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20180323 to be posted at in Chinese with pictures 27 March 2018

Date: 27 March 2018
Subject: well-wishes to Kidsland

台南市人上人教育事業集團 芝麻街-凱仕蘭
Up People Up Sesame Street Kidsland,

Rene is truly sorry.  Kidsland did bless Rene when Clare told him that ALL the Sesame Street Kidsland branch managers want Rene to work at their school.   The date was 20 Jan 2018.  The Talk2Dream Team had inspired Rene to do the demonstration for free.  We also inspired Rene buy Kidsland superintendent Clare Chiang fun tools to help market the 20 Jan 2018 open house at its Yongkang, Tainan, Taiwan branch location.  Rene provided three large Hula Hoops and several more for kids at his own expense.

We do really love you.  Honestly, you guys don't know how to market effectively.  You've done a great job building your reputation, but we can counter it negatively much, much faster and watch your business crumble if you don't start working together with Rene.  Kidsland fired Rene without any reason at all. 

If you fear, trust a text that reminds you that no one knows what to do with Rene.  Even Twitter is currently blocking dissemination of his Book, The Story Of Loo, linked at and in English.  A Chinese introduction is available at

Rene began writing his book in 2012.  He knew that he could not just write the book, but would need to live the story first.  He is telling you that we are all living the same one story together.  He has only been sharing with the world what he imagines will happen if we do not cooperate in the same spirit of together, and trying to tell people how it could be better together.

Rene was giving you helpful suggestions entire time he worked as a reputable and loved teacher at the main branch of Up People Up Sesame Street Kidsland in Tainan, Taiwan from July 2017 to Febrary 2018.

It took him over two months to get the computer issue for foreign teachers resolved.  The problem was the Open Office software that has known compatibility issues with other operational software.  He told managers Stacy and Denise that very early on.  In fact, that was why I was using the second floor computer of Denise or Eve.

Rene honestly disliked having to use her computer knowing that company contracts, financial information, and the email inbox of Denise was open each time he sat to use her computer and that of Eve.  Incredibly, the computer on the third floor was only instualled after Rene asked how he could possibly prepare for classes using online material without access to a computer.

Kidsland only has one copy of Wonders McGraw Hill material for ALL of its branches.  They required their highest paid teachers, the foreign teachers they employ without mental health checks, and sometimes without criminal record checks, to rely on the internet to prepare for class.

What was Rene to do without a computer able to support the software or internet access?  Use the classroom TV on which other teachers permit students to play video games in Chinese?  Kidsland fears the reprisal of children from doctors.  If students complain to parents, parents cause trouble for Kidsland.

Kidsland had a computer in the third floor office.  Manager Stacy lied to the teachers about who owns it.  She said it belonged to "Pierre", a former teacher.  As it turns out, manager Stacy only put a password on the computer to protect files Pierre might have still wanted.  They were only teaching references and useful files to other and future teachers for the same Wonders McGraw Hill material still being used!

The computer offered after Rene began to ask questions had freeware software that caused the computer to regularly crash.  It crashed approximately a dozen times while Rene was actively working to format tests, assessments, and classroom rewards.

Rene complained after the first time he lost an active file.  Then there were three trips to the I.T. staff and many more pleas to Denise and Stacy.  After five lost files, he unplugged the computer and physically put it on the second floor desk of Stacy.  He apologized to Stacy and explained,
Not fixing this computer is wasting YOUR time and Kidsland money.  The definition of insanity is to do the same thing twice and expect change, so please get rid of a program that I have identified to be faulty.

The I.T. guys responded quickly to manager Stacy.  Rene learned his actions do ensure necessary effects.

Rend did not abuse trust as a teacher in any school.  Kidsland offered so much on the second floor computers of Denise and account Eve.  Everyone knew that teachers should not be looking at manager email boxes, amends to contracts in progress, or financial information for the company.  Rene also knows that he was paid me more than any other teacher without looking.  That is respect.  Did Kidsland managerment respect him?

Denise reiterated the innocence of Rene again and again over the course of seven months to reassure him of the Kidsland family philosophy. 

Here's the problem.  The only agreement Rene asked of Clare before accepting her offer of increased pay was that he would be forever able to offer marketing suggestions.  He ensured that those suggestions would be always be heard if they were presented in a way that resulted in money or time savings to Kidsland.  That is the purpose of this letter.  It is only polite and not needed.  Rene is paying to have it translated in Chinese for only benefit to Kidsland in the hope that they will find reason.

Vice General Manager (Vice President of over 300 employees) Clare Chiang fired Rene for doing nothing wrong eight months into a 24 month contract.  Kidsland is not actually allowed to fire someone for doing nothing wrong the whole time they employed that person. 

Kidsland can try to argue its crime in court, but there are even more serious concrete crimes.  They disobeyed the trust of their paying clients when its management insisted that Rene would have to be honest with parents against the wishes of managers.  Against teachers, Kidsland publishes their original writings for direct financial gain to Kidsland without giving credit to the teachers and without including their names as authors in books Kidsland publishes.  Kidsland steals the copyright of authors.

The problem is that this author is now in desperate need of money to pay his bills and he cannot legally publish what Kidsland stole, except to reveal that Kidsland is breaking so many national Taiwanese laws that no sane lawyer will represent Kidsland in any honest court.

Either Kidsland will make be allowed to continue to make a mockery of the Taiwanese government which establishes the national laws, or Kidsland will lose a lot of trust, money, assets, and staff that it will not be able to afford.

So let's revisit our story.  Worried staff left Kidsland Vice President Clare Chiang over a dozen 9cm by 10.5cm two-sided colour cards advertising The Talk2dream Taiwan Business English Club.  Lawyers for Kidsland can advise management that Rene is legally in the right to use their logo, and the logo of their partner, the national Taiwan Sesame Street English conglomerate against Kidsland.

Sesame Street Taiwan now has a choice of continuing partnership with an organization that is knowing contravening several national laws, or stand with Rene in defence of honour and honesty for students, parents, and support staff alike.

Let The Talk2Dream Team ask this:
Why would WE bother to look for a lawyer, if we can simply advertise for lawyers to find us?

If a lawyer comes to us and WANTS to work with us, that means we won't have to give any money BECAUSE that lawyer KNOWS we will absolutely win in court AND win A LOT MORE MONEY then we could possibly pay up front.

Where do you think that money is going to come from?  Will Her Excellence Ms. Ing-Wen Tsai, the president of Taiwan, magically print the money and give it to Kidsland as a gift?  Will her cabinet publicly violate International Human Rights law to change the national law for legal amunity to Kidsland for their crimes?  Or will The Talk2dream Team gain gradually more and more attention over time from concerned individuals who may wonder why no news agency has been willing to publicize this story of true hatred?

Kidsland management has done stupid things.  The funny part is that stupid people should not run schools.  It counters all logic. 

Life is logical and not logical until it is logical again.  Life makes sure that stupid people who run businesses can lose their jobs.  Some cultures call that Karma.  Life also makes sure that the people who LOVE honesty, will always be ok.

The honest outcomes for Kidsland managers still breaking Taiwan laws:
1) lose their job and go to jail;
2) face financial penalty and not go to jail, or;
3) delay while stress of phone calls and public discussion increases until 1) or 2) is chosen.

The Talk2dream Business English Club is free.  We meet in different places to plan dreams and make friends.  We share to learn about the world in which we live.  We talk to share real news that TV does not.  The blog is at .  Join us!  Help us to help the world in which we live!  We seek only to make the world a better place, free of wars and silly arguments about money that affect all our lives.

The Talk2Dream Team can happily offer The Ocean of people to itself, or a title-wave Tsunami to students of law looking to practice their skill for real money in real court cases.

Read the Chinese at and more sections in the English at , with the current English draft as a word document available from

If we work together, no actual harm or loss of money needs to happen.  Rene can take down and change all that is written about Kidsland.  The Talk2Dream Team desires only to help Kidsland to grow!  It offers Sesame Street the ability to begin new branches in Kaohsiung, also with harm to none and benefit to all.  Sadly, Kidsland managers must secretly be hoping to lose the business that supports so many more people and bad news travels much, much faster than good news.

Talk2Dream DOES care.  Let's see if we can work together to only help everyone.  It IS possible, but only with the willingness of all decision-makers of Kidsland. 

Twelve Sesame Street branches are not the only assets at risk in a lawsuit against Kidsland.  The owner of Up People Up, Mr. Lin, can lose the hospital, and the houses and assets of all shareholders in a class action lawsuit driven by any lawyer willing to help the parents of Kidsland students to restore honesty to staff with mental illness currently in The Story Of Loo at .

If Kidsland managers change their minds, we can talk about how much money Kidsland is to offer Talk2Dream in a perpetual tithe marking its new partnership.  The partnership shall be publicly announced possible as Talk2Dream Kidsland Sesame Street or Talk2dream Sesame Street Tainan.  Of course, all agreements are reasonable and without loss of any of its currently supporting staff.

Delay only presents financial danger to Kidsland.  What Rene writes is true.  Anyone can use it against Kidsland.  This is what the news protects and what every reader now knows about how the world really works.

27 March 2018 To Kidsland: DO NOT CHOOSE TO CLOSE YOUR DOORS.
Offer The Talk2dream Team your empty seats and we can fill them.

How inspiration works personally with each person all over the world in the same way:


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