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CL CA PM Justin Trudeau

8 April 2018
Government Of Canada; extending to The Philippines

"A painting is the more than the sum of its parts.  A cow by itself is just a cow.  A meadow is just a meadow.  But, put them together, and it becomes...."
-Flipped, 2010; a movie perfectly relating the common love-psychosis of our early years.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Of Canada.

Words are funny.  They are judged the moment they are read.  Reactions are the measures of great men.

It's ok that Justin's mind enjoys marijuana.  He, like the rest of us, doesn't recognize that our mind is already eternal.

It wasn't alright that Justin coerced staff on his electoral campaign staff back in 2013 to have to like it too, but that's past.  We can absolve him of that.  Absolution, in the only true sense, is only possible when an intended action is reverted unto a larger context for a sustainable future together, and harm to none. 

First, we need to revisit the botched helicopter deal with the Philippines that occurred just the other week, in March, 2018.  Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte asked Justin "How stupid can you get?"

Before we go any further, we need to find an ever-lasing agreement.  Can we agree the world is always changing?  Is the world always changing, down to the very electrons and the energy driving sub-nucleonic bonds? 

In the fundamental agreement for anything in common we do evidence agreement establishing an "always" reality that exists beyond time, which means that the stupidest person is also the smartest, and vice versa, at exactly the same time when speaking with that commonly establishing sentience. 

Speaking apart from common sentience evidences only fact that the speaker is just not ready yet.  So, we stand together for a better Canada or the current Canadian Prime Minister refuses to agree that a state of  one common sentience for one commonly shared sense can exist.  It is as simple as that. 

Justin botched the helicopter deal long before he had moral qualms about it.  That he had moral qualms could evidence his willingness to learn, depending on how one reads this.  But his actions following the event speak to his intellectual consideration for the action, and by direct extension, the united council of any advisor for him, and his own political agenda.

A head has 5 holes.  There are two in the center that appear falsely as one, two opposed like the eyes of fish (to know the narrow forward among diametrically opposed forces), and one big one in the middle with a mandible for lip-service.  The oral office can be used for sucking or blowing, and for both at the same time when all works as it should, like a musical symphony.  A wailing trumpet doesn't make the woodwinds sound sweeter, nor does the fishy scent of screeching off-key viola give a burning majestic feel.

Whatever advisor, and they needn't be physical, caused Justin to stir the worldly hornets' nest in botching the The Philippine helicopter deal clearly had malevolent intent.  He should not have cancelled nor backed out; it was simply cowardice, unwise, and not moral if indeed he did think to consider its repercussions.

Justin entered into a contract without assuring the contract to be of harm to none.  That was his second mistake.  After entering the agreement, he could only suffer a loss of credibility until--not unless, until--he admits his decision to evidence a real-time state of sentience independent of his own, but with which he is forever willing to partner on the single condition that it remain forever with harm to none.  He literally evidences insanity to the world while he remains out of accord with his innate self.

Not every contract any will receive will be with harm to none (two eyes).  We have choice to accept or decline any, however, with ONE mouth we also have the innate ability to accept ALL and turn each into a harmless contract that is only benevolent for one sustainable world-wide ever-lasting accord.  Rodrigo understands this.  In our league, we recognize that names do not measure a grain against our actions.

The choice for which contract to accept is based on willingness for personal stress, taxation to the system determining the time it takes of any to mitigate whatever back unto its harmless origin, but sustainably different.  There exists an eternal league of many who function as one. 

We need not bother with hidden agendas because our text appears so repulsive that every other with agendas along the wide roads of temptation may never understand why some can read this and laugh, while others not be able to finish for the knot in their own stomachs.  We vouch for Mr. Duterte because we would have called you a fucking moron for your near-sightedness.  He's far too polite.

Justin intentionally coerced and threatened his campaign staff with legal reprisal in 2013.  A darker-skinned nurse at Ontario Shores with a friend on his electoral campaign complained daily to Rene while Rene was there on the order of the Ontario government.  The greater Ontario government (GOG) had attempted to prevent Rene from continuing in the criminal justice system, before ultimately outright denying Rene the right to submit mental health information at the trial for C13-205-SR at Barrie.  Justin Trudeau has repeatedly evidenced himself with an agenda and lust for MAGOG, the majestic asses governing other governments of which GOG is an integral part.

Justin Trudeau.  Would someone please inform the currently disgraced Prime Minister Of Canada that smoking marijuana is illegal in Canada unless he buys a THC greencard from one of many willing doctors for a brown bill or two. 

Another individual please inform kidding Justin who evidences himself as "just not ready" that heaven must abide all consistent laws on earth; that he is distinctly not able to make his own heaven on earth in the psychosis from which he clearly suffers.

Yet one more please remind of the biblical Rev 16:14 that BOTH sides have ability to work miracles.  To heed the singular principal OF miracle working AS the ability short-cutting process to save the whole of any system time, but that of a true miracle worker to be more of a short-circuiting of mental processes preventing the simple understanding that miracles are normal and natural and only prevented when those of us who are just not ready are elected into positions of greater authority than that for which we are ready.

We really need to re-start the Third Testament dialog with a review of Deuteronomy 6:4, God is ONE.  This must be understood logically for the denied emotions of repressing psychopaths to begin to understand:
We've agreed that states of pure oneness beyond concept for anything to "always" exist--Heaven and Hell simultaneously here on earth--a common sentience WITH EACH in real-time everywhere forever.  We can know simply that we do not know and that oneness exists, and then begin to listen to receptive bodies.  All originates from one, but not linearly.  Rather, we can affect the past as easily as the future IN the present, and know the future as easily as the past, if our minds are calm while eternally with willingness to ACT.

We're actually talking to empaths and telepaths since we all recognize the physical world is merely an expression of energy that can neither be created nor destroyed but sustainingly amplified.  Think sound logic, one uni-verse.  In that way, a MIND is a beacon able to perceive far more than just the limited spectrum that we attribute to our bodies in narrow-mindedness of believing only our physical sight.

To say an event happens by accident is to call that sustaining both sides working the miraculous tricks stupid, and to any willing progenitor of mental illness, "How stupid can you get?"

Where is the respect to The Philippines, Justin?  Tuck tail and apologize.  Tweet it and tell medes, the media, to further propel the anti-old-Justin propaganda.  One cannot know the mind of Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, and his denial to Justin's well-mean-meaning vendetta doesn't mean that he won't get his tools from someplace else.  Wars aren't won by denying their existence, kiddo. 

If Justin wants to continue living in marijuana lalaland, the petition to exile him to Cambodia I can write.

Moving from 419 to 422:
All is one.  From one CAME concept of one (that part doesn't much matter now).  Concept of one establishes duality, ones and zeros, in a real-time way in the order establishing the dimensions we call linear and fluid time, and timelessness.  Zeros are the indefinable part of one that also oddly looks like a line that should sort of be circular but given enough distance, it's a dot that disappears and yet you know it's there.  Where is our mind in that?  It's the ever-lasting always sentient common part establishing all the orders of magnitude making every other concept driving every other part of any frequency spectrum appear like a whole mess of individual and diametrically opposed willing minds.  All is ultimately forever just a function of one.

420 (able to absolve Justin of Criminal charges on condition that evidence agreement with immediate action arresting and nationally publicising the arrest of Natalie Kelloway and Matthew Swain):
Smoking marijuana knowing it to be illegal exasperates the two fundamentally opposed parts of the seed of consciousness.  The seed if forever split.  Any mind willing to explore itself for a cross-universal higher state with assurance of harmless intent evidences the singularly sentient state.  Think of one part calm while the other increases oscillating.  The difference becomes personally knowable not differently than the movie The Mask with Jim Carry.  The calm part is more or less the daytime conscious part.  The bouncy part is also the daytime conscious part but with a larger newly accepted previously unconscious, and still not recognized, part owing to the mind's demonstration to itself that it need not follow social convention to find the biblical narrow road leading to Heaven (Jesus would say 'Man maketh the law and forever is able to re-maketh that which will never work perfectly in a place forever doomed to change').

Answer the question, "Is this guy for real?"  He is... still free.  This would not be possible were there harmful intent in any of that already given.  That he is not already killed implies partnership with that able to move the tide of time, and all perceivable object(ion)s caught up therein.  The need for time is not a need that we've made, so it isn't something we're going to be able to change.

We CAN escape the decaying effects of time, but only with our innately unique eternal frame of mind.  So maybe revisit the part about legalizing Marijuana and hear it beneficial to the extent that it would quell a larger portion of an unrecognized mind that is yet mostly unconscious but definitely able to influence decisions in the real world with malevolence until the thirst of its own drive is absolutely quenched.

Justin, cancelling that helicopter deal, did the inspiration arise from a 420 moment or not?  We cannot actually trust anything in a world that's forever changing, but consider the intelligence of a larger part of our shared unconscious as a singular entity we do consider simply a singular massive culture.  Every ego wants other egos to enjoy more of its own insight, being ego-driven as all things ARE. 

FOR legalization, some of us may not recognize the culture is directly promoting a sustainable future wherein socio-religious wars are ended and need for military defence contracts turned into peace-building habitat projects before true science establishes technology the likes of which Gene Rodenberry did dream.  We will one day be able to apparate onto different planets in an instant (nothingness isn't really there)! 

It is the function of a unconscious cultures to merge with another until our individual minds are functionally sustainably in accord only with our self. 

We're either together, or we're not.  We're batting for a sustainable future and a much better economy for Canada.  If all that is Justin Trudeau stands against us, well, we're with Rodrigo, kiddo, and Justin IS showing he was just not ready.  We thought we'd at least offer the ability to one day show that he then is.


Rene Helmerichs
[*] support Rene in a bid for government Honesty
[  ] sign petition: ; SHARE SHARE SHARE today!
Rene intends to run in every upcoming Canadian Prime Minister election for redress of all dysfunction.

Together is the only way:
If you ask me whether I am aware of my own state of mind with a variant of the question "Aren't we all at some point or another crazy?"
I will to forever fully accept the undefined context with simple acknowledgement of reassurance, and reply to your next thought, "Consider books that teach sex.  They talk about positions and draw titillating pictures of arrows into lovingly accepting hearts but google its verb and find not positions and categories marking unthought scenarios in which fluid dynamics prevent any singular position from lasting.  The books we read trying to learn about life aren't teaching us the reality of our eternal minds.  When any admits one to be crazy, you can only counter with a possible question of whether they may not be crazy.  Your mind begins a search; seeking ye shall find an answer, and then another and another until you real-eyes 'sustainably not crazy' means everything because the word 'not' IS forever undefined by law of God.  So now y/our mind associates the word 'not' to the word 'God' to conclude that one who is sustainably NOT crazy is precisely god-crazy and that does directly mean that we've yet to agree on what You mean when you thought to question another's mental state as different from yours.  Why are You acknowledged as equally majuscule?  He is; I am; we were all confused why English has three present-tense be-verb forms."

Together is the only way.


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