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A news reporter asked me today, "I don't get it.  Where did the idea come from?"

He'd overheard a conversation between an investigator and psychiatrist Liqat Ali of Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (RVH) in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, about the problem Mr. Helmerichs presents the world at:

Barrie police sergeant Douglas Henderson had arrested Rene Helmerichs on 3 Sept 2012 after Mr. Helmerichs calmly approached police asking to be arrested.  On 1 Sept 2012 Barrie, Ontario, police detectives Tanya Lynch and Troy Armstrong insistence that The Mormon Community Of Christ wanted to press charges for harmless marketing email if Mr. Helmerichs sent even one more (which he did just before walking up to Mr. Henderson asking to be arrested).  Dr. Ali insisted on  Sept 2012 that Mr. Helmerichs claimed he was God (which Mr. Helmerichs very much does not claim, but Mr. Ali can always call him God).  Dr. Ali claimed parental divorce at age 14 to be the cause of illness in the first hearing at RVH, instigated with assistance of Ken Dover of The Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office, at that time.  Discussion between investigator and Mr. Ali follows:

"You're telling me this man (Rene Helmerichs) came up with the idea to write a book to market a charity to build a school... knows he can't do it alone... approaches a church (U.S. leaders Kris Judd and Tim Stanlick of The Mormon Community Of Christ) for help... convinces them that he's mentally ill... gets put into a mental ward, then jail for almost three years for sending just marketing email, and now only has to defend for his credibility in the book that's already an international political disaster... and you really think he went crazy at 35 because his dad and mom split up when he was 14?  Do you know they're all still good friends and live close together?  What kind of doctor are you?"



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