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Reality: off the deep end.

Along came a spider

Consider for a moment reality.

Reality from birth to death is everywhere continuous.  Nor does it end when one body dies, whether it be a sun or a galaxy.  Reality is everywhere continuous.  Continuity is everywhere continuous.  Yet we perceive gradients, graduations, finite scales, and measurements for our own decisions.

Decisions are made in, or with, mind.  Yet, mind must be everywhere continuous if it is real and it is real.  So what of memory?  What function can memory possibly serve if memory is an aspect of a continuous function?  Memory does not exist to be everywhere the same, does it?  Can it? 

Can it possibly be that memory, as the unwritten function dictates, must serve the mind to remember that it need not memory for its existence?  How possibly can one function in reality without memory?

Perhaps the better question is:
What makes you think we can't remember a better way together?  Or, if we can remember the past and member together the future, which is to say re-member the future as well, why should a device of a continuous function not work multi-spatially in absence of need for itself?  Why do you expect to need to control a function that serves to bridge time, while simultaneously trying to believer yourself with a fractional existence in time?  Are you aware of your desire to fracture continuity?

It doesn't take a mind reader to figure out one mind writer is needed for any mind reading, likewise, each part of mind has equal ability to re-write reality for the whole.

A web of lies is swallowed by pied snakes pipering the pipes luring witch-doctors back unto the law that says they too much drink of the poisons injected so many others.  It is the law of karma.  Karma is changed only with cooperation for a better future:

Http:// .  Join us to re-write reality.


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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


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