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20180323 Challenging the word I (for the sake of Natalie Yewchyn)

>Story Of Loo:

Picture this on a TV talk show.

Rene asking the host at the start, or anyone who is willing to offer:
"I need to call my wife.  Do you have a phone I could have?"

Someone passes Rene a cell phone.
"You don't want to save any of your information first?"

Rene accepts thanks for the phone, adding
"What part of I do you think would have me return your included contacts back to you?"

Correct answer:
"The common unseen part" that is all forgiving and knows nothing at all but hopes always for continued agreement because It KNOWS that it is of one whole, for maintenance of the united whole, eternally across all dimensions and spheres of every relativity including the whole of the universe of universes of space and time.

Unfortunately, the "you" is not included in THAT common part and so the FIRST question stands as SEPARATELY valid and directly bestows ownership upon the duplicitous party.  LAWS must protect THE NAIVE, which lawyers and doctors in Canada do NOT respect.

See the full Story Of Loo at:


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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


Disclaimer (from the dissertation for worldwide peace at ):
Legally speaking, my name is Rene Helmerichs.  I was born in Bremen, Germany, on 2 March 1977.  I am author of Story Of Loo posted at .  That story is highly offensive.... Specifically, tithing to any church on earth is directly against the tenets described in Deuteronomy, and THAT is what I'm after. 


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