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Dream recount: page 59 (really not something fun to read, I imagine.)

(sometimes what goes on in our head while we sleep is beyond us.  Ok, that'd be most times for all of us.  This dream recount is no different.  The only purpose for posting it seems to be to settle the argument of whether or not the future is actually predicable.  It is not.  That's about the shortest possible summary for what follows.)

20180521 dream recount--"Page 59"

What follows is a summary of a longer dream had on 20180521. 

I would like to begin by thanking the entity "Mike" who carried the tape in the dream on command of a female superior who'd began and nearly cut a page (page 59) from a book I'd written.  She'd proceeded to do so with a letter opener following her recount of events to me, and my focus on the word "de-act".  "De-act" seems to be only the meaning of the word, since the word itself had 4 or 5 letters that I can't now seem to be able to recall, except by meaning.  "etc" was an order of letters in the word, and had jumped out at me while looking at the word.  It caused me to realize that the word meant something different than what current readers were assuming the word to mean.  The book was being read at some point in the future.  We're talking a relatively distant future, possibly 100 years from now or more.

The scene of the dream was not on earth.  It was a place beyond, that was also not heaven.  If I had to describe it, it'd be like a galactic police investigation's station except that its territory was literally the whole galaxy and no entity in the dream was generally at just one planet at a time.  I seemed unique in the sense that I'd a strong link (to myself as entity in the dream) to myself here.  The question boggling what seemed my superior, or, better, the chief investigator who was responsible for dispersing teams to prevent warfare incursions throughout linear time as we would understand it, was one of predicting events.

The events that were recounted to me, which I saw as the dream prior to being "awake" in the relatively eternal part (that galactic crime-prevention unit), showed a gun-man who was intent on fixing things by shoot people.  The "shooting" is symbolic of use of the law, as swords and bullets, and guns to symbolize that cross-culturally on earth.  He, however, ascending (going up) and escalator (generally a good sign, working for the good with help from above, relatively speaking given the end of the dream), was holding 4 cards.  He would play the 4 cards in a given order.  The play of each card represented a shot from his gun, seen as him raising his hand to shoot.  The dream occurred.  The dream occurred again.  The man was able to "see" the events and alter his own actions accordingly.  This caused some difficulty.  The crime prevention unit (galactic, beyond this part of the dream, for whom this is written and for that female that was boggled and thought to remove pages for my easier review) could predict the future better than the one holding the cards ascending the escalator because they had the objective view, or so they believed.

A hood was placed over the head of the man with cards, in the dream.  That was symbolic of the attempt to remove the sight of the man.  Yet the man retained logic.  But logic is founded in a two-part system, which negates ability to predict, in the end, and this was the boggle and reason for the hood.  The man peaked at the events, himself and which card he'd play last, or first, to set off the same chain of final events, last four cards, with single will to remember just the first card and ITS natural order, sequence, from his hand, working intuitively thereafter from under the hood.  He saw the first card as red (the number and symbol now escape me, but not for memory.  The symbol of the entire dream is beyond linear time and in the next dimension, symbols aren't fixed in place like they are here, but represent many things at the same time so using any one of the ones from there is technically inaccurate for its limits on communication, and, at other times, wholey incorrect and better left just vaguely described).  Needless to say, the man bested the crime prevention unit or this dream wouldn't have occurred, symbolically speaking in a much greater sense of the mind.

The female wanted the "how is it possible that we can NOT predict"?  The situation that followed was not something worth elaborating.  To call it a war-games scenario in some crazy future super-computer (superior to anything any computer will ever be able to accomplish on earth, even 1000 or 10,000 years from now) is an accurate description of the series of events that followed hooding the guy going up the escalator scene.  Bombs were being dropped on cities, and catastrophes were occurring.  St. Peter's berg in Germany was mentioned, and, in the dream, my reply that I was born only 100 km from there (and so was familiar with the area).  Germany wasn't the only place.  There were lots of cities and the time-perspective was easily a century and possibly a millennia or several millennia.  There were evidently rules.  And the rules were either, actually both, ("either" doesn't seem to exist from the "more" frame of pan-view time but yet choice exists so "either" must remain as an option, thus creating the apparent "order" of higher-and-or-lower-time-viewing.) were being broken.  Bombs were dropped despite agreement for a cease-fire and mandatory (i.e. incorporating yet another dimension between what was experienced as linear time for such a large aspect of our mind, and what the female entity of the galactic supra-time crime prevention unit was attempting to prevent) cease-fire once Canadian planes began flying under (time-order, within a smaller subset of the greater mind, since this is actually all for-and-of just one single mind of which none of us will ever in our wildest understandings be able to fully conceive) the aircraft dropping the bombs in the crazy super-computer war-games scenario-comparison (of whatever the female agent recounted) symbolized.

At any rate, the whole effin' purpose of recounting all that above was simple the predicament of not being able to predict a future that should be logically predictable from whatever perspective whatever entity of higher-order is "viewing" temporally.  The problem itself is logic, which enables the "viewer" part of the "viewing" mechanism in our non-linear minds.  We are firstly non-linear entities having a linear experience, and not everyone routing for us and helping us here has linear experiences with us.  So, lo be the man who can commune with the "guardian angels" and direct THOSE entities to inspire actions in state not governed by the laws of linear time, because linear time must appear to bend to HIS will, and thus not at all be predictable TO either the angels believing in the need to predict, or anyone else here in linear time believing the need to predict to be even possible.

The "seer" with understanding understands [insert: that the word "understand" is itself forever symbolic of a timeless concept for understanding that can never be fully understanding] that a singular mind does indeed exist both in the mind of the entity at night while dreaming of god-knows-what (according to whatever desires remain in the mind of the entity setting to rest to work out how best to live the following day to navigate linear time for maximal accomplishment of all that is desired, or whatever sub-all time being experienced with whatever comparative for what we call "sleep") AND--exists.  The "undefined" point is therein eclipsed for full understanding independent of the ability to predict anything, thus does reality "shape" itself supra-lucidly like under command of a nameless authority for which there exists words here in this reality, but none known or thought in other "higher" realities (specifically the one prompting the symbology sequence of the dream for insight into how possibly a predictable state without prediction can function with laws seamlessly integrated into realities seemingly governed by other laws that were believed to be consistent until inconsistency was revealed).

Its... like living on faith.  There's not really a word.  Yet, everyone knows what's right and wrong and faith is always living according what's right, even when what's right seems wrong.  That's really the gist of the message for the "etc" note included on page 59.  The rest described how to enter the mountain and to move it, I think.  I might have left out the parts from the book that were recounted to me in the dream that talked about mountains, but there was that in there too.  Mountains are symbolic of problems, which is precisely a growing inconsistency in a reality resolute on following just its own laws without considering that all laws do come from, and are sustained by, just one truly unwritable, pan-fluid-time timelessly eternal law.


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