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20180506 Sesame Street Kidsland

To The Republic Of China Government
給江佩樺吳宗諭: Sesame Street Kidsland

A convicted Canadian criminal is teaching students in the linked video:

To the prosecutor for The Republic of China case file 1070144255.  This is self-defence in a country with laws that are illegal to the international standard. 

有問題的學校是中華民國臺南市人上人教育事業集團芝麻街凱仕蘭私立學校。學校知道Rene_Helmerichs(是瑞在加拿大監獄已近三年:內要求基督教摩門教徒的幫助,並因發送電子郵件而遭到逮捕和酷刑。 (中文) 和(英文)
The schools in question are Kidsland Sesame Street private schools in Tainan City, Republic of China.  The corporation knew Rene Helmerichs was in jail in Canada for almost three years: Rene asked The Mormon Community Of Christ for help, and was arrested and tortured for sending email.  Details at (Chinese) and (English) .

I. 文件內容Document Contents

II. 介紹,Introduction
III. 語境Relevant History
IV. 違法行為,Current Events
V. 注意中華民國警官Attention R.O.C. Police
VI. @sis, et al. (英文)
VII. 鏈接,Links

II. 介紹,Introduction

凱仕蘭要求不要告訴父母他的故事。你可以在2018120日的視頻 看到“talk2dream”凱仕蘭2018120日沒有支付的教學經費。同意只教授與芝麻街的talk2dream
Kidsland demanded that Rene not tell parents his story. You can see "talk2dream" in the video of 20 January 2018 at .  Kidsland did not pay Rene to teach on 20 January 2018.  Rene consented to teach only to advertise talk2dream with Sesame Street.

Kidsland deleted the requirement for Rene to give a criminal record check on 26 May 2017.  Kidsland lied to the Republic Of China Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau on 4 May 2018.  Kidsland managers claim that Rene refused to give a criminal record check.  In truth, Kidsland only asked Rene to provide the record after Kidsland fired Rene.  20 January 2018 was the last day that Rene taught for Kidsland:

Rene could not read the official termination notice.  See Kidsland manager Denise threaten Rene on 25 January 2018 :

週六的教學不是2017526日合同的一部分。 2018120日,瑞內還沒有獲得報酬。
Teaching on Saturdays was not part of the 26 May 2017 contract.  Rene was also not paid for teaching on 20 January 2018. 

凱仕蘭要求瑞2018120日進行教學。凱仕蘭在給予瑞不到24小時的通知。凱仕蘭副總裁江佩樺(Clare)向瑞保證,佩樺將出現在電視上。瑞內對芝麻街在線資料沒有經驗。凱仕蘭只需要瑞教授McGraw Hill Wonders(不是芝麻街)材料。
Kidsland asked Rene to teach on 20 January 2018.  Kidsland gave Rene less than 24 hours notice.  Kidsland vice president Clare Chiang (江佩樺) assured Rene that Clare would be at the TV.  Rene had no experience with the Sesame Street online material.  Kidsland only required Rene to teach the McGraw Hill Wonders (not Sesame Street) material. 

We can see Clare did not stay by the TV in the video of 20 January 2018.  Clare actually interrupted the teaching.  Clare did hurry to the TV when called.  Andrew is the other foreign teacher in the video.  He was paid.  His only teaching experience was teaching Karate before joining Kidsland in the summer of 2017. 

Clare commended Rene following the 20 January 2018 demonstration.  Clare also said that other branch managers desired Rene to teach at their branches.  Clare must have changed her mind after parents began asking questions about "talk2dream".

Is it legal for a school to deceive parents?  Kidsland also led parents to believe that Rene could be their teacher.  Rene had no legal obligation to teach at that branch, and none was discussed.

Kidsland is not Sesame Street.  Sesame Street has a partnership with twelve Kidsland branches.  The partnership is simple.  Sesame Street believes "we all live in the same world".  Sesame Street seeks to build a sustainable future with respect and kindness.  Kidsland, we see, sacrifices respect for money. 

The legal name of Kidsland in the Republic Of China is:

The name at top of contract in English is "VIP EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATION, LTD" it's totally different in Chinese, go figure.  We're guessing we'll need the exact Chinese name in court.

凱仕蘭網站,Kidsland website

Kidsland is a corporation with over 300 employees in Tainan City, Taiwan.  It owns 12 private schools.  It is both greedy and deceitful.  It lies to its employees about family.  It also asks employees to lie to its customers.  It does this exclusively for profit.

Kidsland had the choice to prevent this.  Every argument can only true end at its origin.  This is the common problem.  Kidsland and Rene must find a new agreement. 

Right now, Rene is under investigation for telling the truth about Kidsland.  Talk2dream desperately needs your support for honesty.  This is a story to end corporate corruption.  It doesn't matter what people did in the past.  What matters is what people do right now for a worldwide sustainable future together.

Rene asks Christina to share this with our brother.  Our brother was in jail in Australia for 3 years.  He is a sales professional.  He can help sell this.

III. 語境Relevant History

Kidsland entered agreement with Rene to work together for mutual benefit on 26 May 2017. 

Kidsland accepted Rene.  Kidsland knew Rene was in jail in Canada.  Kidsland knew Rene went to jail to write a book about honesty from 2012-2015.  The story is ongoing and now in Taiwan

Kidsland asked Rene to introduce the Wonders material to parents.  The scheduled teaching was on 26 May 2017:

Rene is a responsible teacher.  Rene wanted Kidsland to understand the story Rene is writing.  Rene met Kidsland vice president Clare Chiang on 20 May 2017.  This petition is part of a book to win The Nobel Peace Prize in any year.  It is also to correct the legal system in Canada, and to market talk2dream:

"Clare" understood that Rene is innocent of crime.  Despite innocence, Kidsland mangers asked Rene to lie to their clients.  Rene began teaching for Kidsland on 1 August 2017.  We know there was trust because Kidsland sent Rene on a school trip alone with grade 1 students in a hotel room in August of 2017.

On 28 December 2017, Kidsland managers Denise and Stacy threatened to fire Rene if Rene shared his story with parents:

Kidsland managers threatened to fire Rene for wanting to tell parents already before 26 December 2017.  The bank person in the video gave Rene permission to record because Rene can not read Chinese.  A refusal to record after not providing Rene the requested translated is a human rights issue:

CTBC bank called Clare to demand that Rene remove the video from the internet.  That may have prompted the unpaid 28 December 2017 emergency meeting.  Clare is afraid the parents will sue Kidsland.  The bank promised to sue Kidsland if Rene did not.  Rene now directly requests help from that bank to sue Kidsland.

On 19 January 2018, Kidsland asked for Rene's help.  Kidsland asked Rene to sell his skills to parents on Saturday 20 January 2018.  Kidsland did not intend for Rene to be the final teacher of any of the students.

Kidsland also did not pay Rene for his help on 20 January 2018.  And, Rene did not ask to be paid.  The agreement was simply to work together, to support each other.

After the teaching demonstration on 20 January 2018, Kidsland fired Rene.  Kidsland fired Rene because Rene told parents that he was protesting Canada.  See the petition and details at:

Kidsland fears losing students.  Kidsland claimed Rene was mentally ill following 20 January 2018.  Rene tried to reason with Kidsland managers in January, Feburary, March, and April 2018.  Rene sent warnings to Kidsland by email and on a blog.  Rene also gave Kidsland vice president Clare Chiang the first copy of a publish book containing the whole story.  Rene paid Wenzao University to translate that book into Chinese.  Legally, Wenzao was also required to report this to the police already in March of 2018:
(.doc)(中文) 和(English

Rene asked Kidsland what their official reason is for terminating their agreement.  Rene asked by email days before the mediation of 4 May 2018.  Rene also emailed Simon at The Labor Affairs Bureau of Tainan, Taiwan.  Kidsland did not reply. 

This can still be prevented.  Is Kidsland sincere (honest) about wanting to mediate?

On 4 May 2018, Rene met Kidsland mangers at The Taiwan City Labor Affairs Bureau for mediation.  Kidsland changed their story at the mediation.  Kidsland stated the reason for terminating Rene was the criminal record check.  Kidsland falsely stated that Rene would not provide one.  In fact, Kidsland did not ask Rene for a record until after they fired Rene. 

Kidsland claimed that they fired Rene because Rene would not provide a criminal record check.  Yet, Kidsland decided to remove the requirement for a criminal record check from the contract on 26 May 2017.  Rene told Kidsland managers why he was in jail on 20 May 2017.  Therefore, Kidsland practices fraud.  How will the Taiwan government respond?

IV. Current Events

Is the Taiwan government honest?  If the Taiwan government is honest, it would press charges against Kidsland. 

Rene is under investigation for defamation of character.  Yet, what does Kidsland do?  In its refusal to work with Rene, Kidsland is directly destroying the credibility of Rene.  Rene gave the choice to avoid any public defamation but "Kidsland" is unwilling to cooperate because they are dishonest.

Why is Kidsland permitted to use its employees like puppets?  What is the spirit of a contract?  Does hiding facts promote trust?  Why does Kidsland delay Rene from being able to market for Kidsland?  What is the purpose of a law if Kidsland is permitted to repeatedly break it?

The law must be consistent.  On 4 May 2018, The Tainan City government decided both Kidsland and Rene are correct.  That means The Labor Bureau intends for a further waste of public time.  The law requires Kidsland mitigate situation together with Rene.  This can easily be accomplished out of court.

The first contract Kidsland made with Rene required Kidsland to involve Rene in decisions about Rene.  If Kidsland needed a criminal record check, they should have asked for one before firing Rene.

Kidsland claims to still want to work with Rene if Rene can prove that he does not need a criminal record check to work for Kidsland.  Kidsland tried to push that requirement on Rene.  Yet, the teaching contract was terminated. 

Any future agreement that Rene enters with Kidsland will be to market for Kidsland.  No criminal check is required to market for Kidsland.  Rene does not need to meet a single person face to face.  He can simply work from the internet.  Kidsland can even legally pay any person Rene names in place of Rene, provided the purpose is not to pay less tax or evade honesty.

Kidsland can work with Rene to correct the reason Canadian incarceration of Rene.  Rene asked The Mormon Community Of Christ for help to market a charity.  It was illegal for police to arrest Rene because Rene only asked for help.  Furthermore, why did Canadian police put a college teacher in jail for 3 years for harmless email and deny him bail?  Canada will fund talk2dream enough to build a small city.

Talk2dream asks Officer "Wu" of "The Tainan City First Precinct" to begin investigation into Kidsland.  Charges against Kidsland are repeatedly requested!

The rest can be argued in court, or settled out of court.  Formal charges against Kidsland can cause this entire argument against Canada to collapse.  It will be a reverse domino effect. 

The reason for publicity is to ensure honesty.  But what of the government controlled media in Taiwan?  What prevents a national government from assisting sharing a story to end religious wars?  In many ways, ISIS is less corrupt than Kidsland.  Rene is peacefully arguing for Allah.

It is wiser for the Taiwan government to order Kidsland to settle out of court.  They can do that simply with a warning of impending charges if agreement is not made.  Going to court requires one side to be declared victor above another.  That would not work out well in the international political arena.  This may yet become an international human rights case for God.

Kidsland can gain a tremendous amount of marketing benefit if it decides to partner with Rene.  At court, Rene will argue the government to revoke the operating licence of a corporation that repeatedly lies to its clients.  Further, every action against Rene is publicized, legally, on the internet. 

1分鐘總結,1-minute summary
Canada has beautiful scenery and a terrible secret.  Rene was in jail for sending email to a church.  The email was harmless in nature.  A church minister and treasurer began a lie.  Police believed the lie and arrested Rene.  Seven years later, The Republic Of China is facing a choice.  Kidsland hired Rene.  Will The Republic Of China support Kidsland or Talk2dream in court as being more honest?

This story is so large that a movie cannot share it.  It does not need a smart mind to understand this.

The corporation called "Canada" is legally a kingdom.  The current acting queen is Julie Payette.  She has the authority to change any law.  She could end this argument as easily as Taiwan.

Each province of Canada is legally its own kingdom.  Canada contains ten smaller kingdoms and three territories.  The current king of the province of Ontario is The Attorney General.  The church for his teaching is officially called "The Ministry Of The Attorney General" (MAG).  The Attorney General has the authority to stop anything in Ontario.  It too could end this argument overnight.

Michael Bryant is a former Attorney General for Ontario.  He had an accident once.  He got really upset at a cyclist named "Darcy Allen Sheppard".  The former Attorney General actually committed manslaughter and was excused to avoid jail.

加拿大將瑞內納入監獄多年。內只是宣傳一個名對夢想說話talk2dream全球和平!)的新慈善機構。該慈善機構試圖建立一所國際學校。摩門教基督反對這個想法。每個教會都是有能力洗錢的企業。 Talk2dream稍後可以在法庭上吃掉那個教堂。
Canada put Rene in jail for years.  Rene was only advertising a new charity called Talk To Dream (worldwide peace!).  The charity seeks to build an international school.  The Mormon Community Of Christ opposed the idea.  Every church is a business with the ability to launder money.  Talk2dream can eat that church in court later.

Kidsland wants Rene to show Taiwan that Kidsland can hire Rene.  Rene did that creatively on his blog at:

Kidsland cited the law incorrectly on 4 May 2018.  Rene had to pause mediation when Kidsland cited the law incorrectly.

The law must be consistent.  When a new law is made, judges accept that it may be revised.  This is why "case law" is permitted in court.  Case law is called "common law".  It is the law that is developed with real-life examples.  Rene presents a new case.  It is prejudice to assume something new, that is without harm for a sustainable future together, is wrong.

Kidsland lied to the government on 4 May 2018, and now when Kidsland refuses to cooperate.  Will Kidsland delay making agreement?  Kidsland can pay any agent Rene designates.  Contact information for Kidsland is included in the document at:

Rene suffered an aural disability at the mediation meeting on 4 May 2018.  The Tainan City Labor Affairs Bureau did not provide a professional translator.  Rene accepts permission to audio record the session for future reference, if needed.  With utmost respect for the law, The Taiwan government can sue Rene for ensuring comprehension fairness (that didn't translate quite as politely as intended):

Actually, Taiwan has many Christian churches.  Any Christian church can, and should, support Rene in this call for honesty.  Legally, any church could sue The Republic Of China if Kidsland is allowed to proceed to court.  No wonder The People's Republic Of China is destroying churches:

The phrase "it is not incorrect" applies to a lot of this.  It is possible to agree that this is all a misunderstanding.  An honest contract with Kidsland is required.

Change.org為請願者提供有限的時間更換帖子。201857日,警探吳宗諭會見了瑞內。將此更新發布給凱仕蘭副總裁和臺南市政府警察局第一分局警探吳。雷恩同意改變這個帖子,如果凱仕蘭接受瑞內贏得這個論點。凱仕蘭將接受新的法律協議。協議應該是合理的。 give its petitioners a limited amount of time to change posts.  On 7 May 2018 Detective Wu meets with Rene.  Rene addresses this update to the vice president of Kidsland and Detective Wu of The Tainan City Police First Precinct.  Rene agrees to change this post if Kidsland accepts that Rene won this argument.  Kidsland and Rene will enter a rene-wed legal agreement.  The agreement shall be reasonable. 

Rene proposes a position as master of marketing.  The desired salary is 160,000 nT (about 3300 USD).  This includes a salary for Clare.  The start date is negotiable; however, Rene did not sign a termination agreement.  It is in the best interest of Kidsland to backdate the new agreement.  The Kidsland president can do this if he claims Clare fired Rene without consent.  Clare can be fired (let's call it stupor karma), and work directly for talk2dream (or an agent of talk2dream).  Additional compensation for legal advice is $500,000 nT.  These numbers are valid until 31 May 2018.

When Kidsland is ready to work together, we can get started.  Rene offers a house for new foreign teachers.  There are a lot of teachers in Canada looking for work.  The salary of 50,000 Taiwan dollars per month is sufficient for new teachers.  Additionally, Rene believes he can help Kidsland open three new branches in Kaohsiung City.  "Clare" already has one separate school there, so that will become her area to manage.  Rene can do even more.  Rene can streamline the entire corporation without loss; revenue will increase because employee time is saved.  Most importantly, however, Rene understands law.

Or, we can really go to court.  The defence is contained in this document and the previous one at:


Rene Helmerichs (中華民國:是瑞

V. More: 注意中華民國警官Attention R.O.C. Police

Kind Officer,

My name is Rene Helmerichs ().  I am a writer and a teacher for God.  I teach that God and Allah are the same, and for everyone in the same way.  My writing teaches respect, fairness, mental health, and compassion.

Rene repeatedly asks the Republic Of China government for help to solve a human rights issue.  On 8 February 2018, Rene sent a letter to President Ing-Wen Tsai.  The post office tracking number was 967564-100064-10-10048-0.  Rene hoped to avoid criminal proceedings.  Rene is now directly asking the Republic Of China police to press criminal charges.

中華民國Kidsland(凱仕蘭)(legal name?):芝麻街教育機構_人上人文化事業股份有限公司

Rene attended a Republic Of China police station on 23 April 2018.  He wanted to press charges against Kidsland.  A kind police officer suggested we try mediation first.  Rene did not know that The Republic Of China offers mediation.

Rene went to The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau on 24 April 2018.  Rene met Simon Lin.  Simon asked about money.  Mediation is about money.  This case is about right and wrong; it is not about money.

Official documents to evidence the trail, including two different business cards from Kidsland vice president Clare Chiang:

Rene and Kidsland started mediation at Tainan City Hall on 4 May 2018.  Kidsland vice president Clare Chiang told The Labor Affairs Bureau that Kidsland wants to mediate.  "The Labor Affairs Bureau" allowed Kidsland to lie.  As a result, "The Labor Affiars Bureau" forwarded the case to civil court.  Details are in an update to the international petition against Canada for an end to religious wars:

The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau wastes time.  Kidsland does not desire mediation.  Clare Chiang went to police.  She took facts and statements out of context.  As a result, the police charged Rene.  This case is now in civil and criminal court.

On 23 April 2018, you claimed the police are honest.  Is The Government Of The Republic Of China prejudice?  Did you know that police intentionally take statements out of context?

On 7 May 2018, Rene met Officer Zong-Xi Wu at The Tianan City First Precinct Police Station.  Officer Wu asked Rene to sign many pages.  There were many half-paragraphs and incomplete sentences. 

Officer Wu said Rene can have a lawyer.  Sophie was the translator.  Rene asked to have a lawyer.  Sophie said Rene has to pay for a lawyer.  Since Rene has no income, Rene cannot have a lawyer.  That is a human rights issue.

The translator and Officer Wu said that Rene can press charges after the interrogation on 7 May 2018.  Rene asked to press charges after the interrogation.  Sophie told Rene to give the exact name of the charge.  Rene needs the written law to know the name.  Rene asked for the written law.  Sophie laughed at Rene.  Rene then asked to see the written definition of the charge against him.  Sophie said no.  This happened after Officer Wu asked Rene if Officer Wu treated Rene fairly.

Sophie works in the police station.  Is she a police officer?  She denied Rene the ability to press charges.  Officer Wu sat next to Rene and listened.  He also did not help.

Officer Wu asked Rene to sign an interrogation summary on 7 May 2018.  Why did Officer Wu deny Rene a copy of the summary?  Officer Wu said it was for court.  Normally court is public.  In Canada, a person is entitled to a copy of anything that person signs. 

Officer Wu said he would give the documents to the prosecutor for court.  That is called the disclosure.  According to international law, the defendant must legally receive a copy of the disclosure.  It is not fair (and therefore unjust) not to disclose to the state and defendant at the same time.

The 7 May 2018 interrogation incriminated Wenzao University, Kaohsiung City.  This story gives Siyuan Translation Co., Ltd. supervisor Hestia Chen choice for direction of content.  The contents are for defence against the charge of libel:

When police use statements (facts) out of context, it breaks international law.  This writing is a page from a book about international right and wrong.  Publishers are waiting to review the book.  Rene submits this to you as a final request.

We need to file charges against Kidsland.  We can begin with theft:

Kidsland published writing from Rene.  Kidsland manager Stacy Huang gave a copy of the book to Rene.  The book contained a lot of illegally copied material.  Then they fired Rene.  They used the writings without permission.  They did not even give Rene credit as author.  They gave Rene a copy of the book, and then kept that too.  They used the book for profit.  Is that legal?

The next charge is fraud.  If fraud is not the correct name, please tell Rene the correct name.

Fraud (or perjury) occurred on 4 May 2018.  Kidsland said they fired Rene because Rene would not provide a criminal record check.  Kidsland knew Rene was in jail in Canada.  Kidsland told Rene that he did not need to give a criminal record check.  Kidsland even removed the requirement from the 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2019 (two-year) contract.  There should be two charges there:

Rene is advertising his book.  This is a book for real world peace because it unites religions.  Advocating for God against corrupt government practices is the only way to do this.  Kidsland demanded Rene hide facts from parents.  Kidsland vice president "Clare" became furious when Rene insisted that she is not right.  Kidsland threatened to fire him.  And then they did.  There are grounds for charges of threats and coercion.

Kidsland advertises that it desires only "cooperation" and "togetherness".  They claim that together we raise each other up.  But they refuse to work with Rene.  After Kidsland fired Rene, then Kidsland asked Rene to submit a criminal record check.  What is the name of the charge for trying to cover facts and obstructing justice? 

There is also a charge of wasting public funds in court, known as public nuisance.

This is the last attempt from Rene to ask the police for help.  Your decision will determine what Rene publishes in the international book. 

Officer Wu tried to use statements out of context.  It follows that the prosecutor will do the same in court.  Taking statements out of context ("dissociative language") is exactly what talk2dream seeks to correct in Canada.

The People's Republic Of China will be very happy to know that The Republic Of China breaks international law (singular).  The result will only help the Chinese government destroy churches in Taiwan.  We can change that outcome, but we really need to work together.

對於法官,對於對Rene Helmerichs的指控:
查閱 上的請願書和最新更新。
該文檔可以在 找到。
2018430日更新目前位於 (不含“m”)。
To the judge, for accusations against Rene Helmerichs:
Is it legal to take statements out of context?  The opposing party is attempting to take statements out of context.  The prosecutor attempting to charge Rene is also taking statements out of context.  Are those actions legal under international law?
Please review the petition and recent updates at
This document can be found at
The 30 April 2018 update is currently at (without "m").

China can use the international court against Taiwan as easily as the churches in Taiwan can sue the Republic of China.  If Taiwan demonstrates itself internationally corrupt, it is game over also.  And, Rene will continue writing about right and wrong until Canadian law is corrected:

The amount requested from Canada for 3 years unlawfully in jail is 700,000,000 Canadian dollars.  After 22 August 2011, it'll become 800 million.  Is it realistic?  Does it matter?  The number of lawsuits talk2dream can file, against corporations in Canada, is literally limitless.  A short list includes wrongful dismissal from Georgian College, utter lack of union support, incarceration into mental wards for criminal offenses without criminal trials, and ignored complaints to The Ontario College Of Physicians And Surgeons as well as at least a dozen other organizations and individuals.  For a larger list, see section V at . is a global story to end religious wars on earth.  It’s the only way to keep marketing talk2dream successfully.  It's also the only way to win The Nobel Peace Prize.


Rene Helmerichs (中華民國:是瑞

VI. fyi, Crazy (Scientific) Ladies. (written in the first person; Happy B'day Sis!  I do miss you.)

Sis, you really oughta judge less.  When I was flirt-texting Natalie from the back seat of your Suzuki the summer of 2012, it was to Nathalie ("with an 'h'") Ramirez.  Natalie Yewchyn was not someone I'd describe as being up with technology.  Natalie Yewchyn passed me a landline number on 22 Aug 2011; and her email address in November 2011, after I wondered why she only used Blackberry Backboard (it only allowed texts to other Blackberries).  At one point, in 2012, Natalie Yewchyn wanted to take me to Mucho Burrito as thanks for chauffeuring her to countless Connexus church meets in (reminder she'd also asked me to the Christmas Eve 2011 event, which I had to cut short for our own family gig on 24 Dec) and for the umpteen coffees at Williams Café (many times shared with Mike Whone, Chris Meed, Matthew Swain, Irina, and Grant, Luke, and Sunjay).  Nathalie Ramirez, however, was the girl that I invited to the other Mucho Burrito that summer (I'd politely told her to go f-herself when she asked if she could catch a ride to her Spa date of 28 March 2012--a date entirely of her own inspiration).  There's quite a bit she forgot to tell police.  I may see her spend 7 years in jail for it yet.  Anyway, on the way to the Bayfield Street eatery, wouldn't you guess who walked across the sidewalk in front of me while I was stopped at the St. Vincent and Candles streetlight at 1:11 pm?  Yup, Natalie Yewchyn.  She was coming from Grant Lafontain's place.  Grant confirmed that later.  Grant was a Ministry Of Health inspector to whom I'd introduced her; turned out they lived in Etobicoke (Toronto) together as kids just down the street from each other and never knew it.  It might sound a bit like the move 2:22, except that no harm was ever intended by anyone and Natalie Yewchyn (now Kelloway) is truly out of her mind bullocks crazy.  Natalie Kelloway works for now.  She can help me project manage the building of a city-state in western Canada for the school that talk2dream seeks to build, or rot in jail (with government-sponsored tranquilizers to boot).  Really makes no difference.  Gratz on your boyfriend, btw.  Remind him they forgot to put warning stickers on your forehead at birth: "Extremely judgemental; prefers years of denial over forgiveness; is qualifiedly psychotic (mentally ill without awareness of it)."  Lastly, share this with Dad.  Years back he said he looked forward to reading everything I wrote.  He'll like the humour (it's all about forgiveness--the humble should cheer while the arrogant grown.  It is a for-or-against true honesty.)

@ the crazy ladies Sis, Natalie Kelloway, and Barrie, Ontario, detective officer Tanya Lynch: think.  If God, then eternally PRO-communication.  Ergo, anti-comm = towers of Babylon.  It follows: eternally willing to defend FOR the ability to communicate accompanies luck somewhere in the imaginary order of an extreme end on an impossible scale for an unreal story to take everyone else's breath away.  That ought to answer Matt's question why LUCK is nowhere mentioned in the bible his Barrie church (Natalie Yewchyn was treasurer), a local chapter of The Mormon Community Of Christ, has been failing miserably at trying to understand.  Read A Course In Miracles ( ), or hear the one-minute summary from my sensational wife (who truly has a lion of a heart for love!) for better understanding:

Rene has no difficulty calling Barrie police detective Tanya Lynch crazy.  She arrived at his residence on 1 Sept 2012 and politely informed him that if he emailed The Mormon Community Of Christ just one more time, he would be arrested.  Rene was actually primarily emailing Kris Judd, senior to Matt.  However, Rene carbon copied a ton of others on weekly mail outs.  Tanya attempted to claim that Rene was unsuitable to care for his son because Tanya felt the cupboards were too empty.  She never asked of the joy it gave Rene to walk across the street (literally about 150 meters) with his son to the No Frils grocery store.  Tanya, what would you have Karma possibly serve you?  Watch what you say and do.

Natalie Kelloway, former treasurer of The Mormon Community Of Christ, on the other hand, is just psychotic.  She's convinced herself that every encounter with Rene after 22 August 2011 was unwelcome.  She went on the courtroom record in June of 2014 for file C-13-205-SR at Barrie to state exactly that.

Matthew Swain, possibly still the current minister for the fraudulent heaven-selling enterprise, forgot that Jesus was most famous for overturning money tables in places of worship, and that EVERYWHERE is a place of worship for the ubiquitous sentience his church has been attempting to exclusively sell.  He was happy to support Natalie Kelloway back at the trial, possibly for sheer lack of foresight as to where this case was going.  Point in fact, Natalie actually literally owned his soul.  In that way, he too was psychotic.

According to the legal definition of Perjury in The Criminal Code Of Canada, coupled with the legal definition of an oath, it is the offence of perjury anytime an officer of law (this includes doctors) mis-represents facts while on duty.  Tanya Lynch (and every other Barrie police officer involved), (10 doctors named in the story at ), and Natalie Kelloway and Matthew Swain (at the June 2014 trial) have all directly committed perjury.  We'll forgive Matthew's wife Irina since, unbeknownst to her, Matt actually had a crush on Natalie and Natalie responded by best-friending and literally dressing Irina (who is 3 sizes larger than Natalie) in hand-me-downs from Natalie for years. 

More about Canada law at:

There's one about Justin Trudeau on the blog at .  Vote Rene for next P.M.?

ACIM quote just arrived by email as a thought for the week: "Grace is the acceptance of the Love of God within a world of seeming hate and fear."  Honestly, The Foundation For Inner Peace presents the quotes in a much nice way. 

You should join the mailing list!  Could even sign up here, at , for the applied version of A Course In Miracles, whose text was written by self-acclaimed prestigious Columbia University School Of Medicine professors Helen Schucman and Bill, her supervisor.

We just don't understand that the deepest desire is first to resolve our own arguments, before awakening to the ability of dissolving (absolving) everyone else's.  This is true for all of us, because the state of God is eternally shared.  "Heaven", whatever we may desire for its being, is left to our own precepts for the formation of the arguments we'll have yet to dissolve before we can literally walk the day with ability to reflect karma unto any other yet with stupor of the fact that they, too, are equal centers of a storm of arguments.  "For Science":
So few recognize the unconscious to be SHARED and even fewer understand a hypnotist is merely a master locksmith able to unlock the safes of arguments that define us.  Here's an explanation, ACIM style:

Always with actualizing intent for harm to none,


Rene Helmerichs
9 May 2018 (planning ahead--"so we know this is conscious.")

And, Sis, about Mom's foot the summer of 2012, I didn't heal the broken toe.  Never said I did.  But I do know that I was able to talk to her in such a way so that she could accept the ability to heal it for herself, being that she was stubborn as an Ox.  In any case, I disagree with your statement "All you did was take her pain away."  I didn't even do that.  Mom did it by herself.  My talking to her just showed her that, logically, she commands herself and can heal herself at will.  The rest was a form of hypnotism that healers use and science really hasn't bothered to try to understand.  Never mind the fact that alien races able to read our thoughts also exist, as do entities that are malevolent and not physical.  Don't shy away for shit you don't want to hear.  Ask questions to help understand it.  Like you said when Dad called me in Taiwan to save me back in 2006.  Dad, an atheist, calling "to save" me!  "Just tell him you're washing your brain with the talk2dream introduction to A Course In Miracles, Gary Renard's Disappearance Of The Universe, 'on gentle cycle'".

@everyone: To the hyphens and your other egocentricities for how my writing does or did not meet your visual standard: so what if you can read faster than I.  You teach math; I teach communicating.  Your speed-reading ability is like a rich man in a fat car.  Fancy is nice for STD-laden hook-ups, but God adjusts the timings so the speed of things is also absolvable.  If our innate wishes are all mutually not exclusive, we're always on time and always correct with where we put 'postrophicalities (apostrophes laid sideways).  My personal favourite is smack in the centre of "renewed".  I also like to write "realize" as real-eyes and I ARE, since 'is', 'am', and 'are' are all accepted to mean the exact same thing.  "I are" reminds us of the living dream (nightmare) of walking around in life meeting other "I"s all born of the same stuff, all innate desiring to create a sustainable future (if only at an unconscious level of mind), and all with multi-personalities for the countless forgotten wishes yet retained.  Mind truly only needs to remember one thing: I am (the center of my universe as you are the center of yours, so let's work together to fix OUR universe).   My logic is not better than yours, and I define 'not' as mutually coincidental of any exclusion.

VII. 鏈接,Links
Communication folder (video/audio):

有關上述內容,請參閱 。上的請願書。其餘部分從以前的20180430申請更新中復製而來:
For context referenced above, please refer to the petition at .  The rest is copied from the previous, 20180430 petition update:

MAY 06, 2018 給江佩樺吳宗諭: Sesame Street Kidsland

APR 30, 2018 凱仕蘭驚險消息,This is worldwide news.

APR 24, 2018 中華民國臺南市政 | To Taiwan Authorities:

APR 19, 2018 @向台灣警方和The United Nations

APR 11, 2018 台灣人權促進會、臺灣政府和中國政府

This is the 6 May 2018 update to the petition.  It is copied to:


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