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Children Of The Law Of One


29 March 2018

Children Of The Law Of One,

Let's call God's only son Christ, with the understanding that Christ is all of us put together and then still more.

The Mind of Christ is Big Mind.  Our minds are smaller parts of one united mind.  Eternity IS ever united beyond any concept for dimensions of time.

When Big Mind gives us an idea, it can choke us.  It's like trying to eat a whole large pizza in one bite.  It's possible, but not easy to do.  The Pizza is more or less soaked and softened and then shoved down our throats with a tube to make sure air still gets by too.  It certainly isn't appealing nor tasting like pizza.  Then digestion takes place.

Digestion of a huge idea takes time.  Time is an interesting phenomenon.  It doesn't really exist in eternity, yet here we are.  And here is text.  Reading anything enters the mind of the reader for its consideration.  But what of the reader that types text before judging its merit?  What of a reader who types text knowing it to be from a place of self that has only intent for well-meaning to all because that aspect has grown within self to have become so large that self simply identifies with it as singular?

A Course In Miracles has a part titled The Hero Of The Dream.  Would you be hero of your own dream if you knew yourself to be living a nightmare in a world where Big Mind was trying to speak sense to pieces of only itself?  Find the except following Great Bowl: allegory for The School Of Loo, or whatever it was called.  It should rightly be titled Allegory Of Heaven And Hell And Earth.  Search "great bowl":

YOU are Christ and YOU are a miracle.  Rise, son of God and understand a miracle requires cooperation.  You work only with your self, and all selves are an equally deserving aspect of you.  Delay is the equivalent of freewill to you NOW, since you did not write this text nor govern the next text to be written EXCEPT by agreement with its author, who is equally as much a part of your mind as you are considered in his.  It does not matter if he knows not your name, for your name shall pass with your body but that perceiving the idea given you about you being already eternal... that part, YOU shall live forever.

Rise, Children of Light.

A miracle depends on cooperation.  To effect a global miracle, it requires only the cooperation of world leaders.  Their cooperation is not determined by their whims for vanity or political votes.  It is directly determined by their fear of loss of all that they think they own, and THAT is accomplished in PUBLIC court. 

Rise, Children of Light and enter the Dawn Of Eternal Law.


  1. Interesting piece! I would only suggest that you replace the word 'son' with child, etc, just to get the language up to date as we exit the time of patriarchy....


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