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CL Canada-wide Corruption


Front-line workers demonstrate organizational principles.  Each reports to a higher authority.  Authorities are incumbent upon an implied working definition for same systemic honesty.  Publicity ensures honesty maintains the greatest agreement.

An argument can only be absolved at its origin, Matt 5:25.  You do not want to be on this list.  If you see your name, contact Rene for a new life contract.

The Canada-wide Corruption List is born of need.  Kimberley Greenwood must have received a demotion to arrive at the Barrie police department from Toronto.  Hopefully soon-to-be fired Staff Sergeant Norman Meech is credited for the incipient need originating this list.  Thank Him.

The Barrie police department continues to arrest individuals who are innocent of charges, sometimes with Canada-wide warrants.  Detectives prejudge situations to produce half-ass defamatory reports setting the stage for further perjury to parties deemed least likely to win in court.  They do not do this in all instances, but they do it in enough and with enough unwillingness to not bother considering their own criminal activities, specifically noting past work of detectives Tanya Lynch, Troy Armstrong, and Brian Read.

Actually, little known fact, until recently The Boys' Club in the elite of the Barrie police had two chop-shops in the greater Barrie area.  There is/was at least one lawyer rumoured to have been on the take for payment in Cocaine (initials M.N.), and, also occurred, intentional assault raids co-ordinated with neighbouring small-town police departments (specifically Midland) for a little policing "fun" on coke, police using for added assaulting euphoria.  What year did the Midland Staff Sergeant shoot himself?

The City Of Barrie police service is an absolute joke to the community that tolerates the abuse they administer in the name of pubic funding.  They are, without a doubt, the absolute laughing-stock of the world.

Let us fix Canada together or indemnify the whole of it for a colossal barrel of whine.  It goes without saying The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) shall be investigating each and every name listed on this site.  Rene Helmerichs accepts full responsibility for its contents while he remains its sole author.

Dear public, send information with details of injustices, unnecessary delay, prejudices The Ontario Tribunal For Human Rights may refuse to hear HERE for write-up.  The project is Talk2dream absolved.

Managers of GOG and MAGOG listed here are to be investigated by the RCMP for unnecessarily wasting public Canada-wide tax revenue in their budgets.  Only together can we better the currently dysfunctional system to improve life in the face of growing inflation and decreasing living standards.

Sign and share the petition at  VOTE Rene Helmerichs for Prime Minister Of Canada NOT because he likes politics but because he's sick nonsense administered in a country that currently allows doctors to take kids hostage and prosecute parents for criminal allegations with indefinite imprisonment circumventing all sense and the otherwise Constitutionally assured fair trial process. 

Only together can we end the countless excuses from government officials claiming to want to fix a process that cannot work in their own wantonly administered corruption:


Current contact information for Ministries:

>Wynne, Premier Kathleen Wynne
(coming soon)

Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office provides the Premier and their Cabinet with advice and analysis to help the government achieve its priorities.
>Orsini, Secretary Of Cabinet Steve Orsini
(coming soon)

Ministry Of Community Safety And Correctional Services (MCSCS)

Works to ensure that Ontario's communities are supported and protected by law enforcement and public safety systems that are safe, secure, effective, efficient and accountable.
>Lalonde, MCSCS Minister Marie-France Lalonde
(coming soon)
>Meech, MCSCS Barrie police Staff Sergeant Norman Meech
>Henderson, MCSCS Barrie police Sergeant Douglas Henderson

Ministry Of The Attorney General (MAG)

Ensures a fair, effective and accessible justice system for all Ontarians.
>Hull, MAG Barrie court Ass. Kathryn E. Hull
>Sisk, MAG Barrie court Ass. Kevin J. Sisk
>Zenobio, MAG Barrie aide Vincent Zenobio
>Mulligan, MAG Barrie higher judge Gregory Mulligan
(coming soon, case file C13-205-SR--absolutely BURN HIM, failing his partnership.) 

Ministry Of Health And Long-Term Care (MHLC)

Administers the health care system, regulates hospitals and nursing homes, operates psychiatric hospitals and medical labs, coordinates emergency services and provides health services to people.
>Jaczek, MHLC Minister Helena Jaczek
(coming soon)
>Wozniak, MHLC
(coming soon)
>Ali, MHLC RVH Chief psycho Liqat Ali 

Ministry Of Community And Social Services (MCSS)

Promotes resilient and inclusive communities by helping people achieve their potential, build independence and improve their quality of life.
>Coteau, MCSS Minister Michael Coteau
(coming soon)

Ministry Of Education (MOE)

Works to make Ontario's publicly funded education and child care systems the world's best, where all children and students have the opportunity to achieve success.
>Naidoo-Harris, MOE Minister Indira Naidoo-Harris
(coming soon)

Ministry Of Advanced Education And Skills Development (MAESD)

Works to build an excellent higher education and training system that gives people a high-quality education and a solid foundation of relevant skills and training.
>Hunter, MAESD Minister Mitzie Hunter
(coming soon)

Ministry Of Government And Consumer Services (MGCS)

Delivers efficient, high-quality services to the people and Government of Ontario.
>MacCharles, MGCS Minister Tracy MacCharles
(coming soon)


>Payette, Governor General Julie Payette

>Trudeau, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


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