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CL CA Gov Gen Julie Payette

7 April 2018
Governor General For Canada

Julie Payette, Viceregal for The Canadian Monarch.

You alone carry the first authority superseding GOG, the greater Ontario government.

You may yet be unaware of the crimes our province commits.  It is mere due diligence for you to be informed of the repercussions of events in progress.  You may yet also be unaware of a greater agenda Canada serves.  It is directly your current choice which agenda appears more suiting for Canadians.

There were only two sides at the Roman trial for Jesus of Bethlehem.  Some time has passed.  The two sides remain like binary machine code imprinting blueprints for their diametrically opposed outcomes that shall remain forever eternally joined.

The eternal awareness of knowing we share one ever-changing reality, to live that reality in real-time until our choice to side with both sides simultaneously by acting in accord with The BEST common choice in the relinquishment of our own personal freewill for the everlasting sentience assures us that we shall forever meet honesty in the realm of common sense.

Rene Helmerichs directs the posts at .  All posts are (believed) true, and sources veritable.  The introductory statement is of the least concern for the future.  The future is yet unwritten.

Rene lives in Taiwan.  Taiwan is officially a province of China.  China abhors religion. 

Rene abhors individuals working for businesses the likes of any Christian church advocating against the testimony of Jesus.  Jesus said he was son of man, meaning, he was born of a male's seed that was naturally placed into the womb of his natural mother.  Jesus was a Jew.

Jews believe Moses shall return.  Rene recalls several past lives which are not acknowledged as possible in the Canadian philosophy that The Roman Catholic Church advertises in its Book Of Numbers, modern day psychiatry or old school witchcraft. 

Rene assures the public that Moses has returned for several incarnations, one of which was the great and true prophet Mohamed who gave The Koran.  Thus are Muslims and Jews close cousins, also to Buddhists.  Rene can point out fallacies in The Koran as easily as in The Holy (corrected 'wholey') Bible, and The Criminal Code Of Canada or any book of law for that matter.

The most distant religious camps from Muslims are The Mormon Community Of Christ and The Roman Catholic Church.  Laughably, Satanists are closer to understanding reality than either of those two.

China is its own religion.  Chinese officials lack a clear cut and internationally acceptable ability to explain their logic ubiquitously.  For safety, they have wisely chosen to restrict the internet from its population.  Ms. Payette, hear this.

Rene Helmerichs has the ability to offer the territory currently called the province of Ontario TO China in exchange for the consideration that Taiwan become its own independent country with military allegiance to all of Asia, including China, and the whole of the world.  This is, after all, a war of ideas, represented by mere words on screen.

Several businesses in Taiwan have wronged Rene.  Taiwan has the choice to side with honesty and ultimately support Rene, or attempt to hide that which Ontario quite notably could not.  Taiwan also has a blooming Christian population without clear understanding of the Catholic-Jewish division. 

Catholic churches in Taiwan, we shall note, have taken to not displaying the free-loving (i.e. MANY inseminations by separate men, each on separate occasions while she was ovulating because THAT was HER choice--so at least the part that Joseph was not the father of Jesus is accurately retained) mother of Jesus, Mary.

China does not want the churches.  So it makes sense that laws would differ between China and Taiwan so much so that Taiwan does already legitimately function as a separate state.  However, China has also displayed extraordinary tolerance (not that China has had much actual choice) to permit that.  This does demonstrate that the Ontario territory could just as easily be governed by China as any other.  China would benefit greatly from the additional land, which shall be offered anyway once Rene becomes the first elected King Of Canada (after winning an election for Prime Minister Of Canada and explaining to The United Kingdom how and why it is best for all).

To further justify your decision to gift Ontario to China, Canada is really rather young.  The Canadian Parliament is revealed to be wholey inept at monitoring the affairs of its provincial sovereigns.  The people of Ontario would be saved great stress if they were released from the ill care Canada has passed for law in its Criminal Code.

The Criminal Code Of Canada contains a rather lengthy part titled The Mental Health Act.  If only it were a mere theatrical performance.  Canada has not defined the word "mind" for that act.  Instead, it permits foreign-trained medical professors who truly know nothing about mind to act superior to court processes.  They have the ability to trump bail hearings for individuals already in the criminal system, and the ability to declare an individual to need however much incarceration into a legally defined prison without ever even needing to enter that individual into the criminal justice system, thereby saving lawyers the hassle of just more paperwork and judges the bother of a fake trial. 

To cap the ill care process, Canada permits psychiatrists to denounce the requests of defamed individuals who request to have the unconstitutional sessions recorded on mere grounds that said individual is clearly suffering from a psychosis believing that a judge would possibly counter those let to define an undefined word whichever way they see fit in any moment? 

Former Waypoint Centre For Mental Health chief psychiatrist James Karagianis showed us exactly that in July of 2015 in a hearing for which Rene Helmerichs waited 3 months in jail because James didn't want to take the time for it earlier.  That Rene was picked up 3 hours late for the court date and then asked to wait another 3 months in jail if he wanted to continue the attempt to have a judge order a psychiatrist to permit mental health system victims to have their sessions at least audio-recorded, is a slap on the face that is courtly passed TO Ms. Payette in this: how possible can the public review how its time and money are wasted if Canada refuses to offer even the ability for the necessary record TO later review?

It's quite brilliant of Canada, actually, to never offer the public the ability to monitor the extraordinary waste of their taxed labours in a system designed, truly, to administer only forced pleas and compelled slavery.  It is exactly for THAT reason that Rene speaks with the almighty strength of COMMON sense in the offer to Ms. Payette to not also lose the whole of the province of Ontario to China.

You're following all this alright, yes Ms. Payette?

If you hope to retain authority over Ontario, you will monitor and every individual named on The Canada-wide Corruption List.  It is singularly the absolute fastest and best way for us to work together to correct any and all injustices served the general public by any part of any government supported by that same public in either time or money.  The list can easily be extended to encompass the whole of all nations on Earth; it just needs formal funding for a public team the likes of which any Ombudsman office shall never be able to mire.

You will also see to it that each idea on The Corruption List is carefully considered, and, with the one exception that what you find conflicts with anything else, you will assist and support the individuals named to carry out that needed for their own career safety.  The goal is to get individuals named TO the list, OFF the list.  If you'd like, we can even agree to a time-limit for whoever is named.  In that way, should the individual delay making good on that asked beyond that time, charges for obstructing justice are to be laid.

The alternative, which Rene is dually pursuing in Taiwan, is for China to receive control of Ontario.  Hear Rene explain to Barrie police sergeant Doug Henderson in the recording of 3 Sept 2012 linked in the post at that Rene intentionally picked an argument WITH The Mormon Community Of Christ international church.  Should The Canadian Charities Directorate have retained the Talk To Dream application postmarked 5 May 2012, you may also find a ten million dollar contribution had been listed under "international funding", namely, that church.

At best, Canada keeps Ontario and China gains international footing as the most religiously aware country in the world with open access to Ontario once Rene is officiated.  You have ability to act much quicker to stem ongoing obstructions of justices from Canada than Rene who is still working his way up the proverbial totem pole.

Rene assures readers this is entirely written, and re-read for confirmation, of logical awareness of text and ideas presented, and how those ideas can and shall play out in the three spheres shallowly considered reality by psychiatrists who are not aware of all the rest of the spheres, and especially not that sphere which is not.

Personal note: Rene is suggesting that we are all experiencing a convergence.  For example, psychiatrist Anjana Chawla insisted on bribing Rene to release Rene from the forced injections to which she had committed to him for criminal allegations (which Barrie Sergeant Doug has yet to press despite assuring Rene that he would on 3 Sept 2012).

Further information against Ontario is contained in the raw (unrefined wording) .pdf:


Rene Helmerichs
[*] support Rene in a bid for government Honesty
[  ] sign the petition at and share it today!
Rene intends to run in every upcoming Canadian Prime Minister election for redress of all dysfunction.


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