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20180524 fyi Kidsland Sesame Street

Emailed just now to Kidsland Sesame Street managers Denise, Stacy, and VP Clare Chiang,
20:41 24 May 2018 Tainan, Republic Of China:

Legal, posted just now:

You will notice, that I am not giving up after Clare has pressed charges against me. 

I am reminding you that I have been writing the same one story for 7 years.  The story that I am writing is about the actions of people.  You three are currently in the story in a negative way.  You don't believe that what I say is true, and that's ok.  We can use the law to sort that out.

On 19 Jan 2018, Stacy Huang gave out the Kidsland Winter Camp 2018 booklets.  They had a greenish cover.  In the ESL office upstairs on the 3rd floor of Kidsland's head office, teachers Andrew and Rene were excited to see their writings published.

At the time, Rene still had agreement with Kidsland to be mutually supportive.

Rene's writings, the writings in question for the change of "theft of intellectual property" against Kidsland, were on pages 22 and 23.  Kidsland staff had added copyrighted images from the internet to augment the text from Rene.

The writing in question shares an advanced Astrophysics Concept.

Rene was not legally required to write the article for Kidsland.  The agreement with Kidsland had been for Rene to submit writing about Geocaches, which Rene did first.  

Manager Stacy found the advanced Astrophysics concept so easily to understand, that she asked Rene to write a second article for the Winter Camp 2018 booklet.  Rene did so happilly, expecting to receive full credit and to retain the copyright since Rene was also currently writing his doctoral dissertation in Experimental Psychology.

The dissertation is now near completion.  The second draft is expected to be completed by 29 May 2018, for the appointment Rene has with a lawyer in Taiwan to discuss, and plan, how best to navigate the apparently inconsistent Republic Of Taiwan legal structure.

Rene cannot legally include the advanced Astrophysics novelty within the final published, and mass-marketed, story expecting to receive 700,000,000 (seven hundred million) Canadian dollars for the global sustainability project.  The Canadian government, actually, has little choice to partner as is already revealed in the squeal to the dissertation called "Story Of Loo" available online at (English) and (Chinese).

The dissertation includes the solution to three millennium problems proposed by Clay Mathematics Institute.  Normally, an individual can spend the better part of a lifetime attempting to solve just one problem, however, Rene presents three separate solutions, each to three separate issues that were written, and edited, in one afternoon.

The dissertation being written is to settle global arguments about God.  ISIS conglomerates believe wars must be fought on behalf of Allah.  Christians believe that there exists "One God" but lack the understanding to unite the mental idea of "One God" with what Muslims call "Allah".  Muslims, on the whole, are peaceful.  However, atheists in executive positions and able to profit from the sale of arms to confused individuals who are taught, be extensions of legal constructs supported by those atheists, that God and Allah are NOT one and same.  

In short, the need for public, real-world, and mass promotion of the dissertation currently being edited is necessary to hasten a sustainable future for all.

Kidsland is currently opposing justice.  They refuse to provide a copy of Winter Camp 2018 booklet to Rene, because they correctly understand that Rene will use the booklet in court against Kidsland.

What Kidsland does not realize is that Rene can call any number of witnesses in court to support the fact of the article that published an idea which has not previously received any intellectual property right claim.  This is beyond any physical book.  In publishing the idea and NOT bestowing credit TO Rene Helmerichs, Kidsland did directly claim authorship of the idea.

When Rene later gains the seven-hundred million Canadian dollar seed money to built the school to certify teachers for, and of, the spirit of the book A Course In Miracles, Kidsland has current legal ability to sue Rene for a portion of that money unless amends are made NOW.

Since Kidsland refuses to mediate (because it has an active criminal charge AGAINST Rene, begun by Clare Chiang, vice president of Kidsland in Tainan), Kidsland is not true, therefore in violation of law, while it claims to want to mediate.

Mediation is about finding agreement.  We cannot have an agreement while we are pressing criminal charges against each other.

This is an offer of compromise to drop all charges and make a new legal agreement between Rene Helmerichs and Kidsland.  The agreement will include that the vice president, Clare, is removed from her position and begins work for Rene.  Failing agreement, Rene continues within the greater court process of Taiwan.

This is sent to Kidsland managers Clare, Denise "Madness", and Stacy Huang this day 24 May 2018 to be dually submitted to prosecutors for evidence that Rene has continually attempted to mediate with Kidsland managers. 

Rene will support any desire from Republic Of Taiwan prosecutors to charge Kidsland managers individually for sheer dishonesty and utter lack of respect amounting to the charge "Obstruction Of Justice" when considering all else that Kidsland mangers have said and done to Rene Helmerichs.

It is foolish to think that Global Sesame Street will side with Kidsland over the matter of being for, or against, a 7-year project designed to facilitate true worldwide peace with an absolute end to religious arguments about God.  If pressed, Sesame Street U.S.A. must partner with Rene.  The rest is a legally problem.

24 May 2018


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