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20180509 legal to Georgian Board Of Governors


Specific to Georgian College is found throughout the book, but to the public on page 46 of the 20180518 draft at 

Maryann Fifield and Mac Greaves were both on the line when Rene heard that he his employment with Georgian College was terminated in October of 2012.  His manager, Patricia Whittington (Pat), had previously assured Rene that the contract would end 31 March 2013.  It certainly was not set to end in the middle of an OSLT course.  The excuse Georgian College officially provided was that Rene did not posses the required ESL certification.  This is further described within this book.

Rene requested a meeting with Human Resources following his hospital release on 30 October 2012.  Rene had been imprisoned for 2 months on grounds of the criminal allegation described in this book.  Rene was not offered a trial.  Rene was presumed guilty of the offence, and left to fend for his right to abstain from forced injections at Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre, in Barrie, in November of 2012.

At the college, Rene had been part of a union.  Meeting Pat following his release, he kept the recorder recording.  Pat was unaware of the recording.  She explained the email of 3 Sept 2012 had been all wrong.  Firing Rene had nothing to do with his lack of the certification standard that Pat had said Colleges Ontario would institute the following year.  Pat had assured Rene that Georgian College would defend for Rene as long as he showed intent of completing the certification, which was still open in October of 2012.

Rene was banned from Georgian College premises.  His belongings were sent to him without agreement or confirmation that all were included.

Georgian College had insisted that Rene use the college email account.  The nature of the OSLT marketing was personal.  Following his release from RVH in 2012, Rene was denied access to his Georgian College email account.  Georgian College directly obstructed justice to prevent Rene to retrieve necessary emails from Natalie to further demonstrate his innocence.



TO: Georgian College Board Of Governors
Email Subject: Rene Helmerichs
9 May 2018

Well, It's been a while.  I'm writing to ask where we are on trust.

Maryann Fifield, I had thanked you and Mac Greaves for your trust in October 2012, if you recall.  That was the day (18 Oct, or around there) that you managed to call me on the visitor phone in 3N of Royal Victoria Regional Health Care (RVH) to inform me that I was being terminated from my employment.  I was locked into there for two months for criminal allegations without the chance of a fair trial, or any trial at all, if you will recall?

This will initially sound bad, until you understand that I'm actually seriously interested in working together, Mac-style.  Mac and I did relate well; I think our similar overseas teaching in backwards cultures helped that.  Spoiler alert: I now realize it's actually Canadian culture that's backwards (sort of like the Avatar reality-reversal).

Guys, we know my lack of ESL certificate was just a cover.  Hear me out.  First, the partial load teaching contract ended 31 March 2013.  It was initiated 1 April 2012, with a flexible start date for the courses determined by me when I enrolled 8 names (often repeating names, as you will find).  You knew I did not have the new certificate standard that Colleges Ontario was implementing.  Patricia Whittington (actually the manager for the course, but you had her listed as co-ordinator with Maryann Fifield's name as manager for more revenue from the government) had given me until 31 March 2013 to decide whether I would enroll in a course.  

Now, in court they'll want supporting evidence of termination with just cause.  For that, we have fact that I was in TWO roles.  The second role as marketing assistant did not require a certificate.  There was no reason for you to cancel that role as well.  So we have ligament wrongdoing on your parts.  Now, will I take you to court?  Likely not.  Luckily for me, I was part of a union.  The union will want to save face about not having addressed the matter sooner, especially with the absolute legal nightmare I am presenting the world currently from Taiwan.  

This isn't going to be a civil matter.  The time period for civil matters is only two years, I believe.  However, the wrongdoing is directly the charge of Obstruction Of Justice.  In this case, I am directly sending you public notice to be sure that there exists ONGOING INTENT TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT ME AND WORK WITH ME TO ARRANGE CORRECTION TO CANCEL THE DELAY INCURRED IN YOUR OBSTRUCTING OF JUSTICE.

I kid you not, I am still doing the exact same thing that I was doing back in 2012, except now it's become so legally vicious that law enforcers simply won't know what to do with me.  They will, however, all be talking about me.  Which is called stealth marketing for the book I began back in 2012.  That aim really is, by the way, to win The Nobel Peace Prize in any year.  So I'm essentially the smartest person on the planet right now, because I'm always totally happy to admit that I'm completely clueless until God inspires me with what to write, say, or do next.

Maryann, work with me.  I need you to help me build a university out West.  You don't need to re-locate.  You can help me plan it in Barrie.  You will be paid, of course.  

Mac, your call: how you want to help and where.  But, you're definitely helping and you're going to help me make the news one way or another.  I suggest begin by scaring the buzzards off the wagon and inviting Pteranodons (pun implying the whole of the Georgian College board as well as the Ontario school boards with whom you are personally acquainted).  Tell them, at the very least, it's an incredible story... a "must read."  Then try your absolute best to nail as many people to the wall if they don't also help you try to get it on the news.

Do you recall I began the argument with The Mormon Community Of Christ?  Do you recall they threatened to have me arrested if I marketed "talk2dream" even one more time in any email to them?  Well, they actually sent police to my door to tell exactly that on 1 Sept 2012.  So I did it, and then I walked up to an officer to be arrested on 3 Sept 2012.  Fundamentally, there is no criminal wrong in asking a church for help.  I was simply going on fundamentals, which logically yield a brilliant outcome when argued beyond the stupor of any cop trying to put the cart before the buzzards AND the horse--a play on Mac's shit-wagon analogy (as tip-of-the-hat warm memory to him).  

Of course they thought I was nuts.  Everyone did.  Even my family.  So they put me in the hospital.  You know the really funny part?  All that blogging I did from RVH actually had the psychiatrist Anjana Chawla bribe ME to get ME OFF the injections that she'd ordered.  Anjana insisted I may need them for at least a year.  In truth, they only really caused spinal pain.  It was a complete joke.  When I wrote about patients having sex on the ward, and what nurses were doing, and emailed it to the board, that got attention pretty fast (obviously).  Even funnier is the removal of Anjana Chawla from the position of Chief Psychiatrist after my leaving.  

Incidentally, did you see that Matt Damon movie where he's stuck on Mars growing potatoes and quotes the law as having colonized Mars, and later becoming a legally defined Space Pirate?  Well, The Criminal Code Of Canada actually has a charge called Pretending To Practice Witch Craft which is EXACTLY what Anjana was trying to do by forcibly injecting me in vain attempt to get me to change my mind about the fact that I really did want to follow through with what I started.  That legally permits me to call her a witch-doctor.  As Chief Psychiatrist now of Soldier's Memorial in Orillia, where she was before arriving at Barrie for her short stay there, she is legally Chief Witch-doctor.  To rile her ego further, and ensure the all of medicine is not defined with her ungracefulness, we can just call her Ms. Chawla, or Witch Chawla if she'd like a title.  

Liqat Ali is current chief witch of RVH.  The guy is an absolute asshole.  I sat across from him on 4 Sept 2012 and heard him accuse me of having said that I believed I was God.  I never said it, nor can I possible claim such to be true.  As a matter of fact, I can explain life to him, an all:

Of course, The Mormon Community Of Christ had to change their story pretty fast.  So a disgraceful report (with more holes and false statements than I have made in my entire life, I think) was issued on 4 Sept 2012 by officer Brian Read of The City Of Barrie Police.  See the copy of the red-acted version that the judge for the June 2014 trial (C-13-205-SR at Barrie) would NOT permit the jury to see because he did not want the issue of mental health to be raised at trial!  ( ; because I was trying to have Ali and Chawla legally charged, and no one at the courthouse was willing to take a psychiatrist to court--and for it, I have so much against that courthouse, that they might as well sign the deed to it over to me, along with the whole province of Canada after my current petition at makes the news.)

On that note... I wonder what kind of attention I'd get if I wrote something more legitimate, like this email, and posted it online, and then said something like, "Dear Board Members Of Georgian College, how would you like to all be held in contempt? ... ?"

Mac and Maryann, I am serious about the charge of Obstruction Of Justice against you.  Contact me and we'll work something out.  Failure to contact me directly does mean that you are guilty of the charge since this does count as legal notice to you, and you really haven't a choice about working together for truly global sustainable project called Worldwide Peace with a harmless end to all religious warring about or for God.

From God, For God.  God is my employer.  I leave it up to you to define what you think I mean when I use the three letters G-O-D. (Read that earlier blog post explaining life: )

The whole story is at .  Georgian College and friends are mentioned in it in a few places.  It's already in Chinese.  In fact, the Taiwan government is trying to charge me with libel because of it.  In reply, I'm attacking its international credibility online at  I'm not in jail.  I live well.  I'm happily married.  I expect to be the richest man on the planet.  I can solve the water drought plaguing the Western states except for the dumbasses that refuse to acknowledge that I even exist.  So, I must be doing something right, and, be sure that I'll continue to be the greatest legal pain the ass you'll ever meet.


Rene Helmerichs
9 May 2018


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