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20180508 legal to Wenzao University

Email to Wenzao University's Hestia (文藻外語大學思源翻譯社陳老師)

Hi Hestia,

Great news!  Our story is gaining readers!  That helps advertise crimes of Canadian officers against Rene!

Thank you again for translating everything into Chinese.  Clare Chiang the is vice president (江佩樺) of Kidsland (人上人教育事業集團芝麻街,凱仕蘭).  She does not like to read English.  Also, Inspector Wu of The Tainan City First Precinct Police Station (臺南市政府警察局第一分局吳宗諭檢查員)
does not read English at all.  So the Chinese is important.

Actually, something interesting is happening.  Before I share the news, I want to thank you more.  You did not write me about our contract.  We disagreed about the word count.  I still do not know how you increased the amount by 10,000 New Taiwan Dollars and then broke the contract without telling me how.  I don't know if you violated the agreement because we haven't gone to court yet.  However, when you refuse to communicate you show me that you are not interested in working together.  That is most important, because I am defending for an absolute end to arguing (God).  If you are not together with me on that, then you are against it.  That means you would like to argue.  Since you would like to argue, I have a fun argument for you.

I met Inspector Wu on 7 May 2018.  Ms. Chiang is pressing charges.  Officer Wu said the charge was "Slander", but I think he made a mistake.  I learned from the movie Spiderman the other day that "slander" is spoken and "libel" is written.  Amazing is that there's even a youtube video for that! .  Anyway, I have not spoken ill about Kidsland.  In fact, I am still hoping to work with them!  They have a great team!

Inspector Wu asked me about statements against Kidsland that were in Chinese.  I had to tell him, honestly, that I did not write them and I don't know what they say.  We talked a little bit more about that.  He asked me if I knew it was against the law.  I had to tell him I didn't know that, because I really thought that I can write honest facts so long as the intent is pure.  I thought honesty was always legal.  I guess I was wrong.  Sorry about that, Ms. Chen.

Anyway, the kind Inspector asked me more questions.  He asked why 吳佩蓉 (Linda) is listed as author.  I told him I paid 思源翻譯社陳老師 (Hestia) 45,000 New Taiwan Dollars to translate the story.  A translator there, Sophia, asked if I had Linda's permission to use her name.  I sure did.  In fact, Hestia, since you were proofing everything Linda wrote, Linda gave me direct permission to use your name as well.  Sophie also asked if Linda knew that I was posting the information on the internet.  I had to tell Sophie "Yes."  In fact, Linda also told me that she talked with you a lot about the story, and that you also knew everything that was going on.  I told Sophie that I would be sure to offer her evidence.  So I'll include it here and send a copy to her as well.  The screenshots should be good enough.  Linda can just be honest in court.  (If the picture doesn't copy into the email, it's on the blog post linked at the start.)

Now, here's the problem Hestia.  You see, I have an ironclad defence for court.  Unfortunately, that defence only applies to me.  It doesn't apply to you, or to Wenzao University (文藻外語大學).  I will defend for Linda if she helps me advertise.  When Linda shows that she is willing to do her best to advertise, that shows me that she is really supportive.  Support is always mutual.  However, so far, she is afraid of you.  So the argument right now is really a fun one between you and me, Hestia.  It's that great?!  (And you thought you didn't have time to be social!)

Both Sophie and Inspector Wu told me that I can press charges.  If he didn't officially charge you on 7 May 2018, then I am asking him to do it right now with this paper that I will send to him tomorrow, unless we agree to work together.  I hope you get this in time.  It's your decision, Hestia.

Let me know your thoughts?


Rene Helmerichs,是瑞老師
9 May 2018

p.s. I learned from Hestia that I can put "老師" after my name to make it sound even cooler.  In English, I think it now says, "Yes, Respectable Rene".  Who really knows all the meanings of quirky communication symbols anyway?


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