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20180525 Mind has three parts

The purpose is to work together--to learn to better relate to one another, for a sustainable future together--on little and big scales, personally and inter-personally.

Our minds have three basic parts.  We can look at it in simple terms.  There is a definite, perceived effect, but an active effect with ability to affect itself and the whole.  This part is called consciousness.  Its opposite is the unconsciousness.  And then there is all the rest.

Our consciousness is like a point on a line.  It seems to move forward, but the line moves under it.  If our consciousness doesn't want to do something, or doesn't believe it should do something, or just doesn't know what to do, it can be stubborn and unchanging, but the line will still move to propel it to change its thinking into a new direction.

A line has two ends.  Our consciousness joins the seeming extremes.  Imagine it to be like a fish.  The fish sees only extreme destruction or extreme partnership, yet the direction it swims is to neither side but, therefore, both at the same time when we consider the next part of mind.

If our consciousness is like a point, then our unconsciousness is like a mountain underneath it.  The mountain defines the limits of the line, its endpoints.  The line would be the median, or diameter of the mountain.  If we look at the mountain from above, directly above, the point is always in the middle.  But if we shift perspective, we can move that point wherever we like.  We can even make that point appear to touch the sky if we take a perspective from the base of the mountain.

Our consciousness is the capacity to make an informed choice.  Our unconsciousness is the basket of choices from which to chose, and to which we add an indefinite number of more choices with every choice we think we make.

Our consciousness appears to walk along a linear timeline.  Our unconsciousness is like an ocean where currents of presiding cultural beliefs give birth to universes each for different timelines.  Think of our unconscious like a state of fluid time that is itself timeless, eternal.

The unconscious is shared.  It is like the earth itself, with multiple mountains and hills.  Each hill, each rise, each elevation has a top.  The top-most point is like our consciousness.  We share the deepest parts of our mind, and we consider what we perceive about our mind to be just for us personally as a point.

We don't understand that in "higher" dimensions objects co-exist in the same apparent space-time. 

Consider this.  Draw an imaginary line down the inside-center of a cone shape.  Pick any point on the line.  Do it an infinite number of times for an unlimited number of more cones.  Now join all the cones at the point picked on all the lines.  The result is just a bigger point which has the cone shape itself seem to disappear.  This is why the unconscious will forever remain unrecognized to us, except by a sense for its contents.  We sense its contents according to the moods we have, and the feelings and other sensations we get.  The body is a vehicle for communication that is not at all limited to the senses we think we perceive.

The third part of mind is all the rest.  If there exists a mountain with a point, then there exists a medium in which to perceive the mountain.  The medium is unquestionably shared; however, we fail to understand that we are the medium because perception was not possible before the medium.  The medium puts symbols, and every idea for them, into context. 

Yet, we remain merely a point perceiving ourselves as grandiose or infinite, or finite.  Regardless, the choice for our own perception stays with us continually, and how we perceive ourselves determines how we will (to) interact with others equally confused about a singular mind with three apparent parts.

It becomes a rather ghostly concept after that.  The ghost ensures a single choice, the A Course In Miracles "another way", always exists to absolve the ability of bloating the unconscious part with a limitless number of more choices, or the whole of mind could not be sustainably sentient, ordered.

25 May 2018


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