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20180601 legal to Clay Mathematics Institute

Dear Clay,

This is written specifically to Clay Mathematics Institute.  It is lengthy, but entirely pertinent to the problems you have posted, and our future (individually and collectively).  There is contained a request that you report this to the highest authorities for information recounted in the linked 14-page summary focused yet in Taiwan but with a distinct global extension that cannot be missed by even the most obstinate enforcers.

We are reminded that a proof is always personal, and personally easier to understand in the way that terms of a mathematical (fundamentally logical) problem are grouped.

I am writing a doctoral work to demonstrate (not just tell but show) that God exists with all equally.  An atheist may contest that God does not exist, however, each personal alive that is able to read, is equally able to think, and therefore innately attests to living in a commonly shared reality governed by an unrecognized constant state, order.  That state establishes our ability to measure time as ordered, without ever fully recognizing the order underscoring every temporal delineation (relative reality; universes of physical space).

Three solutions to seven of the millennium problems that you have posted are offered within the work.  Your condition for the "proofs" to be accepted is to publish them in a peer-reviewed journal, or similar, that has existed for at least 2 years.  Thereafter, you may consider the proof as valid and declare your problem solved.  However, that does not negate the possibility that my three solutions are accurate while no one has published them in a publication of your liking.  Accordingly, I am inclined to demonstrate the validity of the proofs to you in an easier way, and one which you will find you have little choice accept, but will inherently oppose and wish to ignore. 

I cannot apologize enough to you for the negative thoughts that you may have and I assure you that none are intended nor intentionally bestowed from me.

The simple proof is this: consistency must same-apply to reveal an ever-becoming state of greater consistency, in any relative reality.  Therefore, a state of constancy exists but exists unrecognized.  It follows that eternity exists.  In eternity, all minds are joined to such a refined degree that it really becomes just one thinking mind able to simultaneously function within the separate beliefs of every individual believing mind to be something personal and not shared.  It follows that our One Mind would be able to prove anything to anyone personally, in a way understandable by everyone.

This will require use of the law.  We are raised in cultures that respect law.  Even ISIS respects law.  The law ISIS respects is simply more belief-oriented than internationally accepted common law.  The point is still the same underlying law established by the same singular order establishing the ability of seemingly separate objects to function coherently in every universe of time and space.

This email follows my filing of a charge against the vice president of a collection of 12 branches of a private school (mid-size; 300 employees) commonly called Sesame Street Kidsland in Tainan City of The Republic Of China (Taiwan).  The document I had prepared to file included multiple infractions but was deemed to difficult to understand.  The original 31 May 2018 document as filed with the charge of fraud is at:

The officer at the Tianan District Prosecutor's Office read the summary and shortened it somewhat.  Here is a copy of the joint submission given to the plain-clothed officer at The Tainan District Prosecutor's Office.  He did not leave his name, nor gave me a file number.  He also stated that it was against the law for me to receive a copy of the document that I signed, which I may formally question in international court of the charge is not respected:

Who are you charging?

I charge the vice president of Kidsland [name] for fraud.  I was hired by Kidsland from 1 Aug 2017 to 31 July 2019.  I told and provided my criminal record to the vice president on 20 May 2017.  She deleted my national requirement to give my criminal record check from Canada from her contract to me.  Then they hired me without the criminal record paper.  On 20 Jan. 2018, students' parents learned my past.  They started to believe that I was mentally ill.  On 22 Jan 2018, I was told not to go to work.  On 4 May 2018, the vice president told The Tainan City Government Labor Department that she fired me because I would not provide my criminal record.  So, a Legal Aide Foundation lawyer said Kidsland needs to keep paying my salary.  I want to fix my criminal records in Canada.  I did nothing wrong.  Kidsland heard the story.  Kidsland believed the story.  That is why they hired me.  We had the agreement to support each other.  Instead of honoring the agreement they are promoting defame to my reputation.  That is everything.

Rene Helmerichs
[signed on a green paper printed copy at The Republic Of China Tainan City's District Prosecutor Office 31 May 2018]

The charge is the first to follow the 30 May 2018 email from Kidsland wherein they requested me to attempt to argue with them in court:

The police officer noted that I would need the names of individuals to charge.  This is a one-page email sent to my previous employer yesterday, 31 May 2018, asking for names.  They have not yet replied:

Three "proofs" to seven of your presented mellenium problems are found, currently on pages 60-65 of the dissertation at:

The dissertation is a work in progress.  More important is the argument existing now within the public court system of Taiwan.  I am seeking to end a worldwide religious argument about God.  In fact, I am looking to end all religious arguments once and for all.  If that isn't the millennium problem of all time, then I bid you to offer another.

You are far more reputable than I, at the moment.  I am requesting that you forward this email to the relevant authority.  I am not looking to waste time in court.  I offer understanding about God at the blog post:

I am copying it here, because it does very much elucidate that inferred back at the top, that we are innately able to reason with an infinite mind.  An infinite mind is able to re-group terms of logically sound problems in an indefinite number of ways until more and more people catch onto the fact that the infinite mind exists.  Unfortunately, people may infer the writer of text promoting an infinite mind is something other than merely another voice for it.  Ergo, fair warning is needed to The United States government, and all other governments, that can conceivably be taken to international court for any number of human rights cases resulting from the facts summarized in the 14-page document filed with police in Taiwan on 31 May 2018, linked above and re-linked here:

The implication of sharing all this is that Rene Helmerichs IS NOT considered a terrorist but a voice for that sustaining every drive for a sustainable, wholesome, compassionate, and kind future together.

By Rene Helmerichs, 1 June 2018

Matthew, at the start of chapter 7 in the Renewed King Version of the bible, writes:
"Understand judging.  When you judge, you can be judged.  If you judge someone for a small crime, God can show you more crimes.  You will see a point when you judge.  You will see many points when God judges you.  Do not fear those points.  God does not want to hurt you.  God is a teacher.  God continuously forgives you.  God is with you.  God is with you now, in your head!  God hears your thoughts.  God and The Evil One know your desires.  You can only understand yourself when you are willing to forgive.  When you do not forgive, The Evil One accepts your thoughtful offerings.  Thoughts drive actions.  Actions come from a collection of forgotten thoughts.  There is only memory, and not memory; re-membered internet spam, and imperfection; forgiveness, and blame.  Evil collects the energy of your offerings.  When the evil account is full, evil returns your offers with interest.  In every action there is only the choice to serve God or Evil.  Jesus taught that HE was The Evil One.  Jesus understood that actions follow thoughts with much less delay the more we hone our own habits to be always-forgiving.  He allowed the government to kill him.  Then he came back to show everyone that the body is not who we really are.  Jesus showed the wholey spirit.  The wholey spirit is our highest idea for our true reality.  Jesus showed everyone that he accepts all blame for everything.  That way, Jesus is forever with God and not with evil.  Jesus teaches that everyone shares the same eternal God AND the same unreality because our minds are eternally united.  That is why God will always win in the end.  That is also why an old name for God is 'Eloheeem' which shows a singular plural concept.  That is also why time always has order but seems like chaos most of the time.  In court there are only two sides.  But God is equally for both sides because God under-stands every scale the same way.  Therefore, God does not belong in a courtroom.  That is why we (any people who argue) should really talk about our misunderstandings.  Every person has only two choices: we can work together and not go to court, or; an honourable court helps us to work together.  A dishonourable person blames and seeks punishment.  An honourable person will always risk going to court to correct dishonourable government officers.  The purpose is always to teach that we share the same one wholey mind for the same one God called 'All-ah'.  And now, we will forever find each other in the same one spirit for the same one Christ.  'Amen' means 'and the means shall follow.'  Amen, means and the means."

Thank you.

In kindness to same likeness,


Rene Helmerichs (dob 2 March 1977); written 1 June 2018 for
The Foundation For Inner Peace's A Course In Miracles ( re: Manual question 12), and;
the petition to Canada at for 700 million dollars funding to build the international school destined to certify global teachers of the book A Course In Miracles.

Report, report, report: real worldwide peace is possible if we work together for it.


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