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Understanding GOD and life: a Spring into-action email to COPS

original email linked as .pdf in links to The Story Of Loo

Hi Natalie,

You'd once told me you didn't understand the Bible very well.  The date was actually 24 Dec. 2011 at that Connexus Christmas Eve special service at the Barrie Country Club that, actually, you had invited me to attend.  We went together, just us, remember?  That's also something that was left out at the trial, but, no matter.  We're beyond that and it's all past.  The bible:

The bible in a nutshell says this:
God and GOD are different.  GOD establishes the ability to communicate.  Christ is that forever communicating, the living spirit of GOD which is recognized as God for the earth.

We don't really have a choice not to communicate with GOD, since God maintains our ability to communicate.  It is however entirely possible to ignore all three.  Ignoring messages for betterment is sort of like living in a psychosis.  Actually, it's exactly like living in a psychosis because the individual becomes notably recognized as entirely delusion and evidences such with verbatim distortions of facts for want of a reality that is not true.  The trinity ensures concept for true in every changing reality because true means that it does not change.

Long story short, you don't really have choice not to communicate with me.  You can delay, but not forever.  I can appear mentally ill, but not forever.  In fact, only one of two people in an argument that encompasses all legal structures of the world can be mentally dysfunctional.  I may appear grandiose, but it is not I who am having the grandiose thoughts, the concept of the term was passed to me by people advocating for you, your side of our two-sided argument.  Thank GOD for God, because with Christ, all is possible.

Please stop considering me as the source of your imagined fear.  You have nothing to fear from me.  All that I do must be by agreement.  The "magic" of GOD works only by agreement.  And, of course, I won't force you into anything since the death of Jesus established our eternal ability for free will.  You can remain completely delusional for all eternity without worry of God or Christ, or my spirit, ever trying to force you to communicate to, literally, the forgotten aspect of only yourself.

You don't see what A Course In Miracles teaches.  There IS only one Self.  The rest of all that we think we see in the world is an aspect like a mental projection of a forgotten consciousness.  Restated, that only says that there's a living sentience with each of us that is common to every electron and able to manipulate the whole for betterment to only itself as one whole.  If we're in accord with it, we needn't have worry about accidents or Barrie police knocking on either of our doors.

Let's test that.  I live in Taiwan.  Can you make your knights knock on my door for re-arrest on the basis of YOUR story, or, can I make those SAME knights, actually honourable police officers that aren't much different than a bunch of Smurfs chasing one Smurfette (c'mon, some humour has to be added), for HER arrest?

You see, it is fully possible for you to be arrested WITHOUT ever needing to communicate TO me. 

On the up, the bible does advise, in Matthew 5:25, that you should make peace with thine enemy before thine imagined fear sees you taken to court and locked away.  Yes, you CAN claim mental illness as defence, but I'm trying to trump that with authority over the doctors who currently control the working definition of mind in courts across Canada, and, actually, the world.

This has never been about just you.  Stop thinking so small about yourself.  And do start to forgive.  The lines of age you wear cannot decrease while you refuse any part of your own mind as being yours.  Healing comes from the joining of minds, which then reflects itself in a more functional body.  A Miracle is simply a collapse of time, since everything just loops and loops for all eternity while those with consciousness seek again to know our sentient self.

Pay attention to your body.  It can act like a tuning fork to unrecognized thoughts.  Simple things like ringing ears, swelling chests, headaches, stomach aches, burning lips (you won't feel that yet because that means someone, or some unconscious portion of mind to you, is forgiving you for a mis-thought), stabbing in the back (left and right sides each mean different things), lower back pain, gripping arms, stiff neck, leg pains, and more.  The sensations can be subtle to those aware enough to give attention to unexplained differences (being a vegetarian helps to maintain a constant diet to better study the body, and is really only useful for that except in the cases of certain physical diseases which can be alleviated with a change to such a diet).  The sensations can also be severe, like, literally broken bones and such arising from physical accidents that are the direct result of conflict within our one mind originated from conflicting wills of the soul driving the avatar being beaten up by the underlying thinking processes.

For eternity, then, "every thought not exclusive of any other will-must forever to remain as the will of the whole."  Everything not exclusive is possible in a world of change.  My "crazy" 2012 emails... they were without harmful intent and all of their content was not mutually exclusive, silly remarks like kissing you in a Dodge Viper that I do not yet own aside.

The Dodge Viper, Natalie, if I get it, will be purchased by The Mormon Community Of Christ and delivered to The City Of Barrie Police Service for outfitting with police lights, siren, and neat computer gear.  If you could wish for anything, why NOT wish for the living spirit to use you entirely for betterment to the whole planet knowing that every other not exclusive wish that you could possible imagine becomes instantly achievable then too?  See why they killed Jesus?  They thought he was calling himself God, and then continued to call him God after he willingly gave himself to them just to ensure that they could keep arguing about their own ideas for God for all eternity without his need to listen to their shit.

God is a one-way channel, dear.  I think, deep down, you are pissed off for thinking your God hasn't been listening to you when you've had it backwards the whole time.  God provides ALL, it's only each of us who's been confused about that for which we've been wishing.  All IS possible, but not necessarily when we want it or we'd never know we are truly always one with a peaceful humanitarian purely loving being.


Ask the police.

Oh, and I took on a company of about 300 employees and 1000s of parents yesterday: , echoed in the Chinese version to The Story Of Loo at
A more recent English version is available at , but not the most current one which shall forever still be in the process of being written as a screenwriter would a play to be acted out.  We CAN write it together and amend your fate if you like.  I need a project manager to help me build Ziyon, what will become a country similar to Vatican City is in Italy.  That's still far off, however, since I may yet need to become Prime Minister Of Canada if only to ensure Canada becomes its own sovereign entity for Ziyon.  I'll of course be establishing The Law Firm Of Loo and The Bank Of Loo, but not formally The Church Of Loo since we really do not need another religion on the God-forsaken planet otherwise known as Hell.

You are pictured in the story in your bridal outfit.  What you wear, how you look, all of that means nothing to me.  It matters only that I, with GOD, am able to right the upside-down thinking process governing the whole of the world if only to ensure legal consistency of all global laws.  This is not about you.  So have no fear.  Be ensured* to live comfortably without need of worry for physical safety or what you will eat for the rest of your life.  That is a blessing Natalie.  The food at Waypoint Center For Mental Health wasn't bad.  With extra cash, you can even order in vegetarian pizza.  Plus, they have a way-over-chlorinated indoor pool (and provide shared bathing suits which never need to be washed for all the chlorine, yay!) and an outdoor tennis court with absolutely no shade from the sun if you don't feel like swinging your arm repeatedly in the heat.  Truly Waypoint makes Hell seem so much more like hell, especially with the weight gain at the diet and injectibles they provide (I gained 20 kg which I am STILL looking to get off, but then, finger exercise--TYPING--doesn't do much for cardio and Taiwan is way too hot for me to want to go out running.).

Cops: come get me.  Let's offer this as a test to my environment.  Failure of you to even be able to contact me--for lack of ongoing ties to the family I once had and which you've managed to turn against me to have ME not want to even bother staying in contact--does directly tell me how small a portion of our shared limitless spheres you are able to govern, control, authorize justice within, and, ultimately, rule.  One Law.  Same-applied consistency requires THAT to be true fact.  Now stop playing games and DO something to HELP our common environment.  The company I'm psychologically defending in Taiwan is in serious public trouble and I have no choice but to continue because they are legally in the wrong and don't believe it.  Spare them grief and offer them mercy with your actual assistance instead of futile (because it's founded on lies of our dear Heroin Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway) judgements against me.  I win the "God on earth" title.  Isn't that evident yet?  I am entrusted with that by the real God, who's one god is GOD, who also has a god we can also call GOD since to us here they're all effective the same with intelligence off any and all of our chart.  That means all of it is purely humanitarian and, really, NO WORRIES to you.

*assured not ensured.
If we missed the figurative finger in the smurf remark to actually also ensure (not assure) you report this one to the cops and ask them to make another trip to my Mum's place in Orillia for me shake my head in disbelief at your collective obstinacy, can I just call you a dumbass and you me a smart, wise, or equal dumbass and be done with it?

I'm serious about Kidsland needing help here in Taiwan. So definitely let the Taiwan authorities know, again, to be sure they are reminded, again, of your 豬頭腦



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