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easing out confusion

A Speckle-adding Edition

To you who wish she is a genius.  A smart person will tell you I.Q. (rocks) and E.Q. (water) measure intelligence, and an intelligent person is a genius. 

However, genies connect dots in different ways to remind us of our lifeline in one mind., Merriam-Webster, shares "Definition of genius, plural genii: an attendant spirit of a person or place... which influences another for good or bad." 

Many people, each a genius, can share a common genii, an attendant spirit.  But a spirit is a ghost, which is an echo and is not real.  A spirit does come from something and that "something" is real. 

Thinking influences each of us.  It occurs inside mind.  It must come from mind if it never left mind. 

A genius, therefore, is someone like Jesus who was killed for trying to teach everyone that we really do share just one mind.  As the story goes, Jesus claimed to be "the light, the life, and the way", able to offer understanding, learning, and kindness.  Jesus came back to life from death.  If we truly share the mind echoing reminders of a higher ghost, then physical death represents only our desire to keep killing each other over higher spirit concepts.

A higher concept is a mountain.  Mountains are rocky.  In Malaysia, in 2015, a group of ten tourists celebrated a mountain claim (climb?  claimed by climbing) with a nude pose for a picture on its summit.  The mountain shook with laughter at the sight of ugly old people bearing all for their higher selves.

Malaysian officials heard the rumbling laughter and felt the earth shake.  Officials of that government had a different idea of the mountain spirit.  The tourists were accused making it angry.  Were the tourists killed, or just put in jail?

The way the news is shared shows its spirit.  One genius, Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, added "There is almost certainly a connection. We have to take this as a reminder that local beliefs and customs are not to be disrespected." vaguely reported:
A Canadian national claiming to be one of the tourists has posted on Facebook, describing the belief as a mere "superstition" and called the Malaysian tourism minister as "idiot."

The way we speak about others must reflect our own higher concept of our self because our thinking does not leave our mind.  We are our own sources of discontent.  It is not incorrect to call an idiot for not providing the evidence necessary to move the source of the "idiot" comment back unto the writer of the vaguely cited emailed.

Let us move that mountain with our spirit, the one for common sense.  Rocks dissolve in acid, so placing the mountain in an ocean of acid does rather level the higher concept.  However, it's not very practical to go about first turning the ocean into acid before then digging up the mountain and moving it into the sea.  An intelligent person will tell you that it's far easier to disrespect the environment and convince corporations to create acid rain for momentary financial profit.  Acid raid does erode our mountains.

If the two perspectives born of judgement are not yet apparent, consider why climbing the mountain was even considered a feat!  It looks so high!  Our vacation time is not indefinite, we have to hurry if we're even to claim accomplishment of our goal, our higher self!  Let us look upon it like stairs to heaven not for the faint of heart!  Let us not consider the same height can be reached by bicycle over a much gentler grade because the time it would take to ride across the dessert is more than we have away from work.

Two perspectives exist before the point that slides along the scale always connecting the extremes.  Let's call them male and female.  The male being hard-headed while the female is emotional sound.  Of course, there also exist gentlemen and psychotic women; however, we're talking only fundamental physical counterparts.  The "male" and "female" fit together like a puzzle to propagate the male-female race. 

Has it occurred to you that a male is obligated to "push" for acceptance and that even the gentlest push is inherently intrusive?  Has it occurred to anyone that a "push" from the female, speaking purely sexual, is always a gesture for acceptance and rarely an actual outward push?  (A girl can move the muscle to push the dildo out while having given a large push to put it in, but until it actually starts moving out, it's not moving out yet).

Think about this in worldly legal terms and understand how the female actually holds the presiding ability for fundamental decision-making in courts of law.  Now consider that the male, generally a "fixer", was commonly considered more worthy of education because women were thought to be just not genies.  Yet, to accept another IS a demonstration of emotional intelligence. 

Since emotions run like water and are not limited in time, love can erode the rock-solid beliefs of the most hard-headed Canadian nudist tourists.  Let's agree the cultural speckles we thought were dots are now so blurred as to cause us to wonder if your worry of not being a genius, and YOU, don't really share the same one-same genii soul.

for and the dissertation for world peace to be posted there first.
25 May 2018



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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


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