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Good morning,

You asked me to trust you.  I am showing you that I trust you by sending you this.

First, there is misunderstanding.  Allow me to explain.  I know that I am not my body.  So, when you speak to me, and you think that I am the ugly old sack of flesh that has an I.D. card, and needs regular feeding, that's not who I really am.

When I use the word I, I actually mentally also include everything in my environment.  I guess that's what I'm really trying to say.  Everything in my environment includes you, but because this is written for you, at you.  It is sort of what Alice In Wonderland is about.  In her second book, the author talked about a "looking-glass" (a mirror).

Each person is a mirror to the other person.  When two people agree, it is like 1+1=11.  Eleven is much greater than two separate things. 

The law is mathematically described as 11:11.  It's also common to see that number on digital clocks without understanding what it means.  Each number is a symbol.  Symbols carry a meaning, like "Feng-shway" (the art of the placement of objects) in Asian culture.  It's the same thing, except on a much bigger scale. 

Consider that every major religion in the world teaches about "One God".  Even Buddhism teaches that because it incorporates the idea of re-incarnation.  Reincarnation is also in The Roman Catholic Bible, but that church doesn't publicly acknowledge that we come back here with new bodies again, again, and again.

Actually, I've recalled parts of 5 lifetimes myself.  But that's irrelevant and cannot be proven.  There are stories of other people that have also recalled their past, but, then, there are also stories of aliens and it took me quite a long time to accept that aliens really do exist, so, really, I'm not expecting that you'll believe any of this but you can share it with whomever you like.

Back to trust.  I trust your ability to verify everything that I try to tell you happened.  That means that I do not trust your body, but I trust YOU.  My question to you is, "Can you understand that you are not your body too?"

We use bodies like avatars.  The purpose is to learn to better relate.  Relating is fundamentally about communicating.  Communicating is more than mere communication.  It is an active process, a verb, that goes on all throughout our mind, day and night.  It never stops.

We are learning about ourselves.  We've invented science to help us do this.  We use courts to keep the peace.  We innately understand that peace is about relationships.  So we use science to help us to better relate, in the end.

It is completely possible to bridge science and religion.  In fact, my dissertation does that.  Churches call our eternal reality "God", but the word "God" doesn't really mean anything.  It's like the mirror.  We can use a mirror, but without us, the mirror serves no purpose.

We are the purpose for God, and we cannot exist without God, so we are always with God, and God is with us.  Nobody alive really understands what God is.  However, we can use the unseen life force from God. 

If we use God selfishly, then eternal law enacts this thing we call Karma.  Karma isn't bad or good, it's just an effect.  It results from a cause.  We cause our own karma.  Because we can cause karma, we can also mitigate karma, and absolve karma.

The school I want to build in Canada will teach about all this.

The problem right now is that I am living in a state of misunderstanding. 

I actually have only good intentions.  Heck, I understand that your body is as much mine as it is yours.  And that has to be an offensive idea to every driver of every avatar on the planet.  It also goes against common medical science, which is called psychiatry.

Psychiatry is actually glorified witchcraft.  Psychiatry is the oppose end of the peace spectrum.  It is pure control of another person without any respect for basic human rights.

I respect you.  You have the choice to leave this case.  However, you did ask me to trust you.  Since I'm not sure what you meant when YOU said "you", I need to ask.  It's the only way I can know for sure.

If you mean that you are your body, then you cannot possibly understand why I am doing any of this.  Or why I even took the time to write you something that I hope you will receive without any offence at all.

What do you believe about yourself?


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