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Misusing the law is why we see bombings on TV.  What we see in the real world is directly an expression of conflict in our greater mind.  We cannot realize peace until we are willing to help absolve (truly end) all conflict everywhere.  Before we do that, we have to learn to be absolutely forgiving or we will simply continue to reject aspects of just ourselves, our one shared mind.

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Tiredness also comes from mental weight.  We take on mental weights of other minds in our acceptance.  Then our mind sorts it all logically, but unconsciously.  It does take just a bit of time, but saves time in the end.  That's what the purpose of time is.  Anyway, it does result in physical tiredness (in the extreme, it can cause severe headaches at the start)

-Why take others mental weights?

-So what you mean that in the old time like Jesus or Buddha they took people's mental weights to understand more and solve people's confusion?

it's collectively "the atonement process".  We help each other.  But help is only really teaching... like helping understanding... helping each understand how they really work... in that, the person is empowered, and feels reassured, and reconnected to higher self.  There are lots of words for "higher self", but, in the end, it's always an eternal state which means it exists outside time amd everywhere throughout time.  People just need help re-connecting.  That help is always just explaining things.  Jesus and Buddha were both just teachers.  They just understood life really well, or, well enough to always be able to explain things.  As they explained, the listeners shared their minds.  In the sharing, the minds' confusion was resolved.  The resolving part happens fast, but can feel physically tiring during the resolving because one of the two parties must feel it.  If the student feels tired listening to Buddha, Buddha would have had no students and no one would know about Buddha.  People felt good listening to Buddh and Jesus, but the good has a reflection in the mirror of oneness.  Jesus and Buddha WERE accepting.  They accepted the negative reflection so that the student could "see" with clearer eyes.  Accepting things doesn't mean we feel perfect and happy.  It actually means that we wish only wellness for all.  It re-solving doesn't feel "happy", but it is willingly accepted by a teacher who can "see" past it to the happiest outcome for all.  Make sense?

"atonement" = at-onement

-If students understand what Jesus or Buddha said, how could they not be happy?

-Students understood life is not real here.  They understand more.  How can they not feel happy?

That's just it, they WERE happy.  But understand that "happy" can't exist without its opposite, because oneness doesn't know happy.  Oneness only just understands that EVERYTHING HERE is duality (=not oneness, not absolutely real, and always with an opposite).  Jesus and Buddha accepted the opposite FOR the student, to move it out of the mind of the student so that the student could "see" clearer.  Moving it out of the student's part of the shared mind doesn't make it go away right away.  It allows it to go away.  The process of getting rid of it is like untangling a knot.  That part is mental work.

A Course In Miracles says, "You believe your joys and sorrows can be told apart."

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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


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