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Understanding God

This extends the same origin of the classical "I think, therefore, I am."

This is the dissertation for worldwide peace.

The premise is simple: God exists.

From the concept that something exists, comes the idea that something can always exist or exist for always.  The concept of eternity is therein created.  Yet, because God exists, therefore, God exists as an integral aspect of each of us.  Therefore, God being otherwise undefined, and therefore truly indescribable, we are creators, or co-makers, of our own reality.  That is to say, God is the cause, we are an auto-effect that is actually affectively the likeness of the cause with ability to define, or make effects.  We cause our reality in partnership with that sustaining our ever-present ability to communicate, within and therefore ultimately for the same one goal of eternal sustainability while we do not comprehend that eternity IS stable because, simply, It exists.

Please note that the word GOD remains nowhere defined except as a source of eternal argument, and therefore the material matriculation of real battles for some contorted concept of exclusivity over the right to define just that three-letter word, God.

Remember, "I am." applies equally to all and is, therefore by definition, the only true rendition of the concept originating the idea of sharing anything for the purpose of learning about under-standing with every thing.


Indie Day 2018


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