square bracket by placement within the round bracket after defining the necessary mental, not verbal, definition for its use to show that we are simply speaking in and from a space that is not physical but exists within the physical, sort of like showing you that Rene Helmerichs has the ability to walk through veils while he simply acknowledges that the timing of events is not up to him, but all of us by agreement.  The "by agreement" part is absolutely necessary at the HIGHEST level of miracle working.  In short, Rene has willingly given up his physical existence as HE knew it to be as a living miracle-working teacher to everyone else seeking to understand simply what on earth churches mean when then say "One state of 3-spheres MUST be both sentient and alien to us IF we are ever to exist in any state conceivably with harm to none of our family--as a globally sustainable one world family."] [RE-

7. Find me as Lucifer @ ... simply the best way to test-drive life from home. 


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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


Disclaimer (from the dissertation for worldwide peace at ):
Legally speaking, my name is Rene Helmerichs.  I was born in Bremen, Germany, on 2 March 1977.  I am author of Story Of Loo posted at .  That story is highly offensive.... Specifically, tithing to any church on earth is directly against the tenets described in Deuteronomy, and THAT is what I'm after. 


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The Mormon Community Of Christ gave false testimony under oath for C-13-205-SR at Barrie, Canada, in June 2014 to start this story.  Corrupt officers of the Barrie police most recently went looking to arrest Rene in March of 2018.  Since the courthouse at Barrie is crooked, we must make a united public stand for global honesty.  
Rene will continue this campaign in Chinese at until this nonsense is sufficiently brought to public light.  Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway, currently of, and Matthew Swain are the true criminals to be arrested.  Then negotiations can properly begin.  See the full Story Of Loo with details of perjury for any reporter to investigate in the section "A testament to real life in Canada" at
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