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CL ON MAG aide Vincent Zenobio

6 April 2018
Ontario Ministry Of The Attorney General (MAG)

MAG aide Vincent Zenobio.

Vincent Zenobio is currently employed with Legal Aide Ontario at 85 Bayfield Street in Barrie.  His claim is that one cannot "suck and blow at the same time."  He is culturally unaware, has clearly never played the didgeridoo, and certainly struggles to understand one same-state of honesty underscoring both sides of a legal argument.

This legally ends the current career of Vincent Zenobio.

Vincent Zenobio falsely represented Rene Helmerichs to permit a second order for forcibly administered tranquilizers in vain attempt to prevent Rene from legal redress of the underlying perjury Ms. Natalie Yewchyn now Kelloway and Mr. Matthew Swain committed at the June 2014 trial for C13-205-SR.  Kathryn Hull was prosecutor on 5 April 2015 when the order was enacted.  See the transcript at:

The new court file numbers were C14-6966, 6985, and 6986.  Though all were conducted at Barrie, they did not all belong nor originate at Barrie but also Orillia, Ontario.  The court process in Ontario is so much askew that court officials, the lawyers sitting on both sides of the argument as well as the MAG lawyer purportedly an unbiased judge, operate their own subsystems of law for a rapid end to normally assumed legal rights of the accused in the greater Barrie area--a very large territory.

Mr. Zenobio had the choice to help Rene redress the illegal order with knowledge that Rene was performing a service TO Ontario, had he chosen to see beyond his own skewed legal perspective.  In one instance, a supervisor to Vincent had point blank, via video call to the Penetang jail, told Rene that he would not be permitted an unbiased hearing.  The matter was simply phrased, "we will not let you through."

Mr. Zenobio repeatedly evidenced his allegiance.  In one court appearance, Rene had actually managed to silence the court at which point the judge turned to both counsels.  In that particular hearing, the date of which escapes Rene but the appearance possibly before Judge Crawford sometime between 2013-2015, Vincent appearing as an Amicus lawyer to the court and crown and not on the side of Rene, Vincent provided the judge a necessary excuse allowing enough sway in the mind of the Judge to prevent him from simply ending all matters concerning Rene on that day.  Thereafter, Judge Crawford did not again give Rene fair hearing in court.

The drive to have Mr. Zenobio arrested is continued by Talk2Dream member Melanie Jane Bud.  She can provide additional grounds to simple absolutely and irrevocably remove Vincent from the formal legal practice of law. 

Should he decide to partner with Talk2dream, he may contact Rene directly to arrange a new life contract.  Alternatively, Vincent is to serve time in jail for every instance of either obstruction of justice, legal malpractice, and ensuing assaults and tortures resulting directly from his actions or inactions while having been in the service to the public.

To Vincent: try driving a truck through Me NOW.  See more at


Rene Helmerichs
[*] support Rene in a bid for government Honesty
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Rene intends to run in every upcoming Canadian Prime Minister election for redress of all dysfunction.


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