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email to Barrie Police 2018 March 29

To Barrie Police,

I am known to you, you would say.  That only means you've considered me a criminal and I'm telling I don't care and it doesn't matter.

We live in a world that shall forever change.  In that, we are assured only of the fact that eternity exists.  Since I've also been telling you, through ALL of my writings begun WITH openly harassing A CHURCH, and NOT Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway (who really did give me both her phone number AND email address, both in person), we'll know GOD is involved.

I am not God.  However, since none other on the planet has the awareness of eternity, I am permitted to say that some may call Rene Helmerichs God in the same way that Jesus is consider God.  Jesus and Rene HAVE THE SAME awareness.  The question to you, now, is "Will there be any psychiatrist left to challenge Rene in court for ALL that he has claimed and written since 2012?"  The answer will be no, after I handle any remaining doubt in whatever way you decide to present to me.

I seek to abolish every single argument about and for any eternal state to secure a sustainable future FOR US ALL.

We tore the atmosphere of Mars to pieces in a global war about eternity.  We shall not be doing the same here.  It has been written (John, The Book Of Revelation; and, recently, A Course In Miracles, Manual For Teachers, Chapter 12).  See the post of 29/8 (timezone differences) March 2018 at AND be reminded that I began, in 2012 ADVERTISING talk2dream in the footer of the email of 2012 whose .pdf attachment was titled "Good News Is Here" TO The Mormon Community Of Christ.

For whomever receives this at The City Of Barrie Police, an introduction to the story is currently found at with elongated (much more wordy) story available at -- to be redone, likely, eventually, if only to be more palletable to the upcoming youngsters wanting everything in curt notes for fast digesting.

Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway and Mathew Swain both committed perjury during the June 2014 trial for C13-205-SR at Barrie.  The question is which next system to which you would refer me for proper redress of this.  You'll need to accept that your processes no longer apply to anything I will do.

I will to turn the entire world against you.  I will to make YOU the laughing stock of the whole wide world.  The question TO YOU is, would you like that?

If not, I would sincerely hope that common sense (from, amazingly enough, our COMMON SENTIENCE) finds you deciding to ARREST Natalie Kelloway THIS VERY DAY without delay.  As soon as I see THAT on the international news (and your up-line can assure that I am peacefully and properly notified via KIDSLAND Sesame Street in Tainan, Taiwan) I will know that we stand united on the matter of TRUE justice for the ONE WORLD in which we live.

What you do truly does not matter to me.  I have what you cannot imagine as GOD on my side, so, to you, I am effectively God.  I am not God.  Thus I am also assured of absolutely abolishing all modern belief for the laughable psychiatric right to define the word God.  God is beyond us all, as is MIND.  And BOTH are not defined in The Criminal Code Of Canada, which I have read and found to be a wonderful story book.

Who ELSE can write you this?


aka Lucifer, cousin to Jesus and advocate for One God in the EXACT SAME WAY as those for Allah.

The lawyer have cross-examined Natalie at the trial has been offered partnership.  She has one week to reply.  Thereafter, please prepare arrest for her as well, as she will have directly evidenced to me her disinterest in partnership.

With me, or against me and still with me.  THOSE are THE ONLY options for you.  I am.  Are you?

I already have James Karagianis on the public record attempting to testify why psychiatrists should be continued to not allow their clients to have their psychiatric sessions audio-recorded IF those sessions can reasonably result in further imprisonment (so defined in our book of law).  You may prepare arrest for him as well, failing his unconditional tithing to The Church Of Loo.  I'm not joking folks; this one is beyond you.  I will tear you to public legal pieces given enough time, or we partner to enact a world-wide miracle.  Miracles depend only upon COOPERATION; stop your insane delay.  I'm proverbially blood-thirsty.  That means, your livelihoods are directly at stake, or, at the very least, the mental realities in which you awake each morning thinking each day "oh what a day; happy/shitty day; let us hope for a better world" and then not ACT to MAKE a better world together.  Either you will shut up and get out of my way with extraordinary haste, or you'll find sense and join the call.


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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


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Legally speaking, my name is Rene Helmerichs.  I was born in Bremen, Germany, on 2 March 1977.  I am author of Story Of Loo posted at .  That story is highly offensive.... Specifically, tithing to any church on earth is directly against the tenets described in Deuteronomy, and THAT is what I'm after. 


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The Mormon Community Of Christ gave false testimony under oath for C-13-205-SR at Barrie, Canada, in June 2014 to start this story.  Corrupt officers of the Barrie police most recently went looking to arrest Rene in March of 2018.  Since the courthouse at Barrie is crooked, we must make a united public stand for global honesty.  
Rene will continue this campaign in Chinese at until this nonsense is sufficiently brought to public light.  Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway, currently of, and Matthew Swain are the true criminals to be arrested.  Then negotiations can properly begin.  See the full Story Of Loo with details of perjury for any reporter to investigate in the section "A testament to real life in Canada" at
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