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legal: to Cisco Systems

27 March 2018

To Leonard Bosack, Sandy Lerner, Chuck Robbins, and judges for The Problem-solver 2018 contest (which is about money, so it's notably worth something).

Dear Cisco,

I have not been included as a semi-finalist in your contest.  This is not a loss to the Talk2Dream Team, however, it IS something you may wish to reconsider.

The contest was to present an idea, any idea really, using "digitization" and "The Internet Of Things" (IoT) in a unique way to accomplish betterment to the world in which we live, beyond simply digital input and output.

Laugh if you well at the insanity, but do read the whole of this message before judging it.

Here is your problem:
I am going to literally be awarded the right to begin a new country within the territory OF Canada, before or after Rene Helmerichs become Canada's FIRST elected real sovereign entity, i.e. "King".

This clearly IS laughable at the moment, however, due consider that Talk2dream has been advertising the SAME ONE song since at least its incipient introduction to The Canadian Charities Directorate postmarked 5 May 2012.

Talk2dream is now coming full circle.  Upon completion of its drive to be the ONLY authorized certifying agency designating True Teachers of the global religiously not religious text A Course In Miracles (written by professors of Columbia University's School Of Medicine over a 7-year period in the 1960s and 70s), our public reach shall surely eclipse the less than 2 billion people Cisco purports to service.

In that way we will grow faster than you have, and we'll do it with digitization.  You'll also note that the likelihood of your winning prediction to be able to come anyway near that reach in similar time from this point forward is slim.  You have therefore misjudged.  That does entail a lawsuit to you disqualifying you as a reputable company since this message does offer you the polite choice to reconsider our inclusion AS semi-finalists.

Cisco, we're living the biblical Book Of Revelation.  Consider your refusal to seriously consider that herein given, previously to you submitted, and recently updated via IoT at  --a link which WAS included in the original submission TO you as the link .  Sales of multi-national books alone will do you in.  Not to mention that we are actually able to present China, Japan, India, Russia, and every other country adamantly against Catholicism, or curious about it, the true knowledge that the mother of Jesus Christ was NOT a virgin, we also present the world with the most controversial story ever to have been revealed on the earth.  Point in fact: Jesus claimed to be "son of man" in over two dozen phrases in the Book Of Matthew alone, which does preclude sperm from a guy to have entered his not virgin mother, or every other Christian believing the words of the bible to be "true" must ask, "How can he have spoken truly if he was only 'son of woman'?"

You see the problem?

Media isn't yet willing to touch this story.  There are solutions and Talk2dream will unite EVERY SINGLE ONE if only to DEMONSTRATE what IoT as a UNITED INTERNET can REALLY do FOR EVERYONE.

This posted online for your review, that it may be used in court against you at a later date should you prove yourselves too stupid to reconsider your earlier prejudice.

The Talk2dream Team.


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