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20180422 to FFIP (ACIM)

Hi, the third edition of ACIM is a word document is linked for free give away at and within this email :)
Is that a copyright infringement, or are we one?

Hey A Course In Miracles Foundation For Inner Peace,

Did you know there's such thing as a voice for One God?

We mean, of course, not the arguably imaginary one Helen Schucman claimed to channel, before clarifying that her idea of channelling and the commonly considered medium-spirit kind weren't the same?

Wouldn't a voice FOR what ever there exists truly with eternity as a common sentience be able to navigate arguments such that no counter argument exists?  Would that not specifically lay to rest the argument of whether Helen was really insane in the last years of her life, or whether people just misunderstood the fact that she had become the physical vehicle FOR that which she diligently studied harder than anyone else at FFIP, including Kenneth Wapnick?

Ken would say, "no one is perfect; find normal."  In that way, we carry on his living spirit not differently than that of Helen, and that of the voice they profess to be true.

The problem is your commitment to disseminating their material.  You see, you have considered us to be a third party.  You have also notified us of you willingness to unnecessarily endorse, in duplicate, products that are not yours to sell.  Ergo, you have demonstrated ability to help us disseminate your work, which we are now calling upon you to do.

We should advise you, politely of course, that in this reality everything seems fractured and fragmented.  You will likely consider us to be a projection of your own Ego at first, until you understand that the law is really not (going to be) on your side at all by the time this (realistically) ends up in any courtroom.

The Honest do not shy away from publicity because they innately know what they say and do is in mutual accord with a harmless intent, and therefore always true.

You are reading the text of one able to work as Helen did, except that for necessity of no mediumistic spiritual channelling argument, he can only rely derivatives of thoughts that he is able to cite from somewhere relatively credible in his immediate environment.  A Course In Miracles is established as credible, however, the Foundation For Inner Peace, and partners possessing the copyright of all translated additions, are not while there exists division within our First party priority.

We present the world an international political disaster in a legally binding petition at:

We remind that belief does not matter.  Only law matters.  And law is of Allah, creator of The Voice Helen thought she silently heard.

We remind also that belief is used of and by miracle workers not for convincing others, but for manipulation of the physical environment away from the ideological societies government leaders have attempted to enact and into a harmonious state of true being where all are equally considered of one kind.

Be advised, politely, then, that you are in line to lose your legal right to any and all work you currently possess while you believe yourselves to be its exclusive keepers.  Your translations are approximate at best, and, really not official since they were not verified by an official teacher for A Course In Miracles.

Ah, a temporal pickle!  What came first: the Manual For Teachers ONE true teacher of A Course In Miracles, or the book that teaches there is no time!  It would follow that said book rightly belongs ...

Talk2dream will of course build the international FREE school to certify ANYONE having passed all necessary groundwork to BE a true teacher for A Course In Miracles AS a global teacher.  In time, it will be the most respected teaching position on the planet, and carries both the responsibility of always administering, facilitating, A Course In Miracles FAIRLY in ANY court of law, as well the combined strength of all past, present, and future teachers of the Course, who shall always and forever seek to remain part of the collective we call One when we say "We are one."

We are directly asking your support to disseminate a petition of worldwide peace EVERYWHERE, to the best of your ability, and regularly in the same manner and time that you send you beautiful weekly Course Thoughts.

It is, of course, wholey (not misspelled as wholly) each of your individual choice to side with us.  Should you not be able to evidence having had desire to side with us prior to the full actualization of our notoriously impending worldwide publicity stunt, there is no way that you will be able to demonstrate to us that you have let your ego go enough to be permitted to continue as keepers for the material you currently covet.  In other words, if you do not help us now, it will be much more difficult for you to regain the state of grace you fervently purport yourselves to have, after we publicly disgrace you--without wanting to since we're really hoping you'll hear common sense on this one and partner sooner for the cooperation aspect of miracles to save us both time, and you more time later!

Debra Roberts claimed to understand the negative publicity for A Course In Miracles when we tried to warn her about it.  The messages haven't always been able to get through the way we've hoped, there has been much unconscious goo to sort.  However, this page, as a one-off, appears cleaner than most--you will need to admit--and, as such, we are simply able to say that we are simply becoming a greater REAL TIME presence. 

If, according to us, all we do is for us, and we know how difficult it is to let go the ego--recall J, "it's easier for a rich man to fit through a hole in a shoe than to enter the awareness of heaven"--why would you think that we would possibly wish you leave you without full awareness of the ability to work miracles by not simply showing you that you have it too?

You needn't at all worry about the safe keeping of A Course In Miracles.  That's completely an unnecessary preoccupation for you.  Being completely unnecessary, then, since miracles are real-time and eternally available to you, would it not honestly be simply the greatest service to you to remove you from the chore of feeling the impetuous to take care of something that isn't actually yours?

Let's rephrase that: in our hands, at least we can make the book more readable by adding a few commas that are missing on pretty much every page.  Not to mention putting out an "easy read" version that google translate could then translate for us in, say, 20 years, to publish as "easy read" international versions wherefore translators simply verify the contextual material--since the original sonic version is limited to English anyway--and you haven't even begun to advertise THAT properly yet either!

So, really, we're not sure where you're at on the spectrum of things, but we're pretty much eclipsed of international copyright obligations to need to worry about any possible threat your egos could conceive.

Did you want to work together?

How about you SHOW it, since A Course In Miracles IS about ACTION IN THE WORLD FOR PEACE, and not about denying that it's really here, or really needed, for some illusory want of a Disappearance Of Reality, ibid to our lost friend Gary.

Smarten up people.  There is no way in hell we're getting out of here any way BUT together AS ONE TEAM.  It's your choice if you wish to be part of ours, or remain a third (or fifth) wheel.

You cannot imagine what the author of is able to accomplish in Life, because time itself will adjust the environment FOR the ONE teacher of God to which The Manual For Teachers was designed to speak, above all else.  THAT is why it takes but One.  It took TWO to get there (Text, chapter 30).  Now there's a whole team:

I'm not a body
Nor are you
So please forgive this Course taBoo! 

Always in kindness, with intent for harm to none,


Rene Helmerichs
Happy Worldwide Peace Day 22 April 2018!


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