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CL Ministry Of The Attorney General (MAG)

6 April 2018
Ontario Ministry Of The Attorney General (MAG)
Please arrest these two individuals.  Kate Hull can provide details in time.

Ministers Of Law,

Your credibility is rapidly deteriorating while you continue to advocate against Rene Helmerichs for your want of the immoral business model an international organization promoting crime incorporates into Ontario.

Most of you are lawyers, and Rene is a teacher of law.  You may not understand Rene.  If you do not understand that you are living your life like a movie wherein you are screenwriters of your own rules, then you needn't apply to work in any government of Rene Helmerichs.

In court two sides prepare their argument.  They do this as a thread woven through a story presented in countless facts.  Each side presents its thread to a judge, who compares the two for knots, tangles, and splinters.  The judge decides for the more consistent thread but presents both to the public for further review.  In that way, the system compounding common practiced law assures each of its own fidelity.

Now, the service you provide does appear superficially good barring Michael Bryant.  You are diligent and certainly devote considerable time to what you want to do.  Unfortunately, the law exists as a real-time state for betterment of the future and past simultaneously.  This does mean that whatever one wants for the universe is not going to be the best way for all, and therefore requires personal willingness for the common system.

Rene Helmerichs is running for Prime Minister Of Canada.  This is out of necessity and not innate desire.  Events occurred to render the reputation of Rene so far beyond conceivable repair, that, truly, only as his own religion can Rene hope to speak sense to The Governor General Of Canada, and Attorney General Of Ontario, for the immediate arrest of several dozen officers of health and law in Canada.

A brief history.  One individual began with a rumour born of her own fear.  She shared her fear like the cancer that it is.  She does not understand that kindness sustains us all for marking the singular seat of our immortal realities.  Her psyche prevents the call of reason.  Loving kindness would have each know that we are not insane in the nightmarish legal hells we do not recall having written before we agreed to dress up as bodies to live as physical real-time movies.  Kathryn Hull and Kevin Sisk should be able to fill you in, noting that any argument does continue until its seed is redressed: C-13-205-SR, Barrie courthouse.

Kindness is the point.  Clearly there are two kinds in any court.  Bear witness that there is only one public and one sustaining same-applied honesty for all cults and cultures the world over.  While Kathryn has presented a knotty thread exclaiming that of Rene to be meek and not existent!  A teacher reminds that not existent is precisely transparent (echo, echo) since its existence was established the moment it was denied.

Rene presents the public a rope made of the threads of every individual yet to join The Corruption List at .  You needn't worry about it at all.  Heck, you needn't even both to acknowledge existence of the list.  Just watch it grow over time.  Then watch the public question why it has not made the news.  Then watch as the public hears the ideas of Rene, which directly suggest TO the public paying for unnecessary stress to all people of Ontario and Canada, why Ontario officials are permitted to NOT follow the commonly agreed written public laws.

Rene attended court in Barrie and Orillia over 100 times.  Following is a short list of MAG Ass. crowns having directly supported Matthew Swain and Natalie Yewchyn (married Kelloway) to commit perjury and further false defence of their religious doctrine.  All are to be reprimanded for wasting public moneys:
Jennifer Armenise
Gregory Barker
Dennis Chronopoulos
G. Michael Flosman
Michelle L. Levasseur
Dean Ring
Lynn A. Shirreffs
Kristine Staats
Miriam Villamil-Pallister


Rene Helmerichs
[*] support Rene in a bid for government Honesty
[  ] sign the petition at and share it today!
Rene intends to run in every upcoming Canadian Prime Minister election for redress of all dysfunction.


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Vote Rene Helmerichs

 . Peace to you!
. for  . Prime Minister Of Canada

. Rene Helmerichs . (2-3-1977)
. in any future election
Rene will then nominate himself as Governor General, and announce the runner up as Prime Minister elect.  The result renders Canada more democratic, since the structure currently allows the P.M. to pick his friend as GG.
The GG is the acting sovereign.  The GG retains the right to veto all laws.  This is the fastest way to correct the criminal justice system of Canada, unless Canadian politicians yield to assist An Act Of Kindness at .

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CL Canada-wide Corruption