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20180528 grandiose

I told my wife over the weekend, "Honey, life doesn't work the way schools would like us to believe that it does."

Actually, John Dewey, one of the originators of the public school system (USA) said something to the effect that schools were put in place to make productive workers for the government.  Collective wisedom has often restated, "The winner write the history books."  Reference is indirectly to the book-burnings ordered in 325 a.d., as one example, to wipe then-current ideas for want of a new history.

In effect, are we really doing any different now?

Rene is an author.  The best author would wish to edit the history books for want of establishment of a true history, yeah?  Anyway, Rene is different.  He doesn't only believe that he can "write" his own fate, he's actively testing it.  To be sure that he's testing it accurately, he's involving the legal structures of worldwide governments since, realistically, not a single personal alive would claim authorship of a false history, and, therefore, permit any single individual desiring, truly, to correct history to do so.  In that way, Rene will continue to write his own fate and be absolutely sure that such fate accords with all sustainable written laws (the inconsistent ones, driven by politicians or police officers who desire personal glory without that added bit about sustainability for all)...

The current work is at:

A current draft of a legal document for a real-world legal structure, specifically to Kidsland Sesame Street in Tainan, Taiwan, is at:

Consider it, like everything, a "draft of a draft".

Rene saw in a dream this morning that it's yet not the right time for him to do as he desires, but the dream did show the whole basement at which Rene was chipping away (literally) had been re-carpeted.  The carpet color was green.  Green is the color of the heart chakra, which implies accepence.  Yet, all that happens in the dream happens within the mind of the dreamer.  Yet Rene correlates the dream, to thousands of others, had of the future or current events.  Thus, Rene infers that our collective unconscious has, in a real-time manner, adjusted his reality, and therefore the reality of us all (since Rene is truly looking to establish real worldwide peace).  The place whereupon Rene was working was replaced with a different-colored strip amid the green carpet.  This only reminds Rene that a "different corelation" experienced in ANY reality (night dream or day) is able to be explored, and, in effect, torn up as if a mere carpet covering other work.

Incidentally, when Rene was being held in jail for his dissertation, the greater work, he had a vision in 2012, September, of overturning (knocking down) an orb on a stand in which the light had gone out, inside the inner chamber of The Roman Catholic Church in front of the pope who was in a panic about broken glass now on HIS carpet, which Rene said could easily be cleaned and proceeded to roll up the rug.  Rene picked it up and carried the rug from the inner chamber of the Pope outside its front doors and shook it to allow the broken glass to fall off.  The Pope never imaged such a thing to be possible.  That was in September 2012.  Shortly thereafter, the current Pope became suddenly ill and was replaced thereafter by a guy who posed for a National Geographic cover photo with four black-suits in tow that looked marvelously like he was gunning to become the biblical second coming in about 2014 (if memory serves on dates).

There is no second coming needed after the first, which was Jesus.  The book by NYC Columbia University professors of their School Of Medicine, A Course In Miracles, tells us this.

Wake up already.  We're on the same side.

27 May 2018.

The above links shall be severely edited before Rene uses any printed copy, however, the content remains valid.  The links are dynamic.  Edits to the documents will be updated automatically here once updated on the server (bless technology for that one).


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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


Disclaimer (from the dissertation for worldwide peace at ):
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