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20180511 Partnership to Kidsland

(.doc) 20180511 Partnership to Kidsland:

11 May 2018
Re: offer of partnership with sincerest apologies from Rene

Hi Stacy, Kidsland,

I would like to offer you and Kidsland partnership.  I apologize for any wrong you think I have caused you or Kidsland.  I believe it truly is better if we work together.  I have been trying to say only that statement with everything that occurred (written, said, or done) in our misunderstanding following the teaching demonstration at Tongkang Sesame Street branch, Tainan City, on 20 January 2018.  The demo is available at and directly at .

In Canada, actions are legally defined as statements.  It is fundamentally illegal to take statements out of context.  What that means is simply this: the government cannot allow Kidsland to break laws before defending for Kidsland in court against people (like Rene or Wenzao University) that Kidsland would accuse.  Wenzao University was actually the author of most of the libel about which the Kidsland vice president complained.  Kidsland will need to face the charges of the laws that it broke (described in the Chinese statements that Wenzao wrote), or the entire government becomes an international joke. 

We do realize that Rene is writing a politically-charged story.  Rene was sorry to hear that Kidsland manger Denise thought Rene was joking or pretending, when she emailed him exactly that earlier this year.  Talk2dream is specifically looking to advertise illegal things governments do.

Right now, the governments, not just China, are actually battling churches, temples, and mosques that advocate for God (or Allah).  Since churches cover a greater territory than any national government, fanatics for "God" are automatically categorized as terrorists.  Governments permit psychiatrists to be "above the law" because they serve the greater cause in being able to imprision alleged terrorists without any trial or formal charges whatsoever.  This is especially important in countries like Canada where there exists a constitution designed to keep people believing that they are free and with rights, when in fact they are not.  Talk2dream demonstrates this with the outrageous, incredible, and yet completely true story (with all facts internally linked for direct verification) at (English). 

We must remember that the story we write together IS to win The Nobel Peace Prize.  And, we write this story with our demonstrated actions for or against it.  We are either for a sustainable future together, or demonstrated to be against worldwide peace.  What exactly is the mission statement at Kidsland?  Isn't it something about together?  The grammar is difficult to read:

Growing Up

Hand in hand, all of us (are) the same.  As I grow, I need more friends (that will help me work together for the sustainable future that's best for us all).  To work together, pursue (dreams) together, share our glories together, (is our love).  Though there are many differences among us, we (live to work; you can't say "are still" since WE are not currently and YOU negate the very statement when you hide facts that can unite the world and end wars--this true story--just for money for you from parents who cannot then trust you?) hand in hand (really??).  No matter what we do, or where we go, I do believe that, walking together, hand in hand, our goal will be achieved. 

Who wrote your mission statement that exactly?  What is the "I" that is used?  It certainly isn't valid for Kidsland, YET.

Here is what's happening as best as I understand it.  Clare seems to have charged me with Libel.  There are three distinct problems with that:
1) True statements are permitted under international freedom of speech laws (and it is not up to a local jurisdiction to decide what is true, if the statement records a fact and the fact has occurred);
2) The statements contain facts for criminal allegations against you; and,
3) The court must investigate the truth of each statement brought before it (and thereby permit me to press criminal charges against Kidsland, and its managers) or respect its own need to remain subject to international law.

Rene explains point 3:
It is not a secret that relations between China and Taiwan are frayed, tense.  Under international law, China can protest member countries of The Untied Nations to embargo international Taiwan trade (the export/import relations Taiwan has with the world).  In short, China can legally claim the government of Taiwan as its own, without force, and with the support of every country already a official member nation of The World Bank.  If my right to press charges against Kidsland is refused, then China has legal authority to take control of Taiwan.

Logically, any attorney should question, "Why does the government permit Kidsland to break the law and then defend for Kidsland to show prejudice against others, without first asking Kidsland to measure up to the law?  A country is nothing without a legal standard, and we are showing no legal standard in this case."

The officer for the charge of Libel listed the book that was given to him on 7 May 2018 as evidence.  It is the same book that was given Clare earlier.  Clare received the first copy.  Actually, Kidsland has always received first notice.  And so, Kidsland is under notice that the included letter was sent to police 10 May 2018.  It will be followed up until charges are pressed:

The offer to Kidsland made 11 May 2018 is the same as on page 21 of the book at .  Rene will of course ensure the Wenzao libel of the first section is removed.  Kidsland can help Rene write it.  Wenzao can translate it.  Kidsland can help talk2dream reform the churches, or continue to work against Rene.  The book will then be published with consent of both parties.  If Kidsland would not like to work with Rene, the offer goes to the government of Taiwan.  The government of Taiwan will show its decision with the outcome of the current charge against Rene, and verify its decision in charging, or not charging, Kidsland.  Law is logical that way.  Everyone picks a side and Talk2dream argues FOR peace.

Rene Helmerichs
11 May 2018
Additional links to accompany possible future post as petition update at

^ (currently planned for the next update for the petition at )
(.doc) 20180510 letter to Taiwan police:


Hello Officer Wu, Prosecutors, judges, and fellow students of law, and teachers of A Course In Miracles:

On 7 May 2018, at The Tainan City First Precinct Police Station of Taiwan, Inspector Wu asked Rene for the book's name.  The book was called "The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy", in 2012.  In March 2018, a smaller book was published.  The name was, essentially, "Taiwan please work together." 

Eternal law states: if everything does not work together, then it doesn't work at all.

International law stipulates that it is illegal to take statements out of context.  Actions are also statements.  This case is part of a larger case.  This case is directly and only in Taiwan, but it is part of a larger international case. 

It is equally illegal to prevent understanding a larger context.  The larger case is against Canada

Rene has done no harm to people.  Rene only warned people.  When prosecutors do not defend for Rene, they allow police to take statements out of context.  On 7 May 2018 at The Tainan First Precinct, Rene provided the full story in a book to Inspector Wu.

We all need to follow the law, and no one wants trouble.  Talk2dream believes the law helps us to work together.  Please compassionately accept this.

The case began against The Mormon Community Of Christ Church.  The case is like an upside-down triangle.  The point of the triangle is any current case.  The triangle is legal because the case is about law.  Justice is more than the law of any one country.

On 7 May 2018, Rene hoped to press charges.  The translator laughed when Rene asked for information.  Officer Wu told Rene he could press charges.  Officer Wu, please confirm that charges are pressed charges against Kidsland Sesame Street and Wenzao University.

這些指控的名稱已包含在201856日更新的請願書中。它最後更新於201858日。他們在“V._More:注意中華民國警官Attention_R.O.C._Police小節中。該更新直接鏈接到 。它仍然在 上鍊接,但 將鏈接到下一次更新。
The names of the charges are included in 6 May 2018 update to the petition.  It was last updated on 8 May 2018.  They are in subsection "V. More: 注意中華民國警官Attention R.O.C. Police".  The update is directly linked at .  It is still linked at , but will be linked to the next update.

The next update will share the result of this choice, because that is how this case progressed from the start.  In Canada, it resulted in a psychiatrist bribing Rene.  When Rene tried to have the psychiatrist arrested, Rene was arrested!  That was also a choice.  Now Rene has information against the whole country of Canada.  When this story is advertised on the news, Canada will need to pay talk2dream.  That money will establish an international knowledge-sharing hub in western Canada.  It is all legal.  The argument is now in Taiwan.

針對凱仕蘭的第一項指控是盜竊,欺詐(或偽證)以及阻撓司法。對思源翻譯社的第一起指控是誹謗。詳情請參 V(五)小節。
The first charges against Kidsland are theft, fraud (or perjury), and obstruction of justice.  The first charge against "Wenzao University" is Libel.  Details are in subsection "V" at .

Mr. Wu, I am a writer and teacher of God.  My employer is God.  God is the same for all of us.  If the words of Jesus in the Bible are true, then the Catholic church is a money-laundering business.  The Catholic church was made by the Roman government, not by the people.

Rene demonstrates law because law comes from the spirit of Jesus with God.  Rene is a friend to all the churches for Jesus.  Rene is also Muslim.  Rene believes in the prophet Mohamed and Jesus.  And, Rene is also a friend to China to destroy the Catholic enterprise. 

Catholic priests teach that the mother of Jesus was a virgin.  But the Catholic bible teaches the opposite.  Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, and the other big 5 Christian churches (not Catholic) believe the words of Jesus in the Bible are true.  Jesus was a man just like Mohamed.  Both men came from women that were not virgins.

Miracles depend upon cooperation.  Rene desires to work with the police.  Is Kidsland cooperating with us?  Do you consider that Kidsland the vice president is lying not because she wants it but because she is afraid?  Can you see that the charge against Rene is fraudulent? 

We need to advertise this story.  Publicity ensures honesty.  Honesty is internationally the same.  Honesty does allow partnerships before court.  It does this to allow for miracles.  Miracles save everyone time and strain.  That is what miracles do.

Officer Wu showed Rene a piece of paper on 7 May 2018.  It had statements out of context.  It also had paragraphs that were cut in half.  And, it had the words "psychiatry stinks" and "clash".  "Psychiatry stinks" is directly a reference the doctor who bribed Rene in Canada.  "Clash" is directly a reference to The Book Of Revelation in the bible.

"The Book Of Revelation" warns us.  It warns us that one day God might come.  It doesn't say that God is a person.  It says that someone can become The Voice For God.  It also says that some people will call that person God.  Those people will be The Jehovah Witnesses (church)--they are really a cult, but they are more honest than Mormons and Catholics.  The bible says that we are all equally part of God.

On 7 May 2018, the translator requested support.  The support is linked in subsection "V".  The translator asked Rene show that Wenzao University agreed to authorship.  This is directly a case for global sustainability.  There is simply no better way to end religious warring.

Rene decided to pursue studying his own mind in 2006.  Rene dreams each night.  Dreams show Rene what is happening, what he needs to know, and what is best to do.  Rene always has a choice for action.  Rene has remembered more than 20,000 dreams in his life. 

This is translated in good faith to Inspector Wu, to save more of his time.  Links may be added when this is posted online.  This will become unimportant if the requested allegations are pressed.  In kindness and with utmost respect,

Rene Helmerichs中華民國是瑞
201851010 May 2018

Also included in letter (1):

Also included in letter (2):

On 7 May 2018, Officer Wu added "" to the defence of Rene Helmerichs.  Rene seeks to bring author Gary Renard (Disappearance Of The Universe) to Taiwan to speak.  Following is a preview of the next petition update for :
"This is a call to all freedom fighters.  Freedom fighters including all Anons, all Christians, all Muslims, and all good citizens of every country...." 

That may also become the introduction to the next book.  The publisher can keep all royalties from the book for the first year.  The purpose of the book is advertisement.  Talk2dream seeks to unite all people to end the common religious argument.

This is an international news story.  The common problem is inconsistency.  The written laws on earth are inconsistent.  When politicians are too busy, they permit police and lawyers to take statements out of context.  Governments do not support this story when they do not truly desire to work together.  In that way, this story shows you how real your government is.  We need to work together for our global future.


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