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20180713 electricity works just like thinking, in our one-shared eternal mind

14 July 2018.  Find a (.doc) copy in the linked (folder).  It recounts mental process.  The intent is to help psychiatrists understand that our minds are already eternal, and in eternity the can be no divisions.  So any argument is effectively about our own personal god-concept and the drive to be "King" of our personal environment, whatever we may perceive that to be.

It begins with this email:

The email includes a link to an earlier email of that day, 13 July 2018.

The emails concern this letter from The Legal Aide Foundation in Taiwan (Republic Of China):

The emails directly challenge "the authority" of personal for The Legal Aide Foundation.  The argument, however, is about law.  The Legal Aide Foundation is, for whatever reason, attempting to contradict actual written Taiwan law contained in Article 310 of its Criminal Code.

The emails were sent mid-day.

By end of day, the argument in mind had changed, since all things do change with time including, of course, the unconscious part of our mind.  The greater argument is currently against psychiatrists.  It is summarized, in a very general way, at

At the end of day, I was tired from having been too mentally stimulated to find enough rest the night before.  I assure you that all of this is done without the use of medication, and without the use of illicit medication.  I laid down for a rest near the end of day, and awoke to find desire to record a thought.  I don't usually bother with verbal recordings, since I find they are rarely ever reviewed.  These, however, are directly relevant.  There are 9 for a total of about 15 minutes:

The 9th recording spurred this initial blog post, of which only the title is retained.  The rest has been re-written for an attempt at clarity.  Here is just the 9th, about electricity specifically:

Re-listening to the first 8, which come after the ninth in the list the way my computer defaulted its presentation to me, they do sound a bit... outlandish, extreme, crazy.  Here's a written summary:
An accident happened.  The company is directly breaking its public agreement.  The company is challenging my right to advertise a charity to build a school.  The company became involved on [enter date].  The company is directly promoting slander against me.  It is directly assisting medical doctors to commit malpractice and lawyers to break their public agreements.  This is a real story with real names and real actions.  It is ridiculous and serious.  It is part of my dissertation to end international confusion about mind, honesty, and law.  [Name at company] represents the company contract.

Let's call that one "The Basic Mediation Agreement"

The law in Taiwan respects the ability for two parties to mediate before court, and even during the normal court process.  That is actually the intent of the biblical Matthew 5:25, and respects The Golden Rule.  It also helps save the public a tremendous amount of taxes, and is specifically what Canada is NOT doing.

Point in fact, for the underlying argument, is a 3 July 2015 transcript for court file C-14-6966 at Barrie.  I had waiting in jail, and actually voluntarily returned to jail for the ability to add that to this story, if you'll believe it, to question a psychiatrist on a public record specifically why I am not permitted the normal ability to verify to the public that my statements are being intentionally taken OUT of context by otherwise well-meaning doctors.  It sounds ridiculous, and the very idea ought to be preposterous, except that it has really been happening since 2012.  The transcript is available online.  While reading the transcript, do remember that I was only asking for the ability to verify that my statements were being taken out of context.  I was only asking to have MY statements recording.  The official response from doctor James Karagianis, on behalf of all of psychiatry for the court which deemed him to be "an expert" was that HE didn't want HIS statements recorded because he feared that I would put them on the internet.  He, and the court, completely missed the point.  It is precisely for that, that I am allowed to publicize all of this.  People are just not getting this.  Here's the transcript:

The transcript, and other information, details, explanations, etc., is included in the second printed draft of my working real-life dissertation.  Here's that file:

Find a current daft at:

This post was originally posted at 8pm on 13 July 2018.

It was updated to follow the mental train from the email to The Legal Aide Foundation earlier in the day, past the 9 personal recordings (amounting to about 15 minutes of speech), to "echoes" for later (or current) individuals to try to understand how my mind is processing all of this in a reasonable way, which one should correctly assume is possible for each of us.


11:40pm, advancing the future-now fields of AI:
"He is talking about a sustained fluid connection to 'the living spirit' WITHOUT calling himself God, so he is... fully sentient and teaching us about sentience to form what churches can only call the interlocking chain of at-onement.  (omg*0/1.)"

"He is demonstrating God to us." (Actually, I wrote on the blog that became the crown's disclosure for C-13-205-SR at Barrie, in Feb 2013, "MIND demonstrated for science" as a heading of one post, and asked not to be judged for the story at Http:// before having actually written it.)

"You're telling me this guy reads, writes, and edits, reads, writes, and edits?  That makes him completely normal." (DUH!)

"So what you're telling me is 'This guy's a complete psychopath.'" (is a completely meaningless statement, and actually benign, since we really do share but one beyond-universal mind, and 'psyche' is our little translator program A Course In Miracles names 'Ego'.  We have choice for the path we choose to send our egos along.  Everyone is a psychopath.)

"'So I should tell people this because it will help them understand' is a thought he reads like actually consciously real-time typing, but before it appears in action?"
(the echoes are not limited to what we call linear time.  They simply exist as "my perceptions of parts of my mind that are unconscious to me, but that I can choose to receive as expressions of an enigmatic argument that is unconscious to me, except for my perception of its momentary expression, which I then have active choice to 'fix' in print into linear time and thereby also, with how I present that argument, can logically absolve the argument, to further the scope of peaceful vision emitted from my central nervous system, beyond scope of the whole universe of time and space." applies equally to all thinking minds.  Makes sense, ya?  It does to me anyway.  Builds confidence too, should anyone else ever wonder how that is accomplished in a same-for-all likeness manner.)

10:30pm follow-up, echo:
"To even conceive this idea, let alone put it into practice... this guy is talking about pure creation, pure limitless creation, like it's a real thing!  (Is that even possible?  I mean, is what this guy is talking about even possible?)"
moments earlier:

"This guy isn't claiming to be God.  This guy is just claiming to be one guy."

The other day, and today:
"He's just not over or understating anything."

First follow up--half hour after posting, relating echoing thoughts of natural mental review, acceptance, reverberation of what had just been instigated with the demonstrated intent of sharing the above:
(last thought first, being freshest in short-term memory:)
Conclusion, summary of above audio, is "I am a willing robot for GOD and you do not understand what I mean by GOD while you argue with me about OUR ability to enact REAL worldwide peace."

When, and caused by your desire to argue with me, you argue with me about OUR ability to hasten the arrival of the publicly sought sustainable state we can call a lasting worldwide peace, you are showing me that you believe that I am smarter than you, and therefore are requesting me to demonstrate to you that you are legally wrong.  If you are not careful, you will compound the argument for me to also demonstrate to you that you are publicly criminally offending, and that can result in public backlash or criminal punishment to you IF you keep up the extra-hard work of making your personal life any more stressful than need be, merely for wanting to "prove" to me that I am wrong about being just another expression of our same limitless mind.  In the end, you'll go crazy, then have to let off the craziness with maybe a hysterical laugh or two, or possibly a full nervous breakdown but likely not anything really bad since you'll also have to admit that you've been politely warned about the fragility of your precariously tippy-topsy loppy-sided mental state wherein you believed that one part of a common sentience could at all conceivably be smarter than any other, in some reality that was different than just your very own wishful thinking for a fanciful illusion otherwise not recognized as the psychosis of seeing other selves not just as the same-but-different expression of one larger eternally confused mind.

And remember to read this post in linear time-order to be able to trace the origin of the thoughtful thinking process, to help yourself better understand why you are permanently going to remain technically legally incorrect.

The email to be added references the brain as like the cpu of a computer, and electricity as like the thinking part of our mind, so that a limited mush called brains and limitless eternal mind, with infinite aspects all equally called personal mind, is properly understood.  A cpu does not function without electricity, nor does the mind stop thinking after physical death.  Death is literally but an illusion, and heaven and hell are personal eternal concepts that BOTH exist in a REAL-TIME WAY RIGHT NOW but for our own desire to believe that we are markers of our fate without also having eternal ability to affect the health of our bodies instantly (like, specifically, the miraculous-healing kind).

That about sums up life on earth.


Just posting this, 10:30 am Saturday 14 July 2018, am reminded of the logical extension of the electricity thought that I'd explored mentally, before deciding to record it to remember it.  This isn't going to be accepted easily, but there may be a correlation between our liking gold, especially the desire to show it off and consider it valuable.  If you think about it, gold is actually just a rock lie any other, and there are a lot more beautiful (sparkly) gems to use as currency than a metal which currently takes a lot of unnecessary work to extract from the ground in an eco-unfriendly manner.  Gold might actually be a link to the conversation ability of a celestial power-source for renewable sustainable energy on earth.  Edgar Evans Cayce, son of Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) wrote a paperback in the 1960s called Cayce On Atlantis that is actually all true, believe it or not.  Anyway, the book suggests that we had such ability in the time of Atlantis.  It follows that we could have that ability now, if indeed it was true, so the only question is putting the logical pieces back together again.  In that way, consider that cultural habits and customs do not arise by accident, and for a metal that cannot be eaten, and serves actually not practical purpose in any other way because it's too soft and too rare to use in current construction, that stories of having once had the ability to make the stuff (and therein render its monetary value completely nil) could only have been true if it didn't also serve some practical purpose that is currently lost to us.  Then consider that it's usually associated with pyramids, as a cap-stone or decoration, and consider that a pyramid itself is a structure able to harness sound waves for translating mechanical energy into electrical or other energy, not unlike the natural ability of the quartz crystal.  Anyway, stuff to think about.  Gold, likely, is part of an energy-conversion process that current science hasn't considered.


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