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CL ON MAG Kev Sisk

6 April 2018
Ontario Ministry Of The Attorney General (MAG)

MAG Kevin J. Sisk.

Kevin Sisk was (possibly still is) an attorney at the Barrie, Ontario, courthouse.  Rene's wife implores Rene not to call individuals idiots or morons and Rene does continuously offer the public choice either to agree or disagree with Rene, so an explanation is needed.  Kevin's about 50, short, over-weight, and balding.

Kevin accused Rene of mental illness.  He did this while Rene stood in his own defence before several judges.  Kevin tried to have judges order that Rene was not mentally fit to stand in court.  Kevin did this while Rene stood listening and responding openly, honestly, and coherently to all people. 

The public should know that Kevin directly and actively insisted that all manner of reason establishing due process in court should be thrown out the window.  We're referring to the court file begun 2 March 2013 at the Barrie, Ontario, courthouse that later became Superior file C13-205-SR at Barrie.

Kevin followed procedures laid out for him to get what he wanted.  He had Rene meet a mental health nurse in the basement of the courthouse at Barrie.  The Nurse John questioned Rene on basic court process, a few terms that were new to Rene, and general common sense.  They got alone well.

Rene managed to ace Kevin's test without having been offered the privilege of reviewing the yet-not-existent "Welcome To Criminal Court: here are the basics you need to know" flier that ought really need to at least be offered to new entrants into any procedurally governed process.  Rene received a similar 40-page booklet upon entering MCSCS CNCC (the Penetang jail), so why not one for court if court time is billed the public at so much grossly more?

Kevin didn't stop there.  He insisted that Rene was mentally ill as if he himself knew the mind of Rene so intimately that he needn't ever have gone to medical school to be able to make such a legally prejudice allegation wasting countless court hours for months.

In the end, Kevin saw to it that psychiatrist Jeffrey Van Impe would also interview Rene at the courthouse.  Kathryn Hull, officially responsible for the case, backed Kevin for the simplicity he seemed to present.  After all, getting Rene out of court and into a mental ward is far less stress in their relative local environments.  It is not, however, less stress to the public footing the bill of the injustices served those openly denied all right to speak in court.

Jeffrey had Rene sent to Ontario Shores for a month while his extended colleague Karen De Freitas oversaw the third, but not final, mental fitness test Rene would pass.  The month cost the public approximately an additional $30,000 Canadian dollars since mental ward stays are charged at approximately 4 times the nightly rate of conventional criminal think-tanks such as the 1150-bed jail at Penetaguishene.

It is seriously in the best interests of the public to consider that a lawyer who openly denies others the ability to speak or prevent defence in court, is not at all honest. 

Since Kevin Sisk will surely argue the point of his lunacy to say that he is very much honest and trying his absolute best to honour our laws, we'll have to agree that he clearly suffers from an unrecognized psychosis.  In short, Kevin Sisk is a psychopath currently suffering stupor, which is to say he acted stupidly and that means he was--and absolutely still is unless Rene can evidence to the reader that Kevin is in direct communication with Rene to clear up this misunderstanding--an absolute idiot.

Kevin Sisk is to be charged with obstruction of justice and perjury (for every instance of any individual to whom Mr. Sisk has caused to be attributed unnecessary public funding in want of his denial of their right to self-defence within the due process of the law his licence purportedly served) unless he contacts Rene Helmerichs with willingness to partner according to an agreement drafted by Rene.


Rene Helmerichs
[*] support Rene in a bid for government Honesty
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Rene intends to run in every upcoming Canadian Prime Minister election for redress of all dysfunction.


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