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CL MCSCS Barrie Sergeant Doug Henderson

The argument begun with The City Of Barrie police service extends globally at
For those new the story, please see the linked petition and introduction at:

Email subject: To police services of Ontario, begun with Barrie Police


28 March 2018

Sergeant Douglas Henderson of The City Of Barrie Police,

We last spoke on 3 Sept 2012.  I had asked you to arrest Rene Helmerichs at Johnson's Beach in Barrie.  You took it upon yourself to circumvent the law.  Find our conversation online:

Time was needed to present your error to the world.

You told Rene that he was under arrest for possession of his best strain of marijuana.  You did not inform him of your intention to circumvent due process.  Nor did you receive informed consent from him for anything more than to enter the due criminal process.

You informed Rene that he was under arrest and placed him with handcuffs into your vehicle.  You then took him a hospital to have him imprisoned without offering him the ability to correct the criminal allegations from Barrie police detectives Troy Armstrong and Tanya Lynch spoken to him on 1 Sept 2012.  You directly lied while on duty in addition to obstructing justice and evading the legal process.

Doug, normally, when one is arrested in Barrie, is one taken to a hospital and locked away without trial for a different crime than the one for which one was said to have been arrested?
After arrest for a CRIME in Barrie, isn't there supposed to be a trial?

Both are sample questions the jury overseeing your case is to consider.

Only time will tell as The Story Of Loo gains notoriety with solicitations for a united stand AGAINST crooked Barrie cops.

Mr. Henderson, have two arguments:
1) You can say that you thought Rene was of harm to someone.
2) You can say that you thought Rene was of harm to myself.

YOU CANNOT SAY that Rene was in urgent need of hospitalization since you were engaged in a rational conversation with him.  The moment you arrested Rene Helmerichs, he was in YOUR care.  You did not need HIS permission to take him anywhere.  As such, this isn't about Rene but YOU.

You are now offered The Choice to change the outcome of your earlier choice.

To win your argument in court without evidence of partnership TO Rene, you would need the consent of your superiors since you are attempting to establish the entire Criminal Justice System of Ontario, and by direct extension Canada, inept in your refusal to partner.

The Criminal Justice System has an entire section in The Criminal Code Of Canada devoted to Mental Health.  This means, there is due process for any allegation of mental illness.  THERE IS NOT the permission to "save" trouble by calling a half-dozen other officers for a laughing fest attempting to mock Rene while seeing him locked into Royal Victoria Hospital Regional Healthcare Centre, unnecessarily held down by four nurses, and having blood withdrawn from his body also against his consent.

One Barrie police officer actually physically assaulted Rene to remove the digital recorder from the room lest the conversation with Mr. Evans reveal the entire hospital to be fraudulently defending for corrupt Barrie police officers such as yourself.

Incidentally, defaming the whole of justice system IS directly against The Constitution Act Of Canada, Doug.  The first section of The Act ensures the integrity of your system as one inconsistent whole.  One can now understand why I've needed to leave the country to redress this following the illegal process Doug instituted.

After your first move, Doug, doctors, lawyers, and cops had no choice but to follow suit.  Fundamentally, one cannot be arrested and denied freedom if one has done nothing wrong.

No games.

Mr. Henderson, the severity of the charges brought against you will yet see you lose much more than your Sunshine List salary of more than $110,000 Canadian dollars annually.  Once charged, you shall be convicted.  It is unlikely any judge will offer defence to you with the publicity Talk2dream is establishing for itself, not to mention the allegations are entirely true.

There is a "Boys Club" running backroom deals for their friends with the help of corrupt attorneys where needed.  You are strongly urged to gain as much support among your friends as you can.  I want to be absolutely sure the moment anyone investigates The City Of Barrie tax-waste that they will find the biggest pocket of crooked asses as easily and openly as possible.

There were at least 6 different faces of Barrie police officers that Rene saw on 3 Sept 2012 at RVH, all of them laughing.  Considering that he is currently of the exact same mind as he had in 2012, you shall note that any category you can possibly imagine for him does not suffice. 

The officer having assaulted Rene Helmerichs to remove the recording device before the RVH introduction of doctor and nurses bid by the Barrie misfits to ensure Rene is locked away for the criminal offense of harassment to The Mormon Community Of Christ, about their illegal advertising to literally sell God for money, was named Brad.  Brad locked eyes with Rene after elbowing Rene in the face.  The look was one of "you will submit or we will continue."  It wasn't until July of 2015 in a public courtroom hearing with then chief of Waypoint Centre For Mental Illness that Rene realized the extent of corruption of law in Canada.

The coy attractive Barrie police female who gave Rene a flirtatious wave from behind the plexiglass of the room at RVH in which Doug unjustly did have Rene confined, having committed Rene to enter the CRIMINAL justice system which HAS a due mental health process, is also not forgotten.  As tribute to anons the world over correcting justice, we can expect a suiting picture from that one at a later date.
Can you reasonably imagine that he would willingly walk up to you and ASK to be arrested while openly answering ALL of your questions, leading YOU the entire way, and expect that somehow he didn't also know that this truly can work out only for benefit to all with harm to none?

Send this up-line, all the way up until it reaches RENE in Taiwan:
"Rene offers you the advance sale of ALL of the copies of HIS Story Of Loo currently being reviewed for content at a publisher in the United States.  There is a second copy being translated for Asia in Chinese.  Once published, every legal argument becomes a 'Rene versus anyone'.  Canada will lose more face than it knows it has, and Barrie will be known as the new hole of Ontario.  Together we shall end all socio-religious warring on this God forsaken planet about concept for GOD.  You stand either WITH one who advocates FOR a not exclusive GOD, or against whatever you want to call Rene.  The current price for advanced sales of all copies is seven hundred million Canadian dollars.  This is a time-sensitive offer."

Mr. Henderson, Rene should be clearer on that.  His book will turn your life upside-down.  It can easily see you homeless and certainly stripped of whatever legal right you think you have, since you are mentally confused about the "you" that you think is thinking about what you think you are.  That means, I will to put YOU into a mental ward. 

However, mental wards are like 5-star hotels billed at 5-times the rate of regular jail stays, which are in-and-of-themselves 5-star hotels compared to jails in countries not able to pay crooked cops salaries 5 times what honest teachers reasonably expect to earn in Taiwan, about 666,000 NT$ annually.

So let's make it a simple Central North Correctional Facility stay for you, in solitary confinement failing your ability to present evidence partnership TO Rene shall be noted with a generous and willing tithe of 10 percent of your annual salary to The Church Of Loo, officially simply called "Rene Helmerichs". 

Bank details:
TWD Beneficiary Account: 11554-0299017
Beneficiary Name: Helmerichs, Rene
Beneficiary Bank: CTBC Bank Co., Ltd., East Tainan Branch
1F., No. 290, Sec. 2, Changrong Rd.
East District, Tainan City 701, Taiwan
Phone: +886-6-2085522
Think it fake?  Send $30.  The return fee is 600nt$ should it bounce; if it does, leave a comment.  The bank is pictured in the .pdf at .

It was The Mormon Community Of Christ which did first suggest the brilliant idea TO Rene in their 21 April 2012 The Good Sense Budget workshop for which members of The Mormon Community did knowingly deceive Rene to have him advertise it in his Georgian College class.  There are numerous pamphlets online about reducing spending to accommodate your generous financial gift to God (their word for the arbitrary extortion).

Think about it Doug.  There's not much you can do but complain about this.  Do tell your friends.  The SAME offer of partnership is extended to Troy Armstrong, Tanya Lynch, Brian Read, et al.

Of course, noting the Independent Police Review Council to be completely corrupted in the case of Ryan Hamelin from back in 2013-2015 already, there stands little likelihood that more victims of Barrie police psychological abuse will not also come forward.  Partnership is encouraged.

Doug, if you make up your mind before the end of THIS April, partnership is extended you for a 5% tithe of your salary this year and next.  Otherwise, witness incredible laughter of inmates to whom I'll mail this.

About Rene Helmerichs

Rene Helmerichs claims to be the devil, not GOD, but you'll be calling him God when he hears you think omfg, Jesus F. Christ, Wholey F., OMFFFG.  Since we're notably in a world that is doomed to forever change, we are assured only of the single fact that eternity exists.  It follows that this place isn't Heaven, and what isn't Heaven is quite distinctly unrecognized Hell.  Since both are eternal, and there are only two fundamental sides to a singular timeline trying to forever divide an eternally united state--ergo, ibid.

The devil would be as the top lawyer in any court of law.  He would also be the only person alive able to write a perfectly circular paragraph that must be repeated endlessly merely to retain adherence to the laws of grammar.  This just makes him so much more your worst nightmare or best friend. 

Accept The Choice, in that there is not choice.  You have choice only for outcome now:

B) Jail.

Rene is attempting not to win money, but land.  He currently seeks to become the first elected legitimate King Of Canada.  That'll require him to first be elected as Prime Minister Of Canada, before then electing himself to the post of Governor General, the effective King, and holding another election for my Prime Minister.  After that, he'll argue the up-line out of its legal authority over Canada.  Following coop of Canada, Rene seeks to establish a legal structure to govern the world with his own country, Ziyon, as the head of The United Notations if only to ensure EVERY nation to receive EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

To get the ball rolling (it's actually already a mid-sized snowball), we need Natalie Kelloway and Matthew Swain arrested.

Matt has Kris Judd, Tim Stanlick, and possibly Carman Thomas as scapegoats, so absolve can be worked out with The Community Of Christ personally.  Expect payment for a Dodge Viper to be outfitted with police gear.

Natalie Kelloway can spend the rest of her life in a mental ward if she desires, or change her mind about just WHAT the process of communicating is all about.  Here's what our ability to communicate is SUPPOSED to accomplish:
The ability communicate establishes our ability for working miracles, and miracles always collapse our need to wait on time.  We do ever quicker understand the nature of miracles, since a miracle always involves some sort of time-saving benefit.  Notes on miracles are included below.

Since none of you people understand either miracles, or time, or how to use time for your simultaneous UNIVERSAL and personal benefit, or how to effectively brand across the whole of the internet, Rene will be assured the title of Ambassador To Earth to begin proper introduction of alien technology on our planet for betterment to our ecosystem and every other physical-world system that the many alien species having already visited our planet have to offer.  They're really only waiting on you to get your sorry asses in gear.

There's more in the post to The Community Of Christ, if you would be so kind to ensure they get it.

And more yet in the 27 March 2018 update to the petition completely shattering Barrie misfits:

About Mind

In a time before time, our unified Mind had a single thought against Its MORE in attempt to understand concept for freewill as better: "Is there more?  What is life like away from here if there is?" and BOOM, a darkness clouded Its ubiquitous understanding.  The darkness only represented confusion.  It is not really there.  Confusion about unity results in concepts for many minds.

Inside the cloudy confusion, life looks real and IS real but it is now forever considered to be really changing.  GOD cannot "see" the darkness because Light, understandingly, simply dispels confusion.  But inside confusion of eternity, there is still forever order to show us that eternity really exists.  We call that order "time". 

Time will only end when the last electron understands itself.  Until that time, we call the reminder of GOD "the wholey Spirit", typos corrected.  The Spirit exists with every possible form.  It is the glue that holds our many confusing wishes together.  For example, I don't know what you are thinking but I know that anything you can possibly think is really helpful only if it has harmful intent to no other part of Itself, which is the whole all of us and all that we could ever imagine. 

So I know that I am only thinking with a small part of our shared mind, but as long as the thought promotes eternity, my mind is not divided.  Make sense?  Every person alive can say that at the same time, and it will be true for everyone forever until the end of time.  That's how I know that it's true.  GOD is literally all there is.

People and churches can have very mixed up ideas about life, the purpose of time, and GOD.  Many are willing to die for their beliefs.  And that's just insane.  Laughable is to think that of all of us here who are expecting some God to descend from clouds like a digital hologram become real overnight without thinking about the given Principles of Miracles. 

Every body depends on cooperation, and cooperation depends on miracles. 

To any that have been involved with any part of this greater story:
Had you asked better questions, more enlightened answers could possibly have been provided.

From A Course In Miracles

Free will does not mean that you establish the curriculum.  It means only that you can elect what to take when.  It is just because you are not ready to do what you should elect to do that time exists at all.

Principles Of Miracles

1. The first thing to remember about miracles is that there is no order of difficulty among them.  One is not harder or bigger than another.  2. They are all the same.  In that way, miracles do not matter.  They are quite unimportant.  3. They occur naturally as an expression of love.  The real miracle is the love that inspires them. 

In this sense, everything that comes from love is a miracle.  This explains the first point related to the lack of order.  ALL expressions of love are maximal.  This is why the "thing in itself" does not matter.  The only thing that matters is the Source, and this is far beyond human evaluation.

4.  All miracles mean Life, and God is the giver of Life.  He will direct you VERY specifically.  God is neither male nor female, being not a body and not singular.

"Plan ahead" is good advice in this world, where you should and must control and direct where you have accepted responsibility.  But the universal plan is in more appropriate hands.  You will know all you need to know.  Make NO attempts to plan ahead in this respect.

5.  Miracles are habits, and should be involuntary.  They should not be under conscious control otherwise they may become undemocratic.  Consciously selected miracles are dangerous, and may destroy the talent.

6.  Miracles are natural.  When they do NOT occur something has gone wrong.

7.  Miracles are everyone's right, but purification is necessary first.  What that purification is to be is not up to any individual to decide simply because no entity knows enough of the collective mind to be able to heal more than just itself.

8.  Miracles are a form of healing.  They supply a lack, and are performed by those who momentarily have more for those who have less.

9.  Miracles are a kind of exchange.  Like all expressions of love, which are ALWAYS miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws.

10. A miracle is a reversal of the physical order because it brings more love to the giver AND the receiver.  A miracle is misunderstood when it is regarded as a spectacle or for any special thing.

11. The use of miracles as a spectacle to INDUCE belief is wrong.  Miracles are really used for and by believers.  In that way, they reveal individual and collective beliefs to form a bridge back unto innate singular knowledge.

12. Prayer is the medium of miracles.  Prayer is the natural communication of The Created with The Creator.  Through prayer, love is received, and through miracles love is expressed.

13. Miracles are thought-creations.  Thought can create lower-order or higher-order realities.  This is the basic distinction between intellectualization and thinking.  One creates the physical, and the other the spiritual, and we believe in what we create.

14. A miracle is a beginning and an end(ing).  It thus abolishes time.  It is always an affirmation of rebirth, which seems to go back, but really goes forward.  It undoes the past in the present, and thus releases the future.

15. Miracles attest to truth.  They are convincing because they arise from conviction.  Without conviction, they deteriorate into magic, which is mindless, and therefore destructive, or rather, the uncreative use of Mind.

16. Everyday should be devoted to miracles.  God created time so that man could use it creatively, and convince himself of his own ability to create.  Time is a teaching device, and a means to an end.  It will cease when it is no longer useful for facilitating learning.

17. REMEMBER TO ASK: listen, learn, and DO with ever-intent for both honesty and harm to none.

18. Miracles are teaching devices for demonstrating that it is more blessed to give than to receive.  They simultaneously increase the reserve strength of the giver, and supply the lack of strength in the receiver.  BE VERY CAREFUL in interpreting this.  There is not loss.

19. The purpose of this course is integration.  I told you that you will not be able to use it right until you have taken it.  As long as your identification vacillates you cannot accept the gift that belongs to you.  You are still vacillating between recognizing the gift and throwing it away.  At times, you regard yourselves as too weak to accept it.  At others, you do not yet know its healing power.  After you have passed the course, you will accept it and keep it and use it.  That is the final exam, which you will have no trouble in passing.  Midterm marks are not entered on the permanent record.

20. Miracles are the absence of the body.  They are sudden shifts into invisibility, away from lower order reality.  That is why they heal.

21. A miracle is a service.  It is the maximal service that one soul can render another.  It is a way of loving your neighbour as yourself.  The doer recognizes his own and his neighbour's inestimable value simultaneously.  This is why no areas of hatred can be retained.  If you retain them, your own value is no longer inestimable because you are evaluating it as X, or, infinity minus that amount.  This is meaningless mathematically, which uses the term "inestimable" only in the very literal sense.

22. Miracles rest on the law and order of eternity, not of time.

23. A Miracle makes souls one in Christ.  The body of Christ depends on cooperation, and cooperation depends on miracles.  The Father and the Son are not identical, but you CAN say "Like Father, LIKE Son."

24. Miracles are cobwebs of iron.  A miracle reawakens the awareness that the spirit, and not the body, is the altar of Truth.  This is the recognition that leads to the healing power of the miracle.

25. Miracles are natural expressions of total forgiveness.  Through miracles, we accept God's forgiveness by extending it to others.  The second step is inherent in the first, because light cannot tolerate darkness.  Light dispels darkness automatically, by definition.

26. Miracles are associated with fear only because of the fallacy that darkness can hide.  We are taught that what we cannot see does not exist, and our physical eyes cannot see in the dark.  This is a very primitive solution, and has led to a denial of spiritual SIGHT, which always depends on light.  Remember the Biblical injunction, "May I never forget that THINE eye is ever upon me, beholding the evil and the good."  There are two stages, one lower and one higher, which are involved in the escape from darkness:
1) The recognition that darkness CANNOT hide.  This usually does entail fear.
2) The recognition that there is nothing you WANT to hide, even if you could.  This brings escape from fear.

27. A miracle rearranges the order of perception, and places the levels in their true perspective.  This heals at all levels, because all sickness comes from confusing the levels.  Sickness is not that you distantiate, doubt, or cannot believe.  It is more of a reaction formation against a pull which you recognize is so intense that you are afraid that you will be uprooted.  But remember that a cobweb is really stronger than the iron, if you see it properly.

28. Miracles make time and tide wait for all men.  They can heal the sick and raise the dead because man himself made both death and taxes, and can abolish both.  Note "tax" also means "strain".  YOU are a miracle.

29. Miracles are a part of an interlocking chain of forgiveness which, when completed, is the Atonement.  This process works all the time and in all dimensions of time.

30. A miracle is a Universal Blessing from THE COMMON SENTIENCE thru any of us to our family.
111. Only with GOD can one expect to legally extort a crooked parliament.

Destination ?

Alex Gaudino feat Crystal Waters - Destination Calabria


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