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To Barrie police Staff Sergeant Norman Meech

4 April 2018

To Barrie police (Canada) Staff Sergeant Norman Meech
Serving his community Honestly?  Let's find out publicly.

"Incidentally, Rene did not advize Sergeant T. Talarico to forward a complaint to Norman Meech.  Rene actually has no idea what, even, the matter of the complaint was.  The email FROM Mr. Meech TO Rene of 4 April 2018 was merely a pre-emptive attempt at a further strike-down of justice.  Mr. Meech, you are reminded that you are indeed obstructing justice while you continue to attempt, in any way, to delay the inevitable arrest of Natalie Kelloway. "


Continued from the petition recap available at

Staffer Norm (3356) for smurfcare at Barrie responded to a complaint from Sergeant Talarico.  Mr. Meech is attempting to shift authority for criminal activity conducted by The City Of Barrie Police.  He is unwittingly electing to join Sergeant Doug Henderson in one of many impending charges, most notably obstruction of justice, for his part purporting to deny Barrie police authority for redress of the underlying argument.

The argument began in Barrie in 2012 when a Natalie Yewchyn, remarried Kelloway, spread false rumour about Rene Helmerichs.  Her outrageous ego insisted Rene to be love-obsessed with her in a fear-instilling way. 

In reality, Rene is passionate only for GOD the likes of which she could not imagine (because GOD is un-imagable except as the collective sonship; reference A Course In Miracles at  In that way, Rene could not possibly have intended or even remotely cause her any fear except that she alone makes just for herself toward Rene.  The Barrie police used her false testimony to press the charge of Criminal Harassment against Rene.  (There's been a lot of lying going on, and Natalie does make a smurfy Smurfette.)

Kris Judd of The Mormon Community Of Christ, the church for which Ms. Born On Christmas (Natalie) was treasurer back in 2012, did remind of that unthought ACIM quote "perfect love casts OUT fear" with the addition that "fear" is biblically "demons" and generally reserved for casting onto pigs the likes of those described in Proverbs 11:22.

Actually, Natalie took on the antonym of the unconscious which Rene is mentally sorting for unity, so she will be the most extreme case of sincere psychopath ever presented psychiatry.  This is dually evidenced in this text presented in such a grandiose REAL way that psychiatrists shall not longer have word adequate enough to describe the legal absolve of THEIR defame that it also provides The Talk2dream Team.

An argument must end at its origin.  That is eternal law.  It is fundamentally illegal for anyone to say that any other cannot send Natalie as many harmless emails as they wish, especially if she is include with equally arbitrary others to share a message not directed personally except that The Coven above.  There are spam boxes for ubiquitous notes.

Having kept Rene in jail for 16 months for allegations for which he DID legally serve more than sufficient time according to the annotations (various places; previously referenced) of The Criminal Code Of Canada, the brown-cover 2014 Barrie courtroom copy, is not only against The Constitution Act Of Canada but also against common sense.  Factor in that harmless email directed specifically TO the governing authority merely carbon copying Natalie for assurance of Barrie misfits seriously considering the legal matter, Barrie detectives Tanya Lynch and Troy Armstrong are revealed to have chosen the wide road (as opposed to the narrow one that leadeth to REAL Heaven) and shall come up again and again in this story until either charges against them are pressed (following massive public outcry and scrutiny for other botched investigations) or notice of their unconditional support is received and agreed.

Mr. Meech is attempting to tell the public that we should sit around and wait until some dumbass sitting in another office somewhere makes the choice to send it to the last dumbass, the one so high up on the tower of babble that he has no one else to whom to refer my shit before Mr. Meech is ordered to listen and DO. 

Mr. Meech, were you trying to make more inmates laugh then poor Dougie, who'll be helping me legalize pot in Taiwan or face his own legal nightmare and whatever impending criminal trial?

Norm, I alone get to re-arrange fate.  How's that for who's in charge?  Just give it time.  "My words will last forever" is pretty much assured with Cisco's IoT--another case I intend to redress in time.

The suggestion is that you get off your ass and arrest Natalie Kelloway.  If prison were harmful to anyone, Rene wouldn't have been put there.  A little upset in the daily life of a psychopath shouldn't be upsetting especially if nothing in a world forever doomed to change can be absolutely real.  Oh, and on that note, additional trivia for the masses one day to read these words posted at the close.

Words, once written, become as a two-edged sword set in stone for that resting behind the veil of space-time to use for or against any that promote or hinder the its true cause.

This had been written Norman Meech the morning of 4 April 2018 and sent by email as two separate replies.  Minor updates included for ease of reading and mental correlation.  Firstly,

Thank you at least for the acknowledgement.

It goes without saying that outstanding City Of Barrie Police Service surely also has yet another warrant out for my arrest once I set foot back on Canadian soil, yes?

May I then ask, if the Ontario Independent Police Review Department, OIPRD, and yourselves, are not able to--which is also to say 'not willing to'--assist me to correct the fundamental injustice of having permitted a single socially flirtatious individual to begin a false rumour about me, that has blossomed into the colossal argument now involving several dozen officers of the law, not to mention ten doctors and an entire courthouse of lawyers, what exactly am I to expect the OIPRD to say if even the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario will not give me ear?

As a courtesy to you, I advise that the guts of this story will likely be printed in a bound book in Chinese before anything in English is pressed.  I will to turn the entire continent of Asia and Europe against the whole of the legal structure to which you (all) have literally sworn allegiance (under oath).  We'll agree that from your perspective that does have me come off looking not differently than a manic terrorist.  However, your perspectives are askew; bear in mind that miracles require cooperation, and your (all) unwillingness to follow the written laws and advocate for them in unison will mark your own end.  Careers will end and new blood will take the place of that notably obstructing the justice of having, simply, the starting point of this argument-gone-sideways redressed.

If we can at all work together, please do advise.  Words are not fixed until they are written, and, once written, they become weapons far greater than any amount of physical damage a true terrorist could ever inflict.

I implore you to work with me for correction of the legal inadequacies that have occurred, and not against me.  Please share upline.

Sincerely and with only kindness in mind and heart,



Excellent idea!

Sergeant Talarico, you have done most incredibly well and should be publicly saluted.  However, singling out any one individual like the Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC) guard Chris who stood up for justice when he tweeted about the living conditions of one mental health inmate in the Penetang hole (that's what Segregation is called there), usually causes the honest more headache than they care to receive or rightly deserve: (Chris CNCC)

Here's what we can do.  We can simply start a public list of those FOR and those AGAINST this case.  This case is specifically that greater case capped (pun) with the petition at .  This case does literally seek to end religious and political wars over god-concepts.  It can therefore end ISIS.  The down-side is that people may invariably consider its author God in the same way Jesus was called God.  Neither Jesus nor Rene are God and both understand that, if any term were to apply, Lucifer would be most accurate.  However, Genius is possibly the most appropriate with the agreement that Einstein was a true Genius and he evidenced such with his Humanitarian heart (innate drive). 

Such a public list cannot defame any honest officer of law.  Actually, it also provides immediate forgiveness to any officer whom The Story Of Loo will have touched, Mr. Meech.

To all: obstinate asses get placed on the dark side.  You'll be moved into the light once you evidence a shred of awareness of the law you claim to serve while wearing any uniform supplied to you with public moneys. 

Mr. Meech, this IS all advertisement--so you'll forgive me for the elected choice of words noting specifically
When you refuse to work miracles with me, it makes me so sad inside. That is not ego. I have choice to accept the sadness and then work to work it into the necessary miracle. I try. You see my trying as my ego, but you do not understand that my ego works for Me. And so my own ego riles you into activity, but your hard-headedness shows you to be rather slow on the Up-take.
of the post to Deb Roberts notifying her that Rene is officially become The Voice for the notorious book "A Course In Miracles: applying its principal to real life" summarized at

Once I am elected Prime Minister Of Canada, I will re-work the Canadian governing model so effectively that any money wasted on the salaries of those intentionally refusing to remove themselves from the dark side will be recovered and their employ not longer necessary.  ("Take THAT Darth Vader!" "Wholey shit." Clean your own shit; didn't yo mamma teach u anyfing?)

You have the choice to evidence to me that your referal to me to something I've already tried was a shallow misunderstanding borne entirely of the Canadian culture habit for quick fixes.

Change your mind and tell me who's next.

I'll send a web link to the list of Salutes and Reprimands after I get my day started.  It's only 9:15 a.m. here.


The third contains this entire post.

Norm, you didn't make Staff Sergeant without a certain tie to the same common essence that Rene serves.  Rene is hesitant to use the word "I" since "I" does imply that common tie and cannot accurately be used in a relative example to uncover it.  What is common to all does exist forever in a real-time way, fully ordered but free of force, free of division, free of concept of levels, and utterly free of limitation for simply not ever having conceived of any before the dawn of all that any of us can possibly imagine, envision, or discover to exist, or have exited, or will exist, in any part of the universe of universes establishing all dimensions of space and time.  Simply put: listen to a smart guy.

Norm, I'm not looking to take a country.  I will (to) make one: Ziyon.  It'll be fully funded by Canadian dollars given happily because I can save Canadians far more in taxes then they will ever be needing to donate to The Church Of Loo for Ziyon.  The Church Of Loo isn't a religion, it's ME, Rene Helmerichs.  Legally, I am already my own culture and therefore completely legally exempt from any psychiatric diagnosis according to the very publication used to establish necessary criteria for affixing whatever handle. 

I am not my mind.  I do not claim ownership of my mind but I DO claim authority FOR it in partnership with all that is.  Think about that.  I am infinite intelligence at my disposal and, you are thinking about writing me what?  Infinity extends beyond time.  I have no need to even bother to think about what you could possibly write or whom you could possibly tell.  I therefore have no need to know you at all.  And, by utterly not knowing you, do I claim full authority over the portion of your mind that will determine for you your decisions for the rest of your life without your conscious awareness that your mind is even not yours. 

To have listened to psychiatrist Anjana Chawla threaten me repeatedly with loss of custody of my son only evidenced her lust for harming others TO me.  She needn't have threatened at all.  It was completely in her authority to do so.  That she then lost the argument drove her nuts.  To see her bribe me to lower defamatory material about her, in exchange for release of the injections that she forced into me, Norm, it isn't for my sake that I do this.  How many other minds has she corrupted with her illogic?  She is insane.  There's no way around that conclusion.  She herself belongs strapped into the very coats she has forced others to wear, and I shall surely see her injected for specifically THAT redress.

It does not matter to me if you are willingly with or against me.  Fact that I have not yet made the news does demonstrate the absolute corruption among the elite beyond your boys club on a global scale extending back to the time when people prayed to different alien races for help in wars that some of those aliens were actually planning mentally as a game for their own amusement.  The aliens, Norm, are telepathic just as are our eternal essences sub-dominate to the eternal portions of the minds with which we think we think.  They actually hear your living thoughts and do direct your choices.  You are temporary conscious speck on the order of life in the universe, Norm.  We all are. 

United we can shine the true light of honesty so bright that malevolent spirits, whom Rene HAS heard whisper on day in the Orillia Courthouse having arrived at court happily high as kite.  To which height would you soar?  Can you handle your own mental faculties and are you willing for a bigger piece of the mental pie?  Physical reality follows our mental portion, that is the meaning of "as in heaven, so too on Earth".

The Coconut Song (Da Coconut Nut)

Here's what we need

Answers to questions, since we do not read minds (out of respect for individuality).  There are members in mental wards across the globe that hear voices.  One came to Rene to say, "My voices are telling me that you're the devil" another individual demanded "tell me about The Know!  We are dealing with something that science will never be able to explain.  The only solution for this is to allow one who does understand house those willing to part with historical concepts of any working society for Ziyon.

Ziyon will be the model country for the world.  This should last about 1000 years until the next mental upgrade occurs.  A better study of all that has occurred to Rene may yet reveal the last warning etched eternally in Matthew 7:1-3 for worldwide governments during any part of any particularly quick rising.  Can we at least agree that Rene shall rise through the ranks of military command faster than anyone on Earth thus far? 

Rene will need to made ambassador to the planet.  The seat currently for The Pope on any council is official superseded.  Fact that Jesus claimed to be son of man, meaning from sperm put into a woman, is enough to claim that authority however there is actually no end to the falsehoods The Roman Catholic Church still permits its masses to digest, so, either we do this by agreement or not with your agreement.

Ziyon shall have ability to relay alien technology to us.  It will therefore be able to drive the stock market in several key sections, the least of which is commodities if we are also let to make real gold until you decide to accept our peaceful proposal.

Taiwan becomes a country and is not let into the Hague Convention treaty of countries BUT shall work with Rene to establish a NEW treaty with any remaining country.  The Hague Convention shall have the equivalent of one seat on that new treaty held by current Pope.  Would you like to test whether Rene can accomplish THAT without your agreement?  Rene is willing.

Rene shall oversee The World Bank.  That goes without saying.  Rene requires this only for assurance that the world-wide public is assured of honesty in the highest ranks of officials thinking they control the decisions of first-world countries.  First does imply also last.  Honestly, one cannot possibly be expected to manage the entire planet alone.  It is for this reason that Rene is testing YOUR mettle to see if you'll measure up.

Doug Henderson is tapped as politician.  More on that later.  He has choice to refuse, but the alternative is rather dark (as in he will not be on the Sunshine of top paid government workers in Ontario) and mute.

Let's just see where this one goes.


We'll not bother asking whether our terms are accepted yet, since you're still struggling with the fact that you currently hold more sway in the whole of the Ontario government than anyone at the OIPRD.)

1) What are the names of all individuals who have issued arrest warrants for Rene Helmerichs or Ryan Jeffrey Hamelin at any time?

2) Would you, Norman Meech, prefer to be on the dark side of The Sunshine-corruption List at or neither side?

Incidentally, Rene did not advize Sergeant T. Talarico to forward a complaint to Norman Meech.  Rene actually has no idea what, even, the matter of the complaint was.  The email FROM Mr. Meech TO Rene of 4 April 2018 was merely a pre-emptive attempt at a further strike-down of justice.

Mr. Meech, you are reminded that you are indeed obstructing justice while you continue to attempt, in any way, to delay the inevitable arrest of Natalie Kelloway. 

To remove yourself from The Sunshine-corruption List at you will need to supply information that this matter AND the matter of the complain of Sergeant T. Talarico has been forwarded to FIVE separate individuals.  You must ensure, for yourself and ensuing possible later legal repercussions, that you are able to verify that those individuals did receive your information, and present to the public a delineated list of purposes for communicating the information.  In short, you'll confirm to whom you sent what and when to Rene who'll post it here for updating TO the public lest the Barrie misfits attempt to offer yet another run-around with infinite delay of Freedom Of Information processes.  Rene is distinctly short-circuiting the system.

The five individuals should be of your rank or higher in their respective departments, and all departments should be of equal or more importance to Canada than is currently The City Of Barrie police service in which you are a senior manager.  Failure to comply does logically see you suspended before incarcerated.  You are assured that Rene shall press the matter of your arrest since courts love to make examples of people, and you're a smurfy candidate.

"Five is ever the number for change.  Think.  You have five limbs on a central body functioning as one.  Each limb has five digits with the head notably containing five holes." --Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)

3) Begin investigation into Uma Kancharla.  She is to lose her license to practise law failing her direct communication with Rene and willing partnership TO the greater case at hand.  She has been absent from court without notice to inmates or counsel at the frustration of all involved more times than may ever be known.  Additionally, she did directly obstruct justice by not assisting Rene to redress this matter back in 2014 after she cross-examined Natalie (Yewchyn) Kelloway for the trial.  She asked trust of Rene to access to his inbox, and then did not assure the matter of multiple "error in law" events obligating any honourable judge or court to ASSIST the process of immediately reversing the falsified and wantonly forced decision of Judge Gregory Mulligan for C-13-205-SR in of June 2014.  Greg later.

Uma is to be servant to The City Of Barrie policed community, to Norm if he is ubiquitously willing to assist and not hinder.  Those are really the only two choices open to anyone at this point.  If you ask information of Uma and she gives even the slightest hesitation or fails to practice due diligence at an expedited pace, at her own cost if necessary until she can figure out what part of our government is to cover her work, record the instance.  Once a more suitable replacement steps forward, Uma shall become as a paper girl helping inmates photocopy whatever personal or legal documents at any courthouse she currently purports to serve as a lawyer.

I hope we're clear on this.

Update for Doug Henderson, please forward.  Henderson, welcome to world re-ordering politics.  Having taken the L.S.D. strain of cannabis marijuana from Rene on 3 Sept 2012 with agreement that it would be returned (you did not need to falsify your testimony in that regard for this story to take place), you shall either tithe 10 percent of your salary retroactive to the date of occurrence or work diligently and continuously with Rene to see marijuana legalized in every location Rene could possibly enjoy it.  This does include Taiwan.  Thereafter, you shall supply Rene either 3.5 stones (up scaling lost grains; one stone equal to 14 pounds or about 6.35 kg) of the strain, or the ability to grow that amount (22.22 kg) simultaneously.  This ensures interest of the "Legalize Marijuana" activists to help propagate word for Canada's incredible new money-free sunshine-corruption list.



This is part of a larger electoral campaign to see Rene Helmerichs Prime Minister of Canada if only stop funding corrupt officers who could just as well join the ranks of other equally honest hard workers currently behind bars, prisoners to the system they blindly claim to want to keep administering without absolutely necessary changes.  Allah speaks through all of us.  Rene Helmerichs is wholey muslim.

Einstein was incorrect about space bending.  It's not that he wasn't right about it, his understanding was better than Stephen Hawking, whose mind could have easily reversed its physical deterioration but for its want to find a single equation by which to define the very essence of that establishing ability to write any equation beyond [1/0=.|.=time].  That is actually mathematically correct, "|" grammatically "such that", and suffices that mind to be assured a better forthcoming incarnation as life will see that mind read that sentence at the appropriate (agreed upon before its physical birth) time.  Read up on Carolyn Myss or watch the 59 minute documentary Life After Life by Dr. Raymond Moody J.R. (M.D. + Ph.D) for more about that.

A synonym for space is nothingness, which cannot be curved since it speaks directly to nothing definable as the same state establishing need for constancy of all governing laws, grammatically, legal, and hell-bent.  On that note, space CAN be bent so far as travel is concerned, which is a technique currently employed by the benevolent races having already visited us back 15,000 and 20,000 (Cayce On Atlantis, ISBN 978-0446351027, credited for dates) years during our exodus from sinking Atlantis.

Atlantis is preserved in The Great Pyramids, which we built with technology from an early time.  We used similar technology to carve the 1000+ mile-long tunnels currently still spanning massive continents and which are resulting in sink holes with global changes near the covered and forgotten entrances and exists.  That's all googlable.

The thing to note is the mystery of The Staff Of Moses, which was never used to part water, if it ever existed.  I personally don't recall it nor do I remember reading about it in the nonsense Contemporary version of the bible supplied in jail.  I do recall reading, right at the end of the Book Of Exodus, that Moses only broke camp when the silent cloud with lights left its hovering place to mark the way across the barren land and through Plato's Pillars Of Hercules, marking the western edge of old-times common central-European trading places.  Plato had thought the tales of Atlantis noteworthy and deserving longer-gevity than for which Egyptians and Egyptian written records mocked Plato's incesting culture.

Interestingly, a cloud such as that described in Exodus with obscenely accurate navigational ability and directional control presented itself to the United States government via military control towers and several witnesses in the 1990s.  Transcripts are provided by Susan Michaels in her outstanding book Sightings: UFOs (beyond imagine lies the truth; ISBN 978-0684836300).  One will note that the unidentified "cloud" nailed a perfect arc so large that it wasn't noticed to be an arc at the time of occurrence.  Then it evaporated back into the space form whence it came. 

The important takeaway: science has already given us the ability to manipulate water such that it could conceivably have parted shallower areas of a sinking landmass whilst playing the also the tides to the benefit of the nearly 2 million walking with Moses, who, by the way, was not the happiest of campers to have been parted from his service to the principal temple-power-plant complex of Atlantis when choice of who was to stay and who was to lead was told Moshi.  His anger negatively impacted life on earth in a far greater way than he could conceive at the time (or even now).


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