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To Waypoint Centre For Mental Health board of directors

10 July 2018

Colleagues for mental health,

Waypoint Centre For Mental Health psychiatrists Mr. William Komer, current chief Jeffrey Van Impe, and past chief James Karagianis are named a dissertation for mental health found online at

Please consider the relevant excerpt:

On 3 July 2015, Rene Helmerichs was finally permitted to question Waypoint Centre For Mental Health chief psychiatrist James Karagianis exactly why Rene was not permitted to have his own statements recorded. 

The purpose for the record was NOT to record the statements of psychiatrists.  Mr. Karagiansis did not seem to understand this.  The purpose was to ensure that statements given by Rene would not be taken out of context, and subsequently misused in court. 

Mr. Karagianis only cared about himself.  He did not at all consider the well-being of the patient, in this case Rene.  Mr. Karagianis cited fear that psychiatric statements would appear on the internet.  Mr. Karagianis refused to consider that he could at all be wrong, or that mistakes or misunderstandings could occur.  He showed absolutely no regard for the intent of the sincere request that Rene presented:

On 5 August 2015, psychiatrist Mr. William Komer, who had refused Rene the ability to verify to the court that psychiatrists are taking statements out of context, did exactly what Rene had tried to prevent.

In this second transcript, just one month after Rene stood self-represented in court, hear Mr. Komer explain his opinion.  Mr. Komer believed Rene should be intelligent for having once been a college teacher, and remarks surprise that Rene does not appear to know what court officials do.  Rene had passed the formal "Fitness To Stand Trial" test in 2013, and posted the answers to the internet should the court ever ask him to take the test again.  Mr. Komer demanded the court order Rene to take the test again on 5 August 2015.

Mr. Komer does not stop there.  Mr. Komer has the court also order that Rene be forcibly injected.  The injections, Mr. Komer believed, should help Rene to pass the test for which the answers were already posted to the internet at a web address that Rene could give whichever next psychiatrist.  Is that not legally considered torture?  The injections only caused Rene spinal pain!

Mr. Komer never considers that he has completely misunderstood what Rene was trying to say.  For example, when Rene claimed that Rene is ultimately the individual who decides whether or not he is guilty or not guilty, that is a fact.  You see, Rene was not guilty to begin with because the treasurer of The Mormon Community Of Christ had lied about Rene.  Rene was able to demonstrate this at court for the trial of case file C-13-205-SR.  Lawyer Uma Kancharla cross-examined the treasurer and exclaimed to Rene after the appearance, "She lies!"  Why is it that the judge permitted the trial to continue?  Why did the judge not respect submissions from Rene that "Errors in law" had occurred?  Consider how much the settlement would be after having kept Rene in solitary confinement for 16 months, using an illegal Double Jeopardy to even have arrested Rene, and then refusing Rene to submit mental health material at trial on top of the perjury that had occurred?  As ridiculous as all that sounds, the conclusion of all that is that one is able to plead "guilty" fully understanding that one is not guilty just to get OUT of jail in Canada.  The original perjury is countered in the Appendix of the (.doc) at .

Rene ultimately pled guilty to C-14-6966 to escape the next psychiatrist onto which Mr. Komer had thrust Rene.  Mr. Komer had the court order Rene to be forcibly injected over this misunderstanding:

This is psychiatry.  It is precisely THIS that Rene Helmeichs has spent the last 6 years of his life putting together to present to YOU, to share, that Rene can receive the funding to build the school to certify teachers for the book A Course In Miracles, and begin the real work of healing the common psychosis suffered by psychiatrists Mr. William Komer, Mr. James Karagianis, and those others named in Story Of Loo at .

Mr. Karagianis refused to permit Rene Helmerichs to have statements given for the purpose of a mental health assessment to be recorded.  (Recording includes either written, audio, or audio-video, or, for all future technological abilities, holographically and every other possibility yet to be discovered.)

The excuse Mr. Karagianis provided to deny the crucial ability to verify psychiatrists are not intentionally, or unintentionally as the case may be, misquoting their clients was, to summarize, "I am afraid you will quote me publicly."

Mr. Karagianis completely missed the fact that Rene was not requesting to have psychiatric replies recorded.

Rene requested the ability to verify that first-hand statements were not misquoted, or taken out of context, in psychiatric court documents at a later date.

Rene was intentionally misquoted by psychiatrists Liqat Ali (the current chief at Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre, RVH, in Barrie) and Anjana Chawla (the former chief at RVH who was likely transferred back to Soldiers Memorial in Orillia, from which she'd come to RVH, because of what happened with regards to Rene in 2012--a transcript of a "sample" psychiatric session exists in the Appendix of Rene's global dissertation regarding the fact that "mind" has no legal definition anywhere in the Criminal Court system currently in use across all of Canada.)

At the very least, Rene has an incredible story to share, which he is sharing currently online in draft format at .

Rene needn't remind that most victims of psychiatric abuse are accused of a criminal offense and placed into minimum security mental wards of regional hospitals to lower the demand on prosecutors who are currently complaining of being overwhelming in the Criminal Court system.  They never get a trial, and no one ever really takes a mental health patient who complains seriously simply because, well, in the words of Mr. Karigianis from his 3 July 2015 testimony, "They are mentally ill."  That's not really an excuse to deny someone a criminal trial for a criminal allegation, but it is a current fact of life across Canada.  It is also not something that the current government is going to be able to fix before Rene receives the funding to globally publicate his dissertation.

Mr. Jeffrey Van Impe is the current chief psychiatrist.  Please find that he too stood face-to-face against Rene albeit not (yet) formally on the spoken courtroom record.

If you would like to minimize the amount of headache Rene Helmerichs is able to bestow to you with the publication of his dissertation, you will consider a formal partnership WITH Rene Helmerichs in the name of legitimate mental healthcare.

Please contact Rene at your earliest convenience to arrange an equitable solution.  The alternative is, most likely, a class-action lawsuit in time.  The email address is included in the picture.  The QR Code links to a live petition at .


Rene Helmerichs
11 July 2018


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