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20180524 to FFIP, with love


I understand the policy about third party endorsements, and I will understand if you never want to talk or write to me again.  I'm hoping forgiveness shines through.

I love the weekly thoughts.  Are they preserved anywhere in a folder online to see all of them at a glance?  I put them throughout writings.

My writings have been... chaotic, or insane, to say the least.  However, we must wonder just how mind works.  We know we have an ego, and we know that only in mind can anything be (become) truly joined.  We also know that our mind is eternal, and, at its foundation, eternally whole so that we actually do share one mind.

Yet, in time, it appears as though we drive different bodies seeking to enlighten our minds to the point of not needing to return to the god-awful, or forsaken, place.  But we also know time is a joke to eternity, "which means there is no time". 

The part in the Manual about the teacher and student seeming to be separate reiterates that all that we write, say, and in fact do, is but for ourselves.  We HAVE eternal life IN time, and need only realize it to be able to think with our eternally undivided mind.  Yet its thinking is neither linear, nor predictable (that's where J comes in... being able to navigate the process of what is best for any of us at any point in time).

To awake, we must bridge, or better, eclipse, our ego.  Our ego doesn't go away.  It just sort of becomes recognized as an ability of mind, an eternal aspect of ourselves, which can, and should, be used constructively for the whole.  The idea that our ego is a separate entity is really the only part of our deeper, underlying, thinking process to overcome.  And that does take much vigilance against the extraneous desire to blame, to project the idea for separation, and therein enact a false construct within which to feel the need to plan our day, life, etc.

One should wonder what Jesus, 2000 years ago, could have accomplished at a keyboard with the internet at his disposal.  Yet, we also know that our mind speaks fluidly through every mind with ability to do so at more and more moments of the day, as we understand our minds to be truly whole.  The dependency in need for planning is absolved as we realize, again and again, that our higher single part is able to make good, amend, re-integrate, any aspect of anything for the whole.

The desire not to promote a concept that is strictly in line with the tenet of A Course In Miracles is forgiven.  But how much more could we accomplish if we worked together?

The ego, I've understood, is like a ball of yarn.  Collectively, we consider the sum of all known knowledge about the universe to be but a ball.  However, from any timeless perspective--the process to undo dependency in time, we each carry the same-and-different ball.  This is holography.  We each walk along a timeline thread pointing us in two apparent directions, until we realize the thread is not confused despite appearing to be wrapped up into neat physical packages.  We're only undoing our egos by tracing the thread back unto our common source, to know again that we can lay it out and reshape the ball into so much more, and so much greater when we combine talents.

My writing, I think, is getting better.  Or, clearer.  It's a partnership inside.  It must become partnerships on the outside.  Time is only the delay in realizing that which already exists, first as a concept within the indefinable, timelessly eternal, constantly amplifying wholesome--

Can we work together?

I'm writing a dissertation to end religious arguments about God.  I could use another set of eyes with a red pen to critic every aspect, for revision suggestions, and a clear presentation of "new" ideas.  It's in pretty simple sentences (unlike this email, which is written for a mind already familiar with ACIM).

It's a big project.  

Please do forgive previous writings.  To say its taken time for me to sort myself out is... an understatement to say the very least.


24 May 2018


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